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Mission One: Free the Slaves[Complete]


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Continued from here.

After everyone was finished, Draygo led them back to the 'door room', the first room in the facility that they had ever set foot in. After one last check to make sure that everyone was ready, Draygo opened the center door, letting harsh sunlight and hot, dry air in.

As they stepped through the door and the bead curtian that was on the other side, they were greeted with a familiar sight; the 'shelter' from their training session and the dune in front of it.

Once through, Draygo took his spot, crouching on the dune so that he could just peer over the top of it. His tone was hushed but easy. "Ok guys, this is the real thing. Violet, I'm going to need you to get into the heads of the people we meet, before this hits the fan and trick them into thinking that you and Alex are men. Barring that, I'm going to need the two of you to stay here until you hear gunfire, then I'll need Alex to carry you, super-fast to your positions.

Make the decision quick, the clock is ticking. William, you're with me, just remember, stay behind me until this goes down. I'm going to start by talking to the proprioter, then we're going to take them down. That's how we're getting in.

Let's get ready to move out."

It was clear that while he was open to any last minute questions, but was ready to go. As he'd already said, 'the clock is ticking.'
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Will was fully in his 'eager for the game to start' mode and nodded with coiled anticipation. He reflected, again, that 'Born ready' was a silly concept... but apt. This was where training and wild blood paid off. Would pay off. Something like that.

Will asked quietly, "Are we going to fly in? Drop down next to that door?"

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Originally Posted By: Stargaizer

Once through, Draygo took his spot, crouching on the dune so that he could just peer over the top of it. His tone was hushed but easy. "Ok guys, this is the real thing. Violet, I'm going to need you to get into the heads of the people we meet, before this hits the fan and trick them into thinking that you and Alex are men. Barring that, I'm going to need the two of you to stay here until you hear gunfire, then I'll need Alex to carry you, super-fast to your positions.

Violet nodded at Draygo and tried her best to give him and her teammates the impression that she was focused on the task.

You can do this, I know it Violet. Just keep focused and we’ll pull through, Samantha said to her trying to be as comforting as possible. She knew that Violet wasn’t cut for this kind of ‚mission’ but her powers were more than suited. She had to find a way to cope with her lack of confidence in that area and learn that she was part of the team and not just a Diva.

Violet nodded again, this time in answer to Sam.

Here goes nothing

Click to reveal..
Using Telepathy on the guards to trick them into thinking Alex and V are men - Telepathy+Manipulation (10d6.hits(6)=3) = 3 Suxx
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  • 3 weeks later...

Draygo leads the team, boldly, right to the front door. The two men standing guard there exchanged glances. It wasn't, however, the look of two men in terror, it was more that of two men who were caught off guard. They didn't move to intercept Draygo or any of those who were with him, instead just letting them pass right through the front door.

Once inside, the main room was exactly as it was in the training simulation, except that some of the colors were different, and the cushions looked newer.

Two serving slaves approached the group as they stood just inside the entrance, one with what appeared to be dates and the other with a pitcher of water and glasses. Both of their serving trays, the bowl holding the dates and the pitcher and glasses were all ornately decorated and gilded. However, even with their eyes downcast, the slaves caught sight of Draygo, turned, and ran out of the main room (the general direction of the quarters, where Alexandra and Violet would eventually have to follow). There was a short pause, before the group heard a loud 'smack' of flesh hitting flesh, and another pause before the slaves slinked back out into the main room. This time Draygo actually raised a hand, and shooed them away before leading the group closer to the center of the room.

Once they were just outside the center of the room, Draygo stopped and folded his arms, obviously waiting on someone or something.

Click to reveal..
Violet: Good job with those two guards, now roll again for the others in and who will be coming into the room.

William: Empathicaly you sense that the two guards were not scared, just that they were startled, as if they weren't expecting Draygo. The two serving girls, however, were absolutely terrified when they first saw Draygo, but were cowed and disparaging, with just a hint of anger in the one who carried the water when they came back in.

All: Roll a Perception + Alertness check to see what's coming, and go ahead and roll init.

