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World of Darkness: The Academy - The Dalton's Whispers - The Gossip/Rumor Thread

Dawn OOC

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Feel free to add rumors and gossip. If they are plot-related, please clear them with me first. Please talk with a player if you target their character with a particularly hurtful bit of gossip (such as they have an STD, etc). Indicate where they're coming from (townies, students, etc).

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Rumors Surrounding: Frida Ricci

Source: Various DCSF members (Dalton Christian Students Fellowship) mostly.

Who Hears Them: Just about anyone who's been at Dalton at least a few weeks to a month.

1. The only reason that weird art girl, Frida, is such a good artist is because she sold her soul to the devil or prays to evil pagan gods or something in exchange for her talent.

2. Her paintings are cursed and won't stay hung up.

3. Her paintings are cursed and give people nightmares.

4. If you stare at one of her paintings too long, the devil uses them to send you visions.

5. Late at night Frida worships pagan gods/spirits/the devil in the auditorium by playing them creepy songs on the piano that she's written.

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(start circulating after the events in Chapters 3)

A bunch of the students and faculty were running around being crazy on the night the rest of us were sick. Four students even went off-campus to a party!

Two security guards disappeared the night that everyone was sick. I heard someone say they were killed out by that old shed where all the kids go to make out!

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