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World of Darkness: The Academy - [Mortals] Ryan Jackson (Student)

Ryan Jackson

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Name: Ryan Jackson


Age: 18

Race: White

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: ~165

Concept: Thrill seeker & extreme sports athelete

Faction: Mars

Virtue: Charity

Vice: Lust (the next Adrenaline rush)

Grade: Senior

Activities: Cross Country Team, Photography

Personality Ryan is easy going, laid back but excitable. He doesn't put up with bullying or teasing and has stood up for other students on more than one occasion. He's almost always looking for a new stunt to pull or a new crazy sport to try.


Tall and somewhat good looking with auburn hair and blue eyes. Ryan possesses a thin wiry frame that allows him to move swiftly with superb agility.


Ryan Jackson has been many things; champion snowboarder, motor cross racer, stunt biker. The descriptor of thrill seeker is more than appropriate. He has toyed at base-jumping, free climbing, and other extreme sports, even martial arts fighting; all before the age of fifteen. Never staying with any given activity amongst the various thrill seeking subcultures looking for something to grab his interest and hold on to it. The single “sport” he’s managed to stick with is Parkour. The rush of simple efficient movement over cityscapes and wilderness has managed to hold his attention more than any other activity.

Nothing ever did stick long enough though; the least of which was school. Mom & Dad had given Ryan more than one chance to straighten himself out and more than once he had tried and gotten bored. Having finally gotten sick of Ryan's consistent failing grade and the expense of buy new equipment and training for his sport of the season Ryan's Parents shipping him out to Dalton Academy hoping that the isolation would force him to settle down enough to at least graduate.

In the past couple of years Ryan has managed to avoid getting expelled for poor grades though some accuse that his parents' money or via connections within the student body and/or faculty. Ryan manages to sneak off campus multiple times a month, sometimes multiple times a week, to continue chasing the thrill of extreme sports. Last Thanksgiving he made his way to Aspen and entered himself in the Winter X Games where he earned a gold in the freestyle snowboard half pipe before his parents and the school found him.

Oddly he has found a recent interest in photography, much to his own surprise as anybody else’s. He’ll often pack a small camera when he goes free running and takes photos from vantage points that are unusual or difficult to attain. Other students have seen him perched atop campus building or hanging from trees taking photographs. Some think he's bound to fall and break his neck but that usually disappears when they see how incredibly easy he makes his much loved hobby of Parkour look.

Special Thing: He's an accomplished Parkour Traceur, but I don't think that's what you wanted to know.

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