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Aberrant: 200X - Be Careful What Others Wish For


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March 16th, 2009

The final strains of Süperbëast’s Korspsgryndrr drifted through the bathroom door before launching into Daniel Fox’s newest release – Novox radio had resulted in a truly eclectic melange of musical styles.

With the sky beginning to darken, Jason had finally decided to get cleaned up before his girlfriend came over. Still wet from the shower and clad only in a towel and a garbage bag on the cast on his ankle, he hummed along to Alejandra’s cover of Hallelujah as he shaved. He was trimming his goatee, when a sudden banging on the bathroom door startled him. He stumbled on his broken ankle, causing his hand to slip and earning him a nick and a missing swath of goatee.

Damn it! Damn ankle! And I’m gonna need new blades. I hate shaving. Who – as Jason turned to see who it was, enduring the ever present twinge of pain from an old back injury, his thought was cut off by the sight of his girlfriend in the doorway.

Katya Skovskaya was a very cute young woman, just over five feet tall. She had a slender, curvy figure with incredible legs, strong from ten years of dance and shown off in a leather miniskirt. Her mobile face managed to be both innocent and impish. She also had a predilection for changing hair colours and coloured contacts every few months, which was the cause of Jason’s derailment of thought. Her hair was tinted a silvery white, styled in a French-braid pulled over her shoulder, with a few loose tendrils framing her face. Her large eyes bore new NovaEyez™, Twilight IndiGlow, twinkling with their own luminosity. Jason could only stare.

“So, hockey star, you like, da?” Kat’s lightly accented voice was amused.

Jason finally got his jaw working again. “Djuh? I like a lot, Kat. It’s… wow! It’s even sexier than the glowing green eyes and crimson mane you had a few months ago. I didn’t think anything could top that!” He bent down to give her a long kiss.

Kat responded in kind, with a darting tongue. As she felt Jason’s hand drift lower however, she pulled back, placing her hand against his muscular chest. “Not now Jase,” she said, laughing, “if you do not finish getting ready, we will not have time for dinner before the movie. And ick! You got shaving cream on me! Get ready!” She pointed, while reaching for a facecloth. “Aye aye, Captain!” he responded, and then saluted with his razor.

As Jason shaved off the remains of his mangled goatee and brushed his teeth, Kat leaned back against the door frame and watched him. She admired the play of muscles in his broad shoulders and strong back. The heavy scarring from a car accident earned a sympathetic frown, but as her eyes drifted even lower, she smiled again. He does have a great ass. Despite wanting to get a move on, she was feeling mischievous. Kat scurried forward and yanked off his towel.

Jason whirled around, but instead of shock, he grinned down at her around his toothbrush, both his body and manner indicating that he was willing to continue this game if she was. Kat pouted at her failed attempt to scandalize, and waved for him to continue getting ready.

Fifteen minutes later, they were in his Dodge Ram HC, on the way to a local pub. After a quick meal, they made it to the movie theatre, got their tickets, and seated themselves in the darkest seats they could find, having only missed half the invariably craptacular trailers. The movie was about super soldiers; the girls were hot, the guys were huge, there were guns and explosions and car chases, and Jason and Kat barely noticed. They could barely keep their hands off each other – they were shushed more than once.

The drive back to Jason’s home was fraught with sexual desire. Jason nearly drove into a ditch when Kat slid her hand into his pants. When he returned the favour, Kat’s moans almost caused him to crash into a railing.

Jason’s dog, a Husky-German shepherd crossbreed, was waiting for them as they entered the house. This was convenient, since Jason had other things in mind than walking his dog at the moment. “Allez dehors, Tonnerre,” he said, holding the door open. “Tu dors dans le chenil, ce soir.” Jason just had time to swing the door close before being dragged down the stairs to his room by Katya, his cast-encased ankle thumping on each step.

By the time they made it down the hall and to Jason’s room, they were both naked. When they fell onto his bed, entwined together, all rational thought fled, and they were burning in the fires of desire. Their fucking was raw, passionate, aggressive, and mind-blowing.

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Some time later, they were catching their breath, readying for round two. Thought was slowly creeping back from wherever it had fled. Jason was propped against the headboard, holding Kat to his shoulder, his fingertips tracing idle designs around her navel. He only now realized that his plasma UHD TV was still on, with no sign of the remote. N! Tertainment Tonight Canada was profiling the hottest and sexiest Novas in the country.

“That is such a waste!” Katya let out a soft mew of envy.

“Wha...?” Jason was still rousing himself from the afterglow.

“Her! Knockout. You know, the one whose infamous clip you have set as the background on your cellphone. A face and figure like that is so…so squandered on a man.”

Jason focused on the program, taking in the fantastic, voluptuous form of the woman on TV. A smile of appreciation appeared on his face. “That ain’t no man. And a woman who looks like that is never wasted on a man.”

“You know what I mean. I know she is a transsexual or whatever. But God! That is what women should look like. I wish I looked like that! She is so tall and,” she made the universal gesture for a woman’s figure, “womanly.” A faint blush bloomed on Kat’s cheeks.

