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Base Attack Bonuses

Below are the only two BABs we'll be using for this game 'A', 'B' and 'C' or 'Rogue's', 'Fighter's' and 'Wizard's' for those who've played D&D 3.5. Those of you who've played in a d20 Star Wars game will recognize that there is no 'C' category where the 'Wizard's' BAB should be. That's because we will not be using it.

If your PC Class uses a 'C' combat bonus then you automatically upgrade to the 'A' category (the Rogue's). If you use a 'C' combat bonus you stay where you are, likewise with the 'B'.

Also all classes are calculated as a 'Character Level' instead of individually to determine your BAB. This can be tricky so let me explain with an example:

A 3rd Level PC is a Level 1 Dedicated Hero, a Level 1 Fast Hero, and a Level 1 Strong Hero. Add up the BAB in the book and what do we get? +0/+0/+0. So the PC's BAB is +0. By using the rule above all his class level use the same BAB, so this 3rd Level PC is considered a 3rd Level 'A' category user. So the PCs BAB is actually +2 (3 levels on the 'A' category equals +2)

If you have any issues, I'll calculate your BABs for you.

Obviously this means the same will also apply to 90% of the NPCs. Some will still use the 'Wizard's', but only very few, like non combatants or children.

Level   Base Attack Bonus (A)	Base Attack Bonus (B)
  1	        +0   			+1
  2	        +1   			+2
  3	        +2   			+3
  4	        +3   			+4
  5	        +3   			+5
  6	        +4   			+6/+1
  7	        +5   			+7/+2
  8	        +6/+1  			+8/+3
  9	        +6/+1  			+9/+4
  10	        +7/+2  			+10/+5
  11	        +8/+3  			+11/+6/+1
  12	        +9/+4  			+12/+7/+2
  13	        +9/+4  			+13/+8/+3
  14	       +10/+5  			+14/+9/+4
  15	       +11/+6/+1		+15/+10/+5
  16	       +12/+7/+2		+16/+11/+6/+1
  17	       +12/+7/+2		+17/+12/+7/+2
  18	       +13/+8/+3		+18/+13/+8/+3
  19	       +14/+9/+4		+19/+14/+9/+4
  20	       +15/+10/+5		+20/+15/+10/+5

Q:Why is the middle BAB used as the 'A'?
A: More classes in the system used the 'Rogues' category than any other, so it's generally considered the 'default' or most popular BAB to use, followed by the 'Fighter's' then lastly the 'Wizard's'.
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Massive Damage

The rule is normally...

"Any time a character takes damage from a single hit that exceeds the character’s massive damage threshold, that damage is considered massive damage. A character’s massive damage threshold is equal to the character’s current Constitution score; it can be increased by taking the Improved Damage Threshold feat.

When a character takes massive damage that doesn’t reduce his or her hit points to 0 or lower, the character must make a Fortitude save (DC 15). If the character fails the save, the character’s hit point total is immediately reduced to –1. If the save succeeds, the character suffers no ill effect beyond the loss of hit points.
Creatures immune to critical hits are also immune to the effects of massive damage.

This applies only to 'Ordinary' individuals (i.e. not the PCs). The Massive Damage Threshold for all PCs is 50. Any attack the inflicts 50 or more damage follows the standard rules above. This applies to all 'Villain' class NPCs as well, and some, despite not being immune to critical hits, may be immune to massive damage all together.

Note: There may be certain instances where this rule is overridden, a sniper hits the PC un aware, or certain high powered 'Bosses' with assassination capabilities are just a few examples. In this case the PCs Constitution score immediately becomes their Massive Attack Threshold (MAT).
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