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World of Darkness: The Academy - [z-inactive]][Mortals] Chester Humphrey (Student)


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Concept: introverted creative kid.

Grade: Junior.

Age: 16.

Virtue: Prudence

Vice: Envy


Dark-blonde hair with dark hazel eyes and glasses, as well as being of moderate height.


As the saying goes, no man is an island. But Chester sees otherwise. From kindergarten onward, he would separate from the others, do his work, then start drawing or writing to himself. As he began to grow older, the computer became a major part of his refuge, as was his sketchbook and classrooms when the teachers were lecturing.

It's entirely possible that the growing storm at home contributed to that pattern. Already discordant, the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey grew worse by the day. Finally, a month prior to Chester's 16th birthday, a string of affairs by Mr. Humphrey led to a divorce suit being filed. His mother won custody, but decided to send him to Dalton Academy while she settled a great many matters. His academic success allowed him a scholarship there, lighting the load.


Chester is rather intelligent, and focuses hard on his schoolwork, though he won't volunteer to answer questions. He has a number of artistic and computer related aptitudes and interests. He prefers these to any social activity, though he does somewhat make an exception for others of the same interests.

Special thing: Ethereal spirit.

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Intelligence 3

Wits 2

Resolve 3

Strength 2

Dexterity 2

Stamina 3

Presence 1

Manipulation 2

Composure 3


Academics 3

Crafts (Computer) 3

Computer (Graphics) 3

Science 2

Athletics 2 (Spent 6 xp to raise it to 2)

Stealth (Moving through Crowds) 3

Empathy 1

Expression 2

Persuasion 2

Subterfuge 2

Other Stats

Morality 7

Defense 2

Initiative Mod 5

Speed 9

Health 8

Willpower 6


Encyclopedic Knowledge 4

Eidetic Memory 2

Language (Latin) 3 (spent 10 xp to raise merit to 3)

Language (Greek) 2 (spent 6 xp to gain merit)

Special Powers:

Apothesis 1 - Unseen Sense, Ghosts.

Experience Left: 3 xp


2xp for 1a and 1b.

Spent all xp on Athletics 2.


3 xp for Chapter 2.


3 xp for Chapter 4.

Balance: 6 xp

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