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Warhammer: Shadows of Empire - Talabheim Rumors during the Plague

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- A number of young litigants, and even a number of the more liberal judges, having begun pouring through old law books to cite ancient laws regarding appropriate behavior under conditions similar to those the city now finds itself under (True). Supposedly, an old law holds the city must pay all volunteers a Schilling a day. (False – the rate is a Penny a day.)

- Fires set in Taalagad by flagellants have destroyed two neighborhoods (False – though one was damaged).

- The great Orator Judge Ranier Hindemith has announced all nobles who own property in Talabeheim are required by law to assist in protecting their possessions by bearing arms or risk forfeiting their holdings to those who do defend them. Several noble families have collectively spent well over 10,000gc on barrister fees in order to disprove Hindemiths’ declaration, but so far, it looks like families’ patriarchs are preparing to dust off their swords. (Amazing but true).

- The plague is actually a magical effect caused by a fell ritual performed by the Magi of the Jade Tower. That is why so few of them have been seen so far. They are all dying from the plague. (False, but they are ill)

- Taal’s Chosen have been pressed into service of the Dogfaces. They have orders to hunt down and execute those volunteers who that desert. (False: The Chosen joined of their own accord and they have no such orders).

- The Standing Army of Talabheim has encamped around the Grand Manor because the Countess fears an assassination attempt. (False: It is a cover story. The Countess fears another form of attack.)

- This is an attack by elves. They have been spotted by the Dogfaces all over the city spying out the place. All the other elves have already left the city. Have you seen any lately? (False: What elves?)

- The plague is a judgment from Ulric. His faithful were the first struck down so they must have done something horrible. They will damn us all. Taal save us and kill the wolf-skins. (False: but the temple is a source of sickness in the city.)

- A cure for the Grey Ague has been discovered, but the damn nobles are keeping it to themselves. (False, but a cure is in the works)

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