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World of Darkness: Attrition - Gwen’s Story [FIN]

Adrian Moss

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She sat next to him while the sun slowly eased into the sea and shadows seeped into her living room. She liked these times of day, when he sat so peacefully, lost in his dreams. She wanted to reach out and touch him, to brush the hair away from his face, or to touch his lips. He lay so still, of course. He didn’t breath, didn’t stir, didn’t even flicker his eyes under those lids. He looked, well, dead.

The pink turned to grey. He Master – her Lover stirred. His eyes opened and flashed up to were she knelt by his head. He looked forward. Her fingers dug into her palms. Too bad she chewed on her nails or they would have bitten in deeply and made her bleed for her mistake. He sat up and took out a stick of gum – double mint. Her Regnant twirled around like some graceful mountain cat and stood. Now he was looking down at her and she could feel some rebuke coming.

“Good evening, Gwen. How was your day?”

He hadn’t noticed yet how wrong she had been, or maybe he was merely waiting for a more opportune time to chastise her.

“It was good. I got the project reports done early and Professor Martinez seemed very pleased,” she said reaching out for a branch to save her. He cared about her studies. She devoted so much time there – to make him love her. Damn it, she should have said ‘was’ and not ‘seemed’. She barely controlled hitting herself.

He reached out and kissed her on the edge of her lips! Was all forgiven?

“That’s great, Baby. I have total faith in you. You are going places.”

‘I’m happy were I am, you Fool,’ she thinks. ‘Why can’t it be it just be you and me and screw the rest of the world?’

“If it makes you happy,” Gwen says instead. “That’s all I want to do.”

‘To be at your side, to be immortal, and to have you all to myself.’

The thought of all those others that he was forced to be with was enough to leave a bitter taste of bile in her mouth. She hated them, his victims, whose blood drew him to them. She knew the hateful answer. Her blood wasn’t enough. If he fed on her alone, he would kill her. Her body – her pathetically weak body – betrayed her. She knew how weak she felt after the ecstasy of his kiss.

He didn’t’ have to pretend with her. His flesh was cool and his lips brought goose bumps to her neck, or to her thigh, but that all went away as his fangs penetrated her better than any member of flesh ever could. That was his love for her, the time he took to bring her to climax in their extensive love-making. Whether his flesh was lovingly chilled, or flushed with blood in a sign of devotion to her, she didn’t care. In those moments, she had him.

And the other girl didn’t.

Gwen knew she existed. She knew he would sneak off to see her on the nights she wasn’t allowed to be with him. He never allowed her to go out with him, out of shame. OH, he claimed it was for her own safety – his enemies would use her against him if they knew about her – but she didn’t care. He was ashamed of her.

“What was that, Adrian?”

“I’m looking into another project for the Ordo. Do you think you will have the time to help?”

“Of course, Honey. What kind of Project? Another one on those murders?”

“No. This has to do with mortal people with supernatural powers. I need to see a way … oh; I have something for you ... approach this so as to not scare off the people. I don’t want to lose their trust when I learn about them.”

“Alias work then, okay, I can do that. Just get me the information.”

Adrian nods and opens his wallet.

“If something happens to me, serious-like, I think you can contact this person and she’ll help you.”


“She?” she said, holding on to her temper by a thread, “Do I know her from somewhere?”

‘Can I kill her? How would I hide the bitch’s death from him? Would he forgive me?’

“Know her? No, you shouldn’t, but then I’ve only peripherally worked with her for about a year. She’s helping me get my license. She’s good at this though and she’s a PI. If something happened to me, I think I can trust her enough to help you.”

‘Trust her? Why do you trust her and not me?’

“How much do I trust her, Love?”

He smiles at her then, when she uses that word.

“Don’t’ tell her what I am. I only trust you with that. Still, she can be made aware that you are supernatural and well, she knows me and I think would be willing to help me, or you, if the situation called for it.”

‘He wants her. He’s flaunting that in front of me. I can tell he wants her. He wants her blood, he wants her warmth, and he wants her in his bed … not me.’

“Okay,” she takes the card he offers. It really claimed she was a Private Investigator. Then a thought occurred to her.

“She doesn’t know you are a vampire, or a Mekhet?”

He looked up started.

“Don’t’ use those words carelessly, Gwen,” he snaps. “You never know who could be listening. I trust you with this.”

Gwen flinches away as if slapped. His rebuke was like knives in her soul. She would have slammed her head against the wall if only to make him have mercy upon her. She was so wrong, such a poor, stupid match for him. She hated herself for betraying him like that. She missed him reaching out until his hand was upon her upper arm. Was he going to kill her now? Was this the end of her turmoil?

“Sorry I snapped at you, Gwen. This whole hunter’s problem has me a bit scared. Shooting me would bad, but they could kill you. I couldn’t handle that.”