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Will tried to keep a poker face when the guards let them in, and again when the girls "panicked". Having Draygo as team leader was going to be a mixed package. It wasn't hard to see what was coming, Draygo would play QB (i.e. 'point man' or 'the main target') when Violet dropped her image. Will's obvious move was to flank and he started to drift to one side of the room so he'd be behind whoever Draygo eventually surprised.

Click to reveal..
5d10.hits(6) → [7,8,5,6,6] = (4) 4 sux


1d10+7 → [5+7] = (12) total of 12


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Alexandra stays ready and alert waiting for what happened next.

Click to reveal..

(16:32:28) ChatBot: (Ally_Kat) rolls 4d10 and gets 9,5,8,9. 3 successes


(16:42:10) ChatBot: (Ally_Kat) rolls 1d10 and gets 10. 10+4+3=17

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Violet kept her concentration and tried to extend her influence to the other guards to keep up the “disguise”. She bit her lips as she sensed that this proofed more difficult than she expected.

Click to reveal..
Telepathy+Manipulation roll to make the guards believe we belong to them. (10d10.hits(6)=2) 2 suxx negated by 2 ones = 0, god I hate the 2nd ed WoD-rules
Click to reveal..
Initiative (1d10+4=6) = Init 6 // Perception+Alertness - no Alert-skill, default to Per (3d10.hits(6)=1) = 1 suxx (shakes head - 3 dice produce 1 suxx, 10 dice results in nothing…)

"Ohoh...", she quietly said to herself giving Alex a worried look.

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Originally Posted By: Stargaizer
Draygo motions for William to stay where he is once he starts moving. Apparently there is something that he has in mind, and flanking would disrupt that.
Will halted. Not the first time he'd misread the playbook, but the stakes were higher this time.
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A man comes forward, finely dressed and somewhat furious. He looks over the troup then settles on Draygo. He begins talking in rapid-fire Arabic, but slows down long enought to pump his thumb against his chest and say in English "Prince" and "War". Four guards flank him but from a few feet back.

Draygo listens serenely to what the Prince has to say and even nods once. He turns his head half way and makes eye contact with Will. Will recognizes that look from his training sessions with the monster - its the Beatdown look. Draygo looks back to the Prince and back hands him, sending him flying across the room and smacking against the far wall, a broken man. With his other hand, he sends a ball of writhing green energy towards the door that Alexandra and Violet have to go through, making it disappear in a shower of splinters and metal slivers.

In the movies, when things go down badly, they seem to go so slow. In reality, everything goes to hell in a hand basket like lightning.

The guards at the top of the room looked at one another, unsure for a moment; which could be their downfall, as both William and Alexandra were poised to act before the guards could process what happened and what to do about it.

And even Violet, who hadn't to this point picked up as naturally to combat as the two sports players had, was quicker on the draw than the guards that had snuck behind the curtains, who would probably try and catch the group in a nice little bit of crossfire.

Click to reveal..

C.Goons Stealth check: (15:10:21) ChatBot: (NPC's) rolls 3d10 and gets 9,7,10 = 3 successes.

Alexandra 17

William 12

B.Goons initiative 12

Violet 6

C.Goons initiative 5

Dif.8 Perception+Awareness test to spot the goons on the sides:




Everybody noticed the guards sneaking around, and everybody but Violet gets to act before the goons.

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Seeing that she didn't have enough time to do everything, she launched herself into motion towards two of the gunmen trying to sneak around the sides,flanking them and attempting to catch her group in a crossfire. She dashed in at them attempting to disarm at least two of them with lightning speed punches.

Click to reveal..
attack 1 -2 dice

(20:57:50) ChatBot: (Ally_Kat) rolls 9d10 and gets 6,6,3,6,8,3,5,10,3. 5 successes

attack 2 -3 dice(20:58:19) ChatBot: (Ally_Kat) rolls 8d10 and gets 7,4,3,1,10,4,2,8. 3 successes

(M:C_GM): Alexandra's punches 6str + 4/3acc

(08:36:12) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 10d10 and gets 1,3,10,7,9,4,1,7,10,10.

(08:36:21) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 9d10 and gets 4,4,3,10,9,7,8,1,6.