“Really? I didn’t know you were a boob-girl Kat.” Jason chuckled. “Being a dancer, wouldn’t boobs like that throw off you balance? “

Kat swatted Jason playfully on the chest. “Stop being such a man! Try looking at more than just her breasts. Her face is absolutely stunning, with cheekbones to die for. And her legs! Perfect, strong, but not too muscular, and, like, twice as long as mine. Plus, she is super strong and super agile. If I looked like her, and had her enhancements, breasts like that would not be a problem, I assure you.”

Jason tore his eyes away from Knockout’s chest and really looked at the rest of her image. And he realized that Kat was right. Knockout was one of the most attractive women on the planet, and that beauty was in no way limited to her phenomenal breasts. Her every feature was improved, to a degree that even few Novas could match. He couldn’t help but wonder what was going through a man’s head that would result in the formation of such a woman.

“You’re right Kat, like always. Knockout is more than just a pair of epic tits, she’s the total package. But I still think she looks like she was designed by a man, like a horny guy’s avatar for Nova Online. Girls come in other shapes than mega-Barbie. There is the Ausrine, and the Alejandra, and of course there is the stunning Katya Skovskaya.” He gave her a quick peck on the nose, his fingertips trailing down to the inside of her thigh, his arousal rising again.

“Good answer Jase,” she said with a delighted giggle. “But I am not stunning or gorgeous. I am cute, maybe even sassy, with great legs.” She rolled over on top of Jason, her legs straddling his torso, hands following the contours of muscles on his chest. “Those other two might be even more beautiful than her, might, but Knockout is at least half a foot taller, and has more upfront. I wish I could look like that, even for just day, so I could walk into the locker-room and shove it in Jen-“ she cut-off abruptly with a tightening of her lips, her slightly luminous, indigo eyes blazing.

“Jenna Dawson bothering you again? Don’t let her put you down. You’re everything I want. And hey! You get to play defence versus that self-centered, puck-bunny, psycho-bitch instead of me.” He bent forward, flipping her silvery-white braid over her shoulder. As his tongue found a stiffened nipple, he felt his arousal rise even higher.

She shuddered with the electric pleasure running through her. I might be everything you want, but I’m not everything I want. “Seems like..oh!.. like you are ready for the second period.” She slid back to Jason’s hips, raised herself up, and then languidly lowered herself onto his rock-hard erection. She settled into an unhurried, steady rhythm, her own hands twisting her nipples. “Relax superstar, and let me take care you. You can pay me back in the third.”

Jason barely heard her. He had never been this hard before. Every time Katya slid down his shaft, it felt like she was sliding up at the same time. The sensations were unbelievable, the pleasure radiating outward, affecting his entire body. His hand twisted in the sheets, dug into the mattress. His grey-blue eyes locked on Kat’s gleaming indigo ones. The light of the TV silhouetted Kat’s body; Jason was only vaguely aware of bits and pieces of Knockout’s image appearing in the fragments of the screen that he could still see. And that was when his eyes started playing tricks.

The mosaic of Knockouts seemed to bleed and blend into Katya, and she began to change. Her loose braid unravelled, the hair lengthening, its colour changing from silver-white to pure, spun silver. Her face began to shift seamlessly. With each deep, regular breath, her breasts swelled larger and larger. Her pale skin darkened slightly into a perfect tan. He could feel her legs growing longer, her knees sliding up the sides of his torso. The level of her eyes gave the impression of rising, as if she was increasing in height. Her cadence on his cock didn’t change, except to grow stronger and more sinuous, the muscular contractions of her nether regions becoming more powerful, almost painful.

Jason was balanced on the cusp of orgasm, but was unable to go over the edge. Something held him back. The body-wracking bliss began to burn. His brain pulsed in waves of fire. He closed his eyes against the pain. This is what I want! This is what I want. ThisiswhatIwant. ThisiswhatIThisiswhatThiswant! He didn’t know whose thoughts bounced around in his head. Were they his? Kat’s? As his body began to convulse, Jason opened his eyes.

His gaze fell upon a Goddess. A silver-tressed Knockout rode him, her incandescent eyes an impossibly vivid indigo. The effect of her beauty in the flesh was awe-inspiring, nearly causing his heart to stop. He saw her amazing eyes widen drastically, and her perfect, red lips part, but he did not hear the words that escaped. And finally, finally, the floodgates opened.

His impossibly long climax intermingled pleasure and pain in a flawless bouquet. His scream of release lasted an eternity, a tenor roar that crescendoed into a soprano wail. His whole body tingled and vibrated with his orgasm. As the everlasting moment came to an end, he felt Kat (Knockout?) sprawl across him, her breasts pressing firmly into his chest. Twilight IndiGlow NovaEyez™ bore into eyes that were beyond seeing. “I am so sorry Jason,” she softly whispered into an ear that was beyond hearing.

Jason caught the oblivion of unconsciousness as his brain burst with a final flare of silver light.

