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Aberrant RPG - Weirdest and funniest quotes from your games...


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i've been thinking about some of the odder moments from my first campaign as I sit here writing the outlines for the next six month epic mindshredder and as I went through the various notes and copies of the character bluebooks I kept remembering odd little vignettes and the lines that went with them. Here are a (very) few.

"Quick, to the moon! We are being spied upon."

"Aaaah! Civil war!!"

"Bagman, I need to store stuff in your head."

"Why is there a henge on Pluto?"

"I think China is out to get me." (Ranger)

"I've got 15 minutes to save the world! Where can I find a giant hamsterball?"

"I never liked Canadia."

And so on. More when I recall them.


Bast protect us all.

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This wasn't in my Aberrant game, (it's from the Vampire game I'm playing), but I had to get it out:

"I'm using chimerstry to make myself look like a pot-plant"

"What's this pot-plant doing here? We'd better put it out in the sun..."

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Same game as Coriolis was running:

Bagman: "Why haven't we gotten mail in six months"

The Doctor: "Strange, thats about the time I set up the hyper strength phobia field"

Ranger 7: "Ok, so we have the uniforms with the velcro number tags. Doctor, you be Rangers 12-47. Ray, you are Rangers 48-102. Remember to change the tags regularly, now lets go to this party and confuse some bad guys."

Boomer: "I've just invented 2-dimensional mines and telekinetic Jewelery. Pass me more of that hype will ya?"

Ranger 7: "Is there a problem officer?"

(was caught driving the apollo lunar buggy down FTR Drive, Warp is great!)

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Ok, some of these are from my soon to be finished Call of Cthulhu game. (Anyone who's ever played in my CoC games will instantly realise just how easy these quotes occur.)

Ed: I say we pretend we don't know whose face it is and drive away.

Cat: We've been searching for a being of ultimate evil and IT'S afraid of something you F****D?!


Aidan: You run for it, I'll distract the gorse bush.

Cat: Yum! Tasty Shoggoth.

Jackie: Are you eating that?

Cat: (mumble) MMmm eating what? (mouth full.)

Gar: Monster!!(points at Ed, happens EVERY week.)

Ed: Quiet you or I'll throw you off the train again.


Bast protect us all.

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This happened in the game I'm running, I'm having my PCs play themselves in 2009, as erupted novas. I kind of like that, because they don't have to worry about roleplaying an unfamiliar personality. Oh well, the quote.

Kevin(talking to rookie Tech NPC #14): So, you ever get any G.I.Joe stuff as a kid?

Tech #14: : tongue.gifuzzled:: G.I.Joe?

Kevin: ...I'm old.

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Here I am, dormed down as I had to re register.

Final Session of CoC;

Cat; Who exactly are you anyway?

Ed: Today I'm the Jam Man.

Gar: I'm worshipped by rabbits as a God?

GM : yup.

Gar : But I'm a typewriter with no paper!!

Well, the campaign ended well and the players all enjoyed it. I vow (again) never to run Cthulhu anymore. I broke it that time because Cathriona had wanted to play Horror on the Orient Express for ages and couldn't find anyone to run it. Then I, willing lackey that I am, moved to Cork and so Mony Python's Horror on the Orient Express ensued.

I thank you.


Bast protect us all.

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This was a game of SLA Industries which went on for a VERY long time. By this point, the PCs had bought an entire floor of an apartment building for their personal use, and so they were understandably upset when some terrorists blew it up...

The following was their reaction upon watching the explosion from the street below:

Sterling(Ebon) - "My Wife!" (This was Ranger's character)

Tr'Krth(Shaktar) - "My Child!" (Bungee's character)

Ted McMorrigan(Frother) - "My stash!" (the mad drug-swilling bastard...his character, I mean smile.gif )

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In a Star Wars game I was running. PC just arried on a planet. He didn't speak the natives language so when the Protocol Droid tells the PC that they think he is their returned God the following exchange occurs:

PC (To Crowd): I'm back and I'm bad!

PC (To Droid): Translate it!

Droid (To Crowd): I have returned and I am evil.

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Well, from last weeks 3rd Edition D&D game.

The scene; My innocent little monk, Brother Wendt, is ambushed by some hideous beasty after checking out the other side of a portal.

DM; Okay, whats your AC? 21? Hmmm. roll-roll, ok, take 51 hp of damage.

