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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Operation Wild Boar


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Approx. 1 year pre-game start

Gwyn was rudely awoken by the banging on his door in officers quarters, now he was awake he could he his pager buzzing away in the wardrobe in his bag.

"Mr Jones", came an urgent, loud, voice from the corridor outside, "a call has come in for you to go operational, a car is outside to take you to the incident site."

Gwyn sat up at that and almost literally leapt from his bed, "Fuck! You got any other info? Give me a few minutes to get dressed and grab my stuff."

Ignoring the suit he had been wearing while teaching here at the Royal Military College at Shriivenham, Gwyn grabbed underwear, jeans, t-shirt and sweat top. While he rapidly pulled them on he got his operation bag from the back of the wardrobe. Gwyn prayed that this was a surprise exercise, but in his business it could be real at anytime. His business was nuclear weapons, so a serious one at the best of times, but more specifically he was one of the people who had to deal with them when there had been an accident or a suspected terrorist one was found.

"No more information at the moment Sir."

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Gwyn emerged from the room to see one of the Staff Sergeants waiting for him, and after returning his salute, he accepted the slip of paper that the Sergeant offered him.

It had taken him a while to get used to the saluting, but his Higher Scientific Officer grade at AWE gave him the equivalent of a Captain's rank during his secondment with the military. Eventually he had gotten as used to it as he had with the other elements of being in officers mess. So far he had had 3 months teaching the basics of his job to a unit of Commandos who were to react to incidents in the North Sea. They were coming along well, but he was still programmed to be here for another month.

Taking a pad from his work bag he quickly writes a note to the Captain in charge of the unit outllining what he wants them to do during the time he is away, it could be several days.

"Get this to Captain Kramer please Staff. Right, which way to the car?"

"Yes Sir, this way Sir."

Gwyn followed the Staff Sergeant out of the VOQ and to a waiting dark red saloon, which proved to have a police driver.

Putting his bag into the back seat of the car, Gwyn turned and saluted the Staff, "Thank you Staff."

Getting into the car he quickly strapped in before turning to address the driver, "Ok where are we going and do you have any more information for me?"

"Some place near Norfolk Sir, it's on the satnav, and I'm afraid that's all I know."

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Damn thought Gwyn, lack of information is my biggest problem, but if it is in the early stages there may not be much information to be had. Better call in though, the team should be on route, I guess I'd probably be the last one called since I've been away for so long.

Turning around in his seat as the driver took the car out onto the dual carriageway and floored the accelerator, lights and siren starting as he did so, Gwyn grabbed the backpack he had put onto the back seat and dragged into over onto his lap. With practised ease he pulled a second watch from the small pocket on the front of the bag and from the smaller of the two main compartments he started pulling various electronic gadgets. The driver was curious, and easily identified the laptop and what appeared to be some kind of phone, but failed to recognise the third black box that came out of the bag. Squeezing the bag down between his feet Gwyn set the phone and what he knew to be a scrambler unit to one side while he started booting up the laptop. Looking out the window of the car he quickly estimated where they were and turned to the driver.

"Pull over when you reach Reading services, I need to get some information on our way. Can you read me the satnav coordinates you were given to take me to as well please."

"Certainly Sir" and he pulled up the coordinates on the display and turned it so that Gwyn could read them off for himself.

He police driver burned with curiousity, it wasn't everyday that he got a call to urgently pick up what appeared to be a civilian from the officers quarters at the Royal Military College and to drive him as quickly as possible to the middle of nowhere near Norfolk. On the other hand with something like this, perhaps he'd be better off not knowing, it stank of hush-hush stuff and that never turned out well.

When the laptop was ready Gwyn called up the OS map data and put in the coordinates to get an idea of the operational area and where the device might have come from.

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Hmmm, Junction 47 or 47a on the A14 in Norfolk near the village of Woolpit. Well there is nothing there so presumably an RTA. Now what's nearby...

Zooming out a stage at a time he eventually finds that Ipswich and the port of Felixstowe are in one direction down the A14, while the RAF bases of Lakenheath and Middenhall are vaguely in the other direction. Great a reasonable size city, and one of the biggest freight ports in the country at one end. While at the other are the biggest US Air Force bases in Europe.

Soon after they arrived at Reading services on the M4, and after sending the driver off for coffee and a danish, Gwyn got out the satellite phone and connected the scrambler. Dialling the number from memory he only had to wait two rings before it was picked up. No one spoke at the other end, and no discernable background noise made it to his end, but Gwyn had gotten used to this over the years in the job.

“This is Jones, 6724, reporting in. Am en route with police driver, request sitrep and time check.”

“Roger Jones, standby.”

Gwyn knew that they would be checking his pin and voiceprint against the files before giving out the info he had requested.

“Confirmed Jones. Target location coordinates have been provided to driver, sitrep is blue/unknown, I repeat, blue/unknown. Contact not yet made, ETA for contact 75 minutes. We are currently at 0052 Zulu on my mark..”

Gwyn hurried to set the time on the spare watch he had pulled from his bag.


“Roger that. Can you authorise unsecure line for reporting ETA updates?”

A brief pause at the end of the line, during which Gwyn pulled a mobile phone from his bag and checked the numbers on a barcode on the back of the phone.

“Confirmed Jones, you are to use line 4 only. Do you have the serial number of your phone?”

“Roger, line 4. Serial is Alpha Papa 2 7 9 4 7 Lima X-ray Sierra, I repeat, Alpha Papa 2 7 9 4 7 Lima X-ray Sierra.”

“Confirmed Jones, You will be kept updated.” And with that the line went dead.

Gwyn had another few minutes before the driver returned and, after calling in the drivers estimate of how long they would take to reach the incident zone, Gwyn tried in vain to get some more sleep.

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