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Originally Posted By: Noah Weston
Does it strike anyone else as odd that the majority of the above list are nearly cosmic level characters? Just for a guy who regenerates, has unbreakable bones, and claws?

Actually the use of 'carbonadium' poisons Wolverine and shuts down his ability to heal. He's been nearly killed a few times by 'Average Joe' mutants who've used that weakness of his to their advantage.

The Morloks used it once I think...

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There's more to Wolverine than just his healing and skeleton (and claws) too. He's superhumanly agile, has superhuman senses, especially smell, and he's very, very old...which translates to him being extremely savvy. A lot of combats he wins as much because he's hard to outwit, or via cunning, as because of any mutation on his part.

A lot of extremely powerful entities in Marvel are complacent, overconfident beings who underestimate those who do not have their raw power.

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