(08:37:25) (M:C_GM): 6/5sux

minus 3B soak

3/2dmg to Goons2 #1/#2

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When Drago met his eyes Will realized what was coming and moved his hands into 'a strike with a staff' position which only looked odd and not dangerous because he wasn't holding a staff.

Drago made his move and Alex went one direction, hopefully to deal with the surprise. Acting on instinct Will proceeded with plan "A", closing with and then attacking three of the four 'body-guard' goons.

Click to reveal..
1 WP to summon staff (7/8)

attack 1 -3 dice (8 dice)

8d10.hits(6) → [2,8,1,8,1,9,6,1] = 1sux


Damage : 6 str + 6 staff + 2 MAS + 3(?) acc

17d10.hits(6) → [7,1,9,4,6,8,1,2,4,2,8,2,2,4,3,8,3] = (5)


attack 2 -4 dice (7 dice)

7d10.hits(6) → [10,3,1,1,5,5,6] = 0 sux

attack 3 -5 dice (6 dice)

6d10.hits(6) → [8,4,6,4,1,1] = 0 sux


Good rolls all... except that with all the ones I think only the first one hit.(edit: Correct)

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Alexandra was able to bruise two of the guards hiding behind the curtains and thus focus their attention on her, but little else. William, on the other hand, cracked the first guy's skull with a sickening sound, dropping him to the ground, leaving him either dead or dying. Fortunately for the three remaining bodyguard goons, after his first death blow, William was unable to even connect to any of the others.

Seeing their fellow man killed so effortlessly in front of their eyes, the remaining 3 had varying opinions of what to do; one of them opened up on William, another on the giant half-man-half-dragon thing, and the last backed up, with his gun shakily pointed towards William, screaming something in Arabic.

The one that tried to unload his entire clip into William's chest, took a step back, tripped on a pillow, and sprayed bullets wildly around the room. His shots grazed Alexandra, cutting open a part of her suit but doing little other damage except to the ceiling. The other one who shot was a bit more calculated, and let off a short burp of bullets towards Draygo, where they impacted the scales on his chest and then fell harmlessly to the floor.

Draygo, however, seeing Alexandra fighting instead of running, spread out his wings to their full extent, effectively spanning the majority of the room, stood up to his fullest height, thus making his head brush the ceiling, and bellowed, "Kat, do your part! We've got ours! The way is clear! GO!"

Click to reveal..
Draygo's turn is first, but since talking is a free action, I'm letting him do it anyway. His wings provide full cover for Violet and 1/2 cover from the 2 C.Goons (Curtain Goons) she's not attacking (and full cover from the 3 remaining B.Goons(Bodyguard Goons)) for Alexandra.

(M:C_GM): roll to hit William

(22:33:03) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 14d10 and gets 8,5,1,2,2,2,6,4,5,5,5,5,6,5.

(22:33:37) (M:C_GM): 0suxx = miss w/full auto = bullets go somewhere

(22:34:13) (M:C_GM): chance to hit Alexandra

(22:34:18) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 1d100 and gets 86.

(22:34:28) (M:C_GM): chance to hit Draygo

(22:34:33) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 1d100 and gets 16.

(22:34:38) (M:C_GM): chance to hit Violet

(22:34:43) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 1d100 and gets 70.

(22:34:58) (M:C_GM): chance of friendly fire

(22:35:05) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 1d100 and gets 60.

(22:35:10) (M:C_GM): chance of total miss

(22:35:15) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 1d100 and gets 78.

(22:35:37) (M:C_GM): hits Alexandra

(22:35:43) (M:C_GM): 1/2 dmg for stray bullets

(22:35:56) ChatBot: (M:C_GM) rolls 3d10 and gets 10,1,1.

(22:36:02) (M:C_GM): 1sux

(22:36:28) (M:C_GM): -4 soak

(22:36:31) (M:C_GM): 0dmg

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Violet wasn't prepared for the sudden change of pace. She gave off a girlish squeal as Alex picked her up and dashed off at her incredible speed. One moment she wanted to concentrate on using her Telekinesis to help William, the next she found herself in the women's quarters.

*Stick to the plan, stick to the plan... what was the plan again?*, Violet got nervous.

*get the slaves out of here!, yelled Samantha in Violet's mind.

