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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive] [Mortals] Lorelei Wagner (Student)


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Name: Lorelei Wagner

Date of Birth: 16 Feb 1992

Grade/Year: 10/Sophomore

Age: 16

Height/Weight: 5'4"/124lbs

Hair/Eyes: Dark Blond/Clear Blue

Appearance: Without doubt, Lorelei is one of the loveliest girls at the Academy. Her features are delicate, almost elfin, and the crystalline blue of her eyes evokes images of tranquil seas and sparkling glaciers. Although she was always a pretty child, it is often said (not unkindly) that the loss she suffered has contributed to the slightly ethereal quality of her beauty, that sorrow has quietly matured and altered her somehow. Her long, dark blond hair is threaded with paler streaks of platinum and gold, and is typically secured into a heavy plait that nearly reaches her waist. Her fingers are slim and well-sculpted, her lips startlingly full on one so young, and her build lithe and vaguely willowy.

Background: Born to a Seattle-based investment banker and the comely Swiss-American PR representative of a Zurich cosmetics company, Lorelei was adored by her parents as a "late Valentine's Day gift" from each to the other. During her childhood, they vacationed in various cities across Europe and the United States, predominantly spending summers in her mother's home country and with her father's stateside family.

As Lorelei grew older, and her responsibilities to academia increased, her parents occasionally went on trips without her. Their family excursions over the summer continued, of course, but the demands of their professional, married, and parental lives had begun to take their toll. They traveled alone to more exotic locales in South America and Africa, seeking to rekindle some of the spark that had inevitably faded from their relationship with the passage of time.

It was during one such outing to Tikal in the spring of 2004, while Lorelei was still in school, that her father's matronly elder sister arrived to whisk her out of class. On that bright, clear April morning, her life was irrevocably changed.

The rainy season had begun early, and without warning, she was told. The jeep in which they had been traveling was found yesterday, half-overturned against a tree and buried windows-deep in mud and debris, she was told. Every effort was being made to find her parents, she was told.

They continued to tell her this last for several weeks, before the fruitless search was finally ended. The courts remanded her into the care of her nearest relative, one Emily Wagner of Denver- the same maiden aunt who had been caring for her.

It was "Aunt Emmy" who cultivated the girl's interest in music, taking her on a summer-long tour of the sunniest, most relaxing cities in Europe and carting her to every ballet, symphony, and opera she could find. Enthralled, Lorelei absorbed it all, seeming (if only temporarily) to forget her grief. She returned to school the following autumn, finishing up her eighth-grade year in morose, lackluster fashion. Fearing for the girl's future, Emily applied for her acceptance at the prestigious Dalton Academy in nearby Estes Park. Her marks improved somewhat with the change in scenery, but her fascination with music and singing only grew with the school's encouragement of scholastic and artistic achievement.

This will be her second year at Dalton Academy.

Personality: If there are "Mean Girls" on Dalton's campus, so, too, must there be gentler souls to provide a foil for their spite. Sweet, somewhat shy, and perhaps a trifle sad, Lorelei's current lack of social ambition curtails any major advantage her looks might have lent her in the campus pecking order. Indeed, few things seem to interest her more than strengthening and honing her musical talents and the brief period each day that she is able to spend with her horse. She isn't at all xenophobic, or antisocial, but it seems as if the typical whirlwind of a teen's social life has simply passed her by.

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