Me-AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'M DEAD!!!! Wait, no, screw you, I have my magic ring that lets me fight until I am at -10. F*ck that, I run!

DM-Ok, not a problem.

Matt (My FRIEND of all goddamn people) Hey Chris, shouldn't the monster follow him?

Me- Lots and lots of cursing. Lots.

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The classic quote from a space opera game I was running:

Player: "Just one nuclear hand grenade ... come on, its a big universe!" (Makes expansive hand gestures)

And from a SLA Industries Game we played:

GM: "What do you want to do with your left over money?"

PC: "Lets pay for little Timmys eye operation."

GM: "Little Timmy doesn't need an eye operation."

PC: *Spluuck* "He does now!"

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I need to look up some stuff for this. I havce some great Aberrent ones courtesy of one of my players (also my brother), who decided tomake a character based on three things. One, professional wrestling. Two, American national superheroes (Captain America, etc.). Three, angry Scotsmen. The result was the Star-Spangled Butt Kicker, The Tartaned Eagle. I wrote some of them down so I would have them on hand, I need to dig them up. Here is something that came from a D&D game I was in. The characters were in a Dwarven city when it was attacked by a raiding party of dark elves. This was happenning when the paty's cleric was doing his religious devotions for the evening, which involved him dancing around a bonfire wearing a pharaoh hat, a skimpy loincloth and nothing else. As battle erupted, the cleric just grabbed his shield and morning star and went at it. As things were winding down, he sent another party member back to the inn for his pants. Once the initial battle had ended, one of the group noticed there were more dark elves slowly retreating. Of course the PC's attacked just as the other party member returned witht eh cleric's clothing. Squaring his shoulders and glaring at the ensuing fight, he called out "No time for pants!" and charged into the fray.


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Dude, Hydra, that was the funniest goddamned thing I've ever read. Mainly because it had personal significance to my gaming experiences, but thank you nonetheless. That was fucking awesome.

I won't bother to regale you all with how pants fits into my gaming group, but let's leave it at this; the official battle cry for the party was "DAMN THE PANTS!!!"

-- Avenger


Don't try to run, you son of a bitch. You'll just die tired.


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This is pretty much an entire conversation; please enjoy.


So, while searching out strange reports in Mumbai India with Jake "Danger Ace", Tuesday finds herself on a narrow natural stone bridge in the mountains. The stone is impregnated with high quantities of iron sulphide and various pyrites, shimmers in rainbow-esque hues, stretches over a cloud filled abyss. A lone figure stands at the midway point. The air is frigid and Tuesday can see her breath as she slowly approaches the figure; a gigantic man in archaic armor with sword drawn and held in the rest position.

As she reaches hailing distance she greets him and receives a grunt of acknowledgment. She approaches, slowly, advancing cautiously towards the figure and he reacts by suddenly shifting into motion and drawing the sword into the ready to swing position.

Tuesday drops into a split, pivots on her buttock and sweeps the giants legs from under him. He hits the stone hard and drops his sword off the edge into the abyss. For long moments he stares hard at the vanishing weapon then, with a scowl of anger and another grunt, he rises to his feet and takes a swing at her. She kicks him three times in the head and dances along the edge of the bridge until they find their relative positions reversed. Finally, the giant rushes her and they both tumble off the bridge. She fires a grapple from her widget and uses the momentum to guide her movement into an arc which swings her under the bridge and then back atop it. The giant has disappeared into the clouds below. Later...

"How could you not recognize a norse god?"

"It was dark. The sun was in my eyes. We were in India for gods sake! Viking gods weren't what I was expecting. They should really put up a sign or something. Do you think the one-eyed guy is annoyed with me? I feel really bad about it but it's not my fault! The guy pushed me off the bridge and he was a klutz!"

"Odin! The one-eyed guy is Odin. Father of the gods! Probably Heimdals father, these mythological types are all related somehow..."

"Kind of like most small towns in Texas?"

(Jake, thoughtfully) "Yeah, kind of. We need to be careful, this looks like it might be Valhalla."

"What, these drunks?"

"Didn't you ever study?"

"I studied engineering. Architecture. Particle physics. As far as I remember we never touched on foul mouthed drunks in smelly armor."

"Warriors! This is the home of the bravest and most powerful of the warriors! Selected from the slain of battles by the Valkyrie and brought to reside among the heroes until the final battle!"

"Jake, you're really into this aren't you? It's not healthy you know."