Violet nodded and looked around hoping there were no guards in this area.

(ooc:Well - if there are no guards she'll proceed convincing the slaves that they are here to save them - if there are guards she'll try to trick them like earlier)

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Ahmed had always considered himself a wise man, smarter than his peers so when the giant mutant rose up on his hindquaters (not legs, but something more akin to a beast), Ahmed decided that thhis was the time to clean out his quarters and put his resume up on the local job web site. Ahmed ran to the roar of machineguns behind him.

Ahmed's three companions kind of lost it. They pointed the gun in the genera direction of the great Green Monster (and William) an let loose. Draygo got the worst of it, though they even managed to richocet some shots into one of their own alcoves. William was missed entirely. Apparently these guys were better shots.

Click to reveal..

Staying and fighting: (15:30:24) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 5d10 and gets 2,6,8,3,8 = 3 stay

Shots:#2(15:30:59) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 15d10 and gets 1,5,3,8,7,6,7,1,2,3,1,2,1,2,6= 1 success

Damage:(15:34:18) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 7d10 and gets 10,2,7,8,2,6,10= 4 damage - soak

#3(15:32:03) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 15d10 and gets 6,2,3,8,8,10,8,2,4,10,7,5,3,3,5= 7 successes

Damage(15:34:52) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 13d10 and gets 2,6,2,3,4,3,1,3,5,3,8,3,8= 2 success- soak

#4(15:32:28) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 15d10 and gets 9,2,4,9,10,8,6,2,5,10,10,4,5,8,7​= 9 successes

Damage: (15:35:18) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 15d10 and gets 7,2,4,9,7,1,2,3,4,2,1,4,7,3,3 = 2 successes- soak

Richoceth from #2(15:31:38) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 3d10 and gets 1,10,6.

Damage: (16:00:31) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 7d10 and gets 10,2,5,10,2,4,10 = 3 damage - Soak ((16:01:24) ChatBot: (NPCs) rolls 3d10 and gets 10,6,7) -3 damage so no damage to the goon.

Okay, so a ton of bullets make their way across Draygo. The important thing is that on one clued in to fire on William, right?

Upstairs the woman murmur and whisper amongst themselves, but make no move to stand or leave. A few show signs of physical abouse, but more show a crushed spirit and broken souls. The women are afraid to leave the scant protection this room offers and are far from gleeful to be presented with their would-be rescuers. For Violet, the room is like a hammer on her sensibilities, so rife is the depression and hopelessness here. She needs to do something soon or be sucked down into what this place has become.

A focus for their feelings comes into view all too soon. A guard with a machinegun comes around the far corner into the room. He seems very surprised to see the women (as opposed to slaves) standing there and goes for his gun.

Click to reveal..

Surprised this round. Next round (if he has a next round) he goes on 10. Keep your old intiatives.

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Facing two goons who had emptied their guns, William made the third a priority and moved towards him, attacking the one who had shot at him in passing.

Click to reveal..
We'll try just splitting it two ways this time with willpower spent on the 2nd (armed) guy. WP (6/8)

Ideally I'd like to end up blocking the door.

Attack 1 -2 dice (9 dice)

9d10.hits(6) [5,3,9,10,8,1,10,2,3] = 3sux


Damage : 6 str + 6 staff + 2 MAS + 2 acc

16d10.hits(6) [5,4,3,4,5,1,2,1,7,5,8,3,8,9,10,2] = 5L


Attack 2 -3 dice (8 dice) + Willpower

8d10.hits(6)+1 [3,4,4,10,3,5,2,5,1] = 1sux


Damage : 6 str + 6 staff + 2 MAS + 0 acc

14d10.hits(6) [3,6,5,5,3,7,4,6,7,7,3,10,3,2] = 6L


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Alexandra dashes forward, Her arm lashing out in a vicious haymaker. She'd already seen enough, the broken women just sorta broke all restraint in her mind.

Click to reveal..
attack roll

(21:34:14) ChatBot: (Ally_Kat) rolls 11d10 and gets 2,1,4,10,10,4,1,9,2,1,9.

{rerolls if needed }(21:35:09) ChatBot: (Ally_Kat) rolls 2d10 and gets 8,3.