And now she roller-coasted over to wanting to melt in his arms. All she cold do was nod. What she took away from that ragged, raw turn-around in emotions was that her master was afraid and that she could do something about it. She looked at the card. Gwen knows how to best keep her master safe. Now that she had a plan, she needed him gone.

“Take care, Master,” Gwen whispered then caught herself.

“Adrian. Call me Adrian,” her Master replied. She knew he didn’t like that but it felt so natural. It was what he was in her life; her total Master.

“I’m going home tonight. I’ll stop by and see you around 11pm,” he continued.

“I’ll be here,” she nodded quietly. She knew she had all day to set her plan in motion … and then she could keep him safe.

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{The Night Home Sweet Home ends}

Gwen was on edge. She had her answer and was making her plans to surprise him, but at the same time she didn’t quite trust Sam. Sam claimed to have talked to Adrian and she knew that to be nearly impossible. The Sun was his enemy. How could he even get to the door to let her in?

What did she have over him? For that matter, how did she find him so fast? She had to have known all along! That was the only reason. Gwen felt as if she’d been played. Now she had to find a way to pay her back.

There was a knock on the door and she ran to it. It was Adrian, but way early in the night.

‘Oh shit …’

Gwen unlocked the door slowly as her addled mind tried to plan out what she had to say to keep her alive. She opened the door and was somewhat surprised to discover him taking his time. Adrian stepped in pretty much as normal moving somewhat down the hallway as she shut and locked the door back.

“Adrian, why are you here so early,” she managed to get out, the fear heavy in her voice.

“It’s our night,” he said softly.

She blanched. Gwen had forgotten that this was the night he fed on her, letting her die a little death in his sweet embrace as his fangs violated her in their dark purpose. She felt so used, a victim, stripped down to a being of flesh and blood … yes, precious blood. It made her toes curl, her breathe to come in short gasps, and her heart to pound. She was sure he sensed it all, her total arousal.

Adrian reached out toward her and she felt drawn to him. She stumbled to him and felt into his grasp. He took her by the upper arms and shoved her slowly against the other wall of this narrow hallway. He put his mouth straight to her neck, sniffing it and then running his tongue, tracing her artery. Gwen found her hands running up and down his body. She felt his heat and reached for his member. He put his mouth against her ear as she mounted his leg.

“I know what you did,” and he ripped into her throat.

Ecstasy and Fear warred within her. This was bliss, but if he knew (and he did) then this was probably the end. It dawned on her that as much as she loved Adrian she didn’t want to die. She felt her blood draining away and light headed, but she willed her vocal cords to do more than moan.

“Don’t … kill … me,” she begged.

She felt him nuzzling her neck and the blissful sensation abated.

“Kill you?” he whispered into her ear in a husky, lover’s voice. “Why would I kill you? You betrayed me and used a friend for your own ends, endangering her life, but I’m not going to kill you.”

He pushed himself up and looked into her eyes. His hurt feelings were on his sleeve.

“I guess I’m responsible. I made you the way you are now. I don’t want to hurt you, but I have to do something. I had to get up DURING the day and face the sun. You have no idea what’s that’s like.”

He leaned in until the coppery tang of her own blood was fresh in her face.

“You told someone who DIDN’T know – Sam is not in the know – to come to my haven. Do you realize how stupid and selfish that was? I’m lucky she didn’t run away screaming ‘Vampire’ and that would have been your fault. Do you want to kill me?”

“No,” she whispered back, struggling to stay standing, “No, I would never …” but she knew she had done just that. She had sent someone she didn’t know to be like her to her Master’s haven and he was all alone in the day, facing her. The horror of what she had done dawned on her and her heart sunk.

“Oh Master … I don’t know what came over me. Forgive me!”

“No. Not now. Maybe in a few days when I’ve calmed down. It will take much longer, if ever, for me to trust you again. Gwen, you BETRAYED me. Why?”

“I wanted to be close to you. I was looking out after you …” she saw denial in his eyes and she started to cry. “What can I do?”

“Nothing,” he said angrily. “You put my life in danger. You put Sam’s life in danger. You did it for your own selfish reasons. You told her I was your fiancé. Now I doubt that will ever be true.”

Her feat gave out and he let her slump to the floor.

“Please,” she sobbed. “I love you. Please.”

“I will come back tomorrow to talk with you some more. I won’t be staying here until I feel safer around you. Don’t call me. Don’t come by my house. If I found out you have, I will punish you. Go to class. I’ll check up on you. Fail an assignment and I will stay away longer. You have a long way to go to regain my trust.”

He walked back toward the door, stopped and came back. He leaned down and kissed her tear-streaked cheek.

“I love you, Gwen. Don’t make me hurt you again.”

Adrian walked out, unlocked the door and closed it quietly behind him. He was gone into the Darkness once more and Gwen was left with his poison and her tainted love.

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