"Look, we're alone and surrounded by dead heroes. The only thing that impresses them is martial prowess and weapons skills. The one thing we have going for is us is that no one seems to know that you..."

(At this moment a scruffy little guys rushs in and goes to the big chair at the center of the hall. After tensely whispering to the one-eyed man sitting there for a few moments, Odin shoots to his feet and screams in a language the two adventurers don't understand but the viking warriors do. His speech is impassioned and he ends by pointing at the two Aeon agents. The vikings stare long and coldly at Jake and Tuesday.)

"You were saying?"

"Maybe we could..."

"Hold that thought, Jake."

Tuesday picks up a cast iron pitcher of some noxious alcholic beverage and makes a perfect fast ball pitch into the forehead of the viking across the table from her. He falls off the bench in a heap and as the others are momentarily distracted she grabs the edge of the table and flips it over at them.

(Jake to viking warrior number 200 sitting next to him) "I don't know her. We just met."

... and thus ended my first Adventure! session.


Tuesday Childe

having far to go...

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Love the setting idea. Here's a couple more quotes:

Player1: "I switch my lightsaber to stun."

GM: "Your lightsaber doesn't have a stun setting."

Player1: "I have a lightsaber? Cool!"

GM: "Groan."

Player1: "Where did that Thermal Detonator come from?"

Player2: "Ewoks in the airshafts?"

Hunter 1: "He may have been our friend but he's been turned into a vampire now."

Hunter 2: "What do you think we should do?"

Hunter 1: "We should kill him."

Hunter 3: "I agree."

Vampire: "Uh, guys? Just because I'm one of the undead it doesn't mean I've gone deaf."

Hunter 2: "Um, maybe we should continue this conversation in another room."

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A continuation of the 'Storming Vahalla' storyline from tonight:

Jake: Well, at least this can't get any worse.

Tuesday: Uh oh.

Jake: Uh oh? Uh oh is never good with you.

Tuesday: See the guy that just limped in?

Jake: Yeah?

Tuesday: That's the guy that fell off the bridge.

Jake: Uh oh.


GM: Odin says there must be recompense.

Jake: I offer him Tuesday.

Tuesday: Hey!

GM: Odin says no, he already has she-wolves...

Tuesday: Hey! I got that!


Jake and Tuesday sitting in a dungeon. Jake explains the finer points of etiquette while Tuesday plays with a piece of flint trying to get a spark.

Jake: All you had to do was play nice but no, you had to smack him with the chair leg.

Tuesday: Serves him right, did you see the way he was looking at me?

Jake: No wonder you don't date.

a sizzling noise as Tuesday finally gets a spark.

Jake: What are you doing?

Tuesday: (Holding a lighted stick of dynamite) Introducing Vahalla to the 20th century.

Jake: Do you know what you're doing with that?

Tuesday: We have about 10 seconds to find out.


Jake and Tuesday climb out of the sewer hole while the sounds of wolves and vikings sloshing through muck gets closer.

Tuesday: I have a cunning plan.

Jake: Oh, god no. Alright. Keep it short.

Tuesday: Menthane. (drops a torch into the open sewer and runs)


Jake: Do you measure success by the amount of destruction you cause?

Tuesday: You weren't complaining when I clobbered that amorous serving wench with a skillet.

Jake: She was eight feet tall and green. Plus she had muscles like Primoris.

Tuesday: You flyboys are so superficial.


GM: Odin is telling his warriors that the Ragnorak has finally come.

Tuesday: That's Miss Rangnorak.


Tuesday and Jake in the kitchens cooking nitroglycerin out of her last two sticks of dynamite.

Tuesday: I came up with this weird idea last Friday night...

Jake: You so need a date.

Tuesday: Are you offering?

Jake: Hell no!

Tuesday: Coward.

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From our first Aberrant game, in McDonalds:

Bagman: "Hey, Ray!"

Leaper: "Yes, what."

Bagman: "..."

Leaper: "Damn, another secret identity blown"

Ranger: "Where's Lucky?"

Bagman: "He got shot in the head."

Ranger: "But we only met him five minutes ago!"

Bagman: "Lucky by name..."

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Please let me set the scene. Brother Wendt,Lishelle, Vasharelle and Ledera (a Monk, Wizard, Paladin and Cleric respectively) had arrived at the badguys hideout and had laid the smack down on the evil wizard with Lishelle turning him into a turtle to finish the fight. Later that day our two compatriots (the fighter Vander and the wizard Zalnithol) catch up to us and while we explain what we've been doing we fail to mention the turtle/wizard. At some later point the original four of us decide to render the turtle unconcscious so we can turn it back into a human and not risk spell combat.