3/4 suucesses)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Draygo turned and sent a ball of energy ripping through one of the curtains, instantly killing one of the goons as he ran towards the door. William, for his part, also cleanly killed another one, the one who was talking and backing away from the fight.

Upstairs, Alexandra's haymaker caught the guy in the throat and chin, lifting him up and pushing him back. He landed flat on his back, but head-first... and stayed there. On closer inspection, he was still breathing, but just barely. He was out, for a good long while, and it wasn't readily apparent when or if he'd wake up out of it on his own.

The women in the room, seeing Alexandra's speed and ferocity backed away from the interlopers... as much in fear of them as of what the guards would do to them for being around them.

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There was no time to lose and Violet sensed how the women were about to panic. Timing was critical now. The buxom 'Heroine' closed her eyes and concentrated reaching out with her abilities to take control of the women's thoughts and emotions. That should help them complete their mission.

Click to reveal..
Use Telepathy on the slave women and try...0d10.hits(6)=5) including WP totals 5 suxx! I hope this'll do the job

"Now, Alex! Tell them to come with us!", Violet yelled still focusing on maintaining her telepathic control.

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Having given the two goons who had emptied their guns time to reload, Will moved back to deal with them before they could deal with him. This time he acted a hair desperately, it wasn't lost on him that taking 2 fully automatic bursts to the chest was exactly how he got killed in the practice session.

Click to reveal..
Will will try to split it two ways this time with willpower spent on the 2nd (armed) guy. WP (5/8)

Attack 1 -2 dice (9 dice)

9d10.hits(6) [10,8,1,10,3,10,9,9,2] = 5 Sux


Damage : 6 str + 6 staff + 2 MAS + 4 acc

18d10.hits(6) [6,8,9,9,1,10,1,10,7,9,3,7,1,5,4,3,5,1] = (9) 9L ?


Attack 2 -3 dice (8 dice) + Willpower

8d10.hits(6) [2,7,5,1,5,7,8,6] = 4 sux


Damage : 6 str + 6 staff + 2 MAS + 3 acc

17d10.hits(6) [4,6,5,1,1,7,7,7,3,7,9,2,10,3,8,1,2] = (8) 8L ?


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  • 4 weeks later...

It didn't take long for William and Draygo to finish mopping up the goons in the foyer. Draygo shot a couple more down, taking a few magazines in the process, but William was actually the one who ended up with the most kills that day.

Alexandra and Violet had a different story, on the other hand. Or at least they would've if Violet hadn't mind-controlled them so forcefully. After she wrested control of their will away from them, Alexandra had little trouble ferrying them, two at a time (apparently they didn't feed them very much), to the 'extraction point', which was nothing more than an abandoned storage building a couple of blocks away. Her last trip included Violet, who continued to control the women until reinforcements arrived.

Back inside the first building, after they had finished killing almost everyone in the lobby (or who came through the lobby, with the exception of Alexandra and those she was carrying, of course), Draygo approached the guy who looked to be in charge of everything. Draygo picked him up from where he had slumped in the corner, roughly woke him up, and growled something to the guy in Arabic, pointing out all of his dead henchmen at one point during the tirade. To William, it sounded like jibberish mixed with the low rolling of thunder.

After Draygo was finished with that guy, he dropped him, and William heard a sickening snap, as the guys leg bent in a way that it was never designed to. Then Draygo led William out and to the building where Alexandra and Violet were waiting.

Once the team was reassembled, it didn't take very long for a rather unsavory looking fellow to walk through the door. Draygo vouched for him, but, despite not being able to pin down exactly what it was, the entire team felt uneasy about him. Nevertheless, Draygo handed control of the women over to him, and led the team back to the little beaded curtain where they had first entered the desert, and they were back at base.

After a quick debriefing, and a shower, the team each went their separate ways, promising to meet up with each other for lunch, and fell fast asleep in their rooms.

End of 'Free The Slaves'. Will Be Continued in another thread later

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Will went back to his room, made it to the bathroom and then threw up. Combat had been a rush, and wonderful, and horrible all at once. He'd loved it, he'd hated it, and this was his new life... and he had the self awareness to look up whoever or whatever passed for the "staff shrink".

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