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Warhammer: Shadows of Empire - A Matter of Murders (Diarmuir and Nayobee)

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Nayobee and Ioriona were indeed Ghost Striders moving through the streets of the Geltwold. LIke phantasmal wraiths they returned to Diarmuir, alley's searched for look outs and spys. There was nothing to report.

Diarmuir, like his namesake, haunted the eves of the Faithful Lender. There was a hint of a light being still on in the back room. Nobbler was in. There was no sign of him having a bodyguard, much less a sorcerial enchantment or priestly blessing. The halfling had not changed his ways. He continued to rely on his utility to the communities of the Underworld to keep him safe. Business was only business after all.

Nayobee relished working with Ioriona in a way she had not expected. Ghost Striders worked in small, three-elf teams. That was the way it was supposed to be. With an elf at her side now, quiet and confident, she felt a longing for home and her old team mates - mate now. Her beloved leader had been branded and exiled, she in self-imposed exile before she too was discovered, leaving only friendly, light-hearted Jerianius to hold his lonely watch without them.

Ioriona was dour and quiet and held a heart full of hate. She was the bow pulled taunt, ready to spread death about her. She was a kindred spirit to Nayobee, though she dared not speak of it to her and break the spell.

Diarmuir motioned the two to take over-looking positions. He only wanted them to kill any strangers that came out. The halfling was his ... and if he died inside the building then he died. He would deal with this matter alone.

{Let the Murder of Nobbler Crumbuckle commence!}

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