Lishelle; *smack* *smack* (beating on the turtle with her staff)

Zalnithol: Uhm, why are you beating that turtle?

Later it was decided that my Monk should use an enchantment that allows him to read thoughts to read the turtles mind.

Ledara(a drow priestess)-That's right rape that turtles mind!!!

Man, PETA would have had a hissy fit.

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This one dates from Donal's now legendary Gurps Tessar game.

Cesair (thick barbarain priest of Crom): I been thinking (heavy brow creasage) When I'm on watch the night seems to last for hours, but when I go to sleep, it just gone. Whats with that?

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There were so many quotes from that GURPS fantasy game:

Exchange between tZa (Ogre Artilerist) and Griblix (Goblin sorcerer):-

tZa: Stand on this.

Griblix: No.

tZa: Why not?

Griblix: You've just spent the last week telling the rest of the group about your new "Goblinapult" and you have to ask that?

Exchange between Griblix and Brother Williams (human friar):-

Williams: What are you doing to Sir Dominic in there?

Griblix: Healing him of the demon maggots that are infesting his body.

Williams: What are the poison, knives, leeches and the alcohol for?

Griblix: The wonders of modern medical science???

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Exchange about an NPC for whom the PC's work in TORG. The situation: There's a demonic spirit from the Horror realm possessing people for evil ends.

Player1: "But how can we tell if Deveraux gets possessed?"

Player2: "Simple. We look for a significant change in personality."

Player3: "Yeah, the demon will be the humane, compassionate one."

Sure enough, that's how they were able to tell.

I also played Deveraux as a character during a Trinity game as a neutral who was a well-connected, high Status UN official. And yes, he was a vindictive, arrogant, high-handed bastard then, too.

Said to Proxy Zweidler during the "Darkness Revealed" series: "Sir, I don't think you understand the seriousness of this situation. There's been murder, human experimentation and collaberation with Aberrants. There are two points you need to bear in mind: 1) Somebody very high up in this organization is going to get crucified and 2) If you're very lucky and very cooperative, it won't necessarily be you."

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This happened in a Shadowrun session I ran recently. The troll adept PC has a phobia about getting dirty, so of course I attacked him with an earth elemental.

GM: Uh oh! It looks like the elemental is going to give you a hug.

Troll PC: (Player makes with bug-eyed look.) The hell it is! I ready my sword and scream at the top of my lungs.

roll, roll: roll, roll

GM: Damn! All right you succeed in rendering it into dirt clods. But a wave of dirt still falls over you.

Sprite PC: (Anime fan.) Gee, I didn't know you knew the "Screaming Schoolgirl Windmill of Death" move! Neat!

Troll PC: And the really horrible thing is I'm still dirty.

It was funny at the time.

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When running the the canon books, the invasion of Chrome Prime and the characters are first 'dropped off' directly into a chromie building, and the chromies come out the woodwork en masse the characters all make a break for it.......

Picture the characters taking out like collective bats out of hell, and one of the players (who's character is known for being a bit slow footed) rolls badly and starts to fall back... after informing the player a good roll is needed on his next roll to stay ahead of the chromatics... he responds simly with a 'dead pan' look

"ahem, I only need to keep ahead of the Legionairre"......."

Much to the surprise of the legion player of course.......


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Well, I should probably be ashamed that I am even writing this, but it amuses me (even though I am the one who did it.) so hell, why not?

Small bit of history; our role playing group has always been heavy into ROLE-playing. I am the least capable of the group at it. As a result my characters have tended to lack certain three dimensional qualities, such as a sexual identity. My history of playing virtual eunuchs (and one actual eunuch) got me some mild ribbing by the various members of the group which include one straight female, one straight male other than myself and a few gentlemen of other than straight persuasion. So, I finally decided that I would finally play a character with a sense of sexuality. Enter Roscoe Axehandle (I got his last name from the Big Book of Filth), a halfling fighter. He happily brags to being 'hung like a human' and having left a trail of bowlegged women from Luria to wherever he happens to be at the time.

