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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Lt. Dana Eckhart

Lt. Dana Eckhart

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Age: 25

DOB: 8/19/79

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: An athletic 165 lbs.

Hair: Natural Redhead

Eyes: Emerald Green

Personality: Proud, confident, capable and driven, Dana can come off sometimes like somewhat of a hardass but the truth is just that she is very passionate. She has a burning fire for life that has always driven her to rise early and perfect herself in whatever her current interest. She is in many ways contradictory: She is a vegetarian "for health reasons" while at the same time known for drinking men twoce her size under a table. When on duty she is all business and protocol but was once demoted for cussing out a superior officer who made an idiotic decision. She had a reputation for feeding men their balls but also flaunted her looks as a model in her own time, posing in several "unofficial" air force calenders. Her hobbies are mostly of the outdoor variety including hunting and fishing, rock climbing, and skydiving. She is a connosieur of whiskey and an avid collector of Vinyl. Her musical tastes run a bit older; she loves Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as well as their precursors in Blues, Jazz and swing.

Background: To be revealed IC for now...

Specialist Abilities: To be revealed IC for now...


Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker


Miss August in the BlackOp Babes 2002 Calender


On assignment


Dananime Version


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