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March 17th, 2009

Jason awoke suddenly, with none of the lingering drowsiness he normally felt. He was lying on his back, hands by his side, when he opened his eyes. He could barely make out the spackled ceiling in the darkened room. His thoughts raced. What happened last night? I can’t quite recall. Katya. Where is she? The best fuck ever. What time is it? It’s still dark. He felt good, full of an ineffable vitality. The chronic pain near his lower spine was entirely gone, and the more recent ache in his broken ankle was gone too, except for a bit of chaffing from the cast. His thoughts flickered through a thousand mundanities before one made his mind freeze in its tracks. Oh! My! God! Katya erupted!

Jason bolted to a sitting position, the movement blurrily quick, yet impossibly smooth. He felt a disconcerting shifting from his chest. As the sheet fell.away, an indefinable thrill of dread ran through him. He looked down, and despite the dim light, gave a sharp intake of breath.

He had breasts. Tits. Hooters. Big ones, too, maybe even huge, with fully developed nipples. A vague sense of familiarity assailed him at the sight, though he had never seen a pair of breasts from this viewpoint before. A long, thick tress of hair, colourless in the darkness, fell across half his face, and then nestled in his newly emergent cleavage. He could see, he could feel, his breasts rise and fall with his rapid breathing. He raised his hands to touch these new protuberances, but hesitated, then dropped them. Touching them would make them real, and he was yet unwilling to accept their reality.

Jason swung his legs around, sitting on the edge of his bed, brushing the hair out of his face with an instinctive gesture. The cast on his ankle wiggled, the movement annoying, oddly distracting him from his predicament. He bent forward at the waist, hands sliding down his legs, to try to remove the cast. He shivered at the feeling of his nails, longer than he’s used to, trailing down his significantly longer legs, his flawless skin silkier than sin. His considerable assets pressed into his knees as he reached for the cast, trying to slide it off. When that didn’t work, he half-heartedly used both hands to attempt to break the cast, not expecting success. To his open-mouthed astonishment, the cast tore apart as easily as a piece of paper, leaving him a remnant in each hand.

He tossed the pieces aside, then stood up, wobbling with the unfamiliar balance of his restructured body, as he made his way down the hall to the bathroom. His body would automatically adjust to his new center of balance, and then his conscious mind would insist that it was wrong and readjust his stance. The result was an uncoordinated strut down the hall, one hand trailing on the wall to guide him. Despite the ungainly gait, he could feel his long, luxurious mass of silky hair brush against the top of his ass, as his hips swayed alluringly, unconsciously.

It took him less than a second to cross the twenty feet to the bathroom. In the darkness, the only thing visible was the reflection from the mirror of the vivid glow of his incandescent indigo irises; bright enough to be obvious, not enough to illuminate anything else. He groped for the light switch, finding it lower than he expected. At the full sight of his new appearance, Jason let out a groan. “This isn’t real, this can’t be hap--” He cut off, hand going to his throat, at the sound of his voice, an extremely sexy, sultry soprano full of promise.

His eyes were immediately drawn to his improbable breasts. Despite their substantial size, they jutted forward proudly, with only the merest concession to gravity. Feeling weak in the knees, he braced himself on the sink with one hand. His other hand hesitated, then defiantly gave his breast a squeeze, his nipples stiffening at the contact. He let out a soft gasp at the disturbingly pleasurable feeling coursing through him, marvelling at the way the flesh was both soft and firm. His hand on the sink tightened with the sound of cracking porcelain.

Next, his hand drew his attention. It was somewhat smaller, the fingers long and elegantly slender, with oval, perfectly manicured nails, sporting a clear, silvery sheen. His eyes wandered up his arm, noting with despondency that his muscular, defined physique had dwindled into the lean, lightly toned figure of a professional yoga-lates enthusiast. In the mirror, he noted his slender waist, the taut stomach with just a hint of abdominals, and flaring hips. He could feel a moistening happen in his nether regions, but he held himself back with a deep, shaky breath, then another. Abruptly, he raised himself on tip-toe and looked.

Jason let out a high-pitched cry of loss. Without a doubt, his manhood was gone, replaced by a hairless, feminine slit. His fingers trailed across his smooth thigh, then circled his vulva. He inhaled, swallowed, then slipped one finger into his vagina, his thumb unintentionally rubbing another newly formed, highly sensitive piece of genitalia. His eyes closed at the bolt of unexpected sensations running through his entire body, a long, soft hiss escaping between his teeth. His other hand constricted convulsively on the sink, shattering part of it. In shock, he withdrew his finger and opened his eyes.

He looked at his hand, covered in a patina of porcelain dust, then finally turned his gaze to his face and froze. A perfect, heart-shaped face, with sculpted cheekbones and impossible, indigo eyes, framed by tendrils of spun-silver, gazed back. He revealed flawless, pearly teeth as his lush, red lips dropped open in surprise. Surprise that he recognized that stunning, eminently feminine countenance.

“Holy Fuck! I’m Knockout!”

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