Roscoe has been introduced to the party's Ranger, Enyelka and an NPC wizard at an inn. Roscoe, being Roscoe offers to bed either one or both of them. Shocked, they both refuse. They end up spending the night becoming acquainted in Enyelka's room, innocently of course. The next morning Roscoe finds this out.

Roscoe-So, you two spent the night together eh? Well, now I understand.

Enyelka-Understand what? We werre just getting to know each other.

Roscoe-Yah, yah. I get it. heheheeh. That's okay, my Aunt Thistlebottom was the same way, nothing wrong with it, nope.

Enyelka-What are you talking about? What is he talking about? (turning to the Wizard.)

Realizing that his clever euphamism is lost on the young ladies Roscoe gets up on the table.

Roscoe-You know, (starts doing massive pelvic thrusts) "Getting to know each other!!"

A few sessions later the party has been attacked by some freakish demon (damn DM is using nonTSR items just to muck with us) who is chucking around viscious willpower destroying enchantments. Roscoe is finally targeted and amazingly actually makes his will save, the DM starts to describe what he feels.

DM-You start to feel really terrible about yourself. You start realizing how your life has focused on sex and how many women have rejected you. But then, you realize that hell, not many have rejected you. You start to feel better.

Roscoe-Thats right!! And they were lesbians!!!

Yeah, I'm ashamed.

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Had a character like that once. An 65 year old barbarian in GURPS Fantasy with only two skills Broadsword (he was crap at it) and Sex Appeal (As high as it could go). We weren't playing all that seriously and the GM ruled that nearly all the children in my village looked like my character. I think I had the "poor sight" flaw too so everyone looked "purdy" to me. I had a lot of fun with that character.

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The characters in my game were with Bounty of the Terrigan (which in my game is able to reverse utopia drugs that makes nova sterilized).

While they were talking to her and it was revealed that she could reverse their condition and make it so that they could have children, one of the members said loudly “My God, I can’t believe you can actually help me with my impedance…..! Everyone turned around and started roiling on the floor.

The poor guy tried to talk his way out of it, but we’ve probably played over 50 games since then and he’s still getting picked on about being “Limpy”.

Pretty good hugh........hello.....um...is this thing on?....

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Here's a good one.

Cin (now irritated): So.. how's the bullet wound?

Person (who is irritating her): What bullet wound?


Cin (now looking a bit more amused): That one.

The next one comes after a incident in Las Vegas where Cin and a friend helped a Terragen member defect. In the process she exchanged a few shots with Shrapnel, seriously wounding her. Well, Shrapnel got away and so did Cin. Figuring that Shrapnel wasn't one to take a near death experience lightly, Cin decided to hunt her down before she recovered and finish her off. Well, after a fight in a hotel, destroying 2 whole floors and putting several large holes in the walls Cin walked away. So.. to the quote a few hours later...

Genine: You did what? No way.

Cin: Really? Wanna see Shrapnel's node? I keep it in a jar on my mantel.

And Cin's motto...

Cin: There's nothing that can't be solved with swift and blinding violence.

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I once had a player that was a big Spider-man fan and had his character get a job at a local newspaper and wanted to be a photographer (just like Peter Parker) and whos powers were a lot like spider-mans.

As a joke I had another Photographer that looked and acted a lot like a typical Peter Parker named Mitch Marker join the staff at the papper.

That day a sniper on a nearby roof top started shooting people on the streets, when the Pc heard what was going on he quickly ran towards the roof acess to change into his costume and leap into battle.

On the way up the stairs he ran into Mitch Marker who was also mysteriously on his way to the roof as well. The Pc gave some lame excuess, as did Mitch Marker and went their seperate ways.

Finally the Pc got into costume and leaped towards the sniper on the roof, as he was doing so he almost ran into another costumed hero in a white costume with a black spider on his chest calling himself the neato "Man-Spider".

The thing that was interseting about Man-Spider was that he like spiders, shot web out of his butt. He would swing into battle, with his ass in front of him looking between his legs to see swinging through the city.

Everyone in the game thought it was funny as hell, and the Pc which was coping SPidey so much really enjoyed it as well.

Man-spider's life as an NpC didn't last very long though.

In the next scene Man-spider was crawling on a wall of a building and by accident, He let a big fart go that released his webbing line from his butt.

The web line by accident hit the back of an speeding cab and since Man-spider was sticking to the wall with his wall crawling ability, neither the web or Man-spider's suction to the wall gave way and the poor dumb hero was ripped apart by the two supeior forces.

