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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Working Late

Adrian Moss

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Damien was coming back from another late night meeting with Major Carter. He noted how much less tired he was now than he had been before Abydos. Whatever the cause, he was glad for the time he could grab with the Major. She was the senior, and most experienced SG team leader out there. Her experience – her shear number of missions – made her time a valuable commodity for Caine. He, in turn, was a valuable source of information and experience with Specialists and having them in the field. She was even coming to use him for insight on the other Specialists he didn’t normally interact with.

Major Carter had awakened a whole new aspect of his mission in their eyes. Not only was he the phenomenal back-up for every position in the team (save flying), she had brought out the realization in him that he was the ideal first contact person. His combination of Specialist abilities and military experience, plus his underlying understanding of both cultural and interpersonal relations blew her away. She said that people were making the wrong comparisons when they matched him to General O’Neil. He had a lot of Daniel Jackson in him too, she would say with a grin. Damien wasn’t so sure about that, but he loved the grin, so he let it slide.

It was with a great amount of gratitude, and no small amount of sexual tension, that followed Damien to his private quarters. He opened the door; got ready to toss his computer onto his bed then sensed the movement. The Major turned in silhouette to the movement on his bed and got ready to cut on the light. The movement in his bed got a little more pronounced, the light came on, and a momentary dose of panic coursed through his system.

A dusky, woman, silky black hair cropped shoulder length, with full lips lay in his bed and by the positioning of the sheets, she had little to nothing on underneath. He took her body in and went back to her face. He placed her after a moment – Cortez … Airmen Georgia Cortez … HAVC specialist in Maintenance. The next question would be; what the hell was she doing in his room at one o’clock in the AM, but somehow he knew the answer. He was also aware of the pregnant pause in the encounter. He decided an appreciative smile was in order. Caine placed his computer on his desk and looked into her eyes. He noticed that as he moved around the room, the blanket covering her chest kept slipping down until he could see the fullness of her breasts.

“Major,” she said, trying to be coy, “I seem to have gotten lost. I came in here and fell asleep.”

Damien noticed her clothes folded neatly on his chair, but he kept his humor in his eyes. He could see how difficult this was – this level of daring and the probable fear that one of the Specials would reject her. Damien came up and kissed her fully on the lips, running one hand through her hair.

“Well, I’ll have to see if I can find you a way home … eventually,” he breathed into her ear. She moaned softly when he nuzzled her neck. Yeah, sure this was wrong, but so much sexual tension had been invading his life recently, so much drama, and disappointment, that now he wanted relief. It was a little hard to look at this woman this way, but what exactly was she looking for in his room, past midnight, in his bed, with her clothes off? They both wanted something and it was the same thing.

Past experience had taught a younger Caine that boots were the mood killer, so he turned getting off the damn things into a game. First, though, he stripped of his shirt and Tank Top. His finely sculpted chest and abdomen caught and held her gaze. They kissed again and he moved down to her nipples. As he did so, he brought up his first boot and worked rapid-fire on it in a brilliant display of manual dexterity. She pulled it off while he pulled the sheets farther down, right to the bikini line.

Airmen Georgia was a broad-shouldered woman, attractive with her largish breasts and full lips, but not pretty. Caine thought she had a full, luscious body and he dove in. He pulled the sheets and began burying her in kisses while he body heat exploded in his vision. IR Vision to explore sexual arousal? Why not?

He managed to get his other booted foot under while he teased with the lightest of touches and tongue licks and kisses. The fingers found the laces and worked them loose. The last shoe fell down and that meant the pants and boxers could come loose.

The reality of the situation was that Caine had only been with three other women in his lifetime. His high school girlfriend had been a clumsy and hormone laden grapple. The second had been at Fort Bragg with the Whore-Slut who ended up betraying him and breaking his heart, but who was masterful at sex. The Third was a story for another time. What that did mean was that the Major was not the most skilled lover, but this time around he had a secret weapon. He had a way of looping with another mind and making the experience more fulfilling for both sides. It was … orgasmic. It was a plateau of pleasure that only the best humans, or a Specialist, could reach.

A good time was had by all.

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