The Pc's thought it was funny....hello....is this thing On?

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Without going into the long series of events that have led to this point, one of my PC's decided that to prove a point to the baseline world governments, he was going to destroy a city. He recuited two friends to assist him, and the target he had chosen was Rome.

So while Fury and Aurifex are laying waste to Rome in a tempest of natural disasters, Metropolis decides to personally take care of the Vatican.

Metropolis (who has used his Sizemorph) has cornered the Pope and his entourage. At this point, Metropolis appears to be about a 15 foot tall, arms buldging to the max, dread-locked, skull-painted-on-his-face voodoo doctor. "Papa Metropolis," as he called himself.

Metropolis: Tell me, padre, do I have a soul?

Pope: Of course, my child, all of God's creations have a soul.

Metropolis: So it's possible for me to get closer to God, then. Tell me, Padre, do you believe in the transmogrification?

Pope: The what?

Metropolis: The transmogrifi....transubsta...you know, that thing where you eat a cracker?

Pope: The Sacrement of Communion? Yes, I know it well.

Metropolis picks up the Pope, shapeshifts himself sufficently to where he can bite the Pope in half, and does, eating the top half.

Metropolis: There! Now I just ate a cracker! Am I any closer to God?

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Originally posted by Vile Bill:
So, how many seconds after this happened did the Aberrant Wars start?

"I just ate a cracker."
Well, someone didn't want to wait in line when they got to hell.

War was officially declared about 259,200 seconds after this occurred.
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here's some from a sabbat game starting just before the american revolution set in boston called the sword of damocles

"we killed a hundred people in three weeks? PEOPLE, THIS IS OUR FOOD!!!!"

-wattie the most violent and brutal character in our game.

"wattie we need something violent to happen"

-jonas wakefield

"alright, someone find me an orphanage."


"all in favor of taking over america? say aye"

-sean mcgregor, ductus of caine's fury

"wait, i don't shoot the gun? why did i bring it?"


captain pablo, the hot needle of inquisition is hundred year old malkavian who happens to believe that he is the captain of the entire continent of america, he also has the dark fate: watery grave flaw and is afraid of boats of all kinds, refusing to travel.

here's a speech he gave after he was staked by black hand members

"we are obviously being attacked by honorless barnacle sucking dogs, they killed my number one (his ghouled parrot), they tried to stake me, and they threw your captian off the bridge and into the water- this is un-f***ing-acceptable! so, i will institute three measures

one- no officers allowed to travel the ship alone.

two- we will invent stake protectors that we will require all officers to wear

and three- promotion to the first person who builds the captian a flotation device!"

"should i bow down and kiss a tentacle or something?"

-horshack t. biller when he met a fifth generation tzimisce

conversation between horshack and the captain after being left for dead by the regent of the sabat (it was this whole being accused of infernalism thing).

"we have to choose our battles more carefully horshack"

"we only have to do one last thing and we can leave"


"we have to kill a demon"

"damnit horshack!"


-azaroth, insane tzimisce to his new pack priest

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I thought I'd post up some old goodies from my WoD Crossover game:


[*]The Scene: We are in what anyone would call a somewhat dangerous building (the building where my Virtual Adept worked): A combined construct/chantry of Virtual Adepts, Sons of Ether and Void Engineers. We are currently in it's Umbra-port, looking at our ride - a Void Engineer's Pirate ship...

VE Captain: OK people, We're scheduled to leave in ten minutes, you've got one hour!

At this point, the Ananasi (were-spider) in our group cracks - again.

[*]Virtual Adept: Hey, Fred (Ananasi], you don't have to worry about that bomb, it's none of our concern anymore.

Fred: What, there was a bomb?

VA: Yeah, was being the operative term, give me a sec so I can figure out where I teleported the damn thing. [big Explosion up in the sky] Oh wait, never mind, found it...

[*]Fred: (Points to strange looking gun with barrel sealed up) What's this?

VA: Tap in the following - 4, 5, 6, 3, 8, 9, 2, 4, 0, 2. Now look into the sight. You are looking at the back of your head...

Fred at this point cracks once again...


If I can recall anymore, I'll post them up...

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Thought I should activate this thread again :-)

When my players were making their first characters for Aberrant, I described the world in my own words for them, that taking lesser time than having them all read the book one at a time.

The first time I mentioned Caestus Pax, one of my players instantly renamed him 'Incestus'. The name stuck.

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