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Mutants & Masterminds: The Indigo Children - Exp/PP Tracker

jameson (ST)

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Experience (Power Points) Tracker

Please note I have changed my mind in regards to Fictions. Fictions will now be worth a small PP reward (1 point, 2 if it is exceptionally long or well done). You may earn up to a maximum of 20% beyond the current PP totals (i.e. if the chapter awards have been 20 PP, you can earn up to 4 extra from Fictions)

Power Point Spending and Banking

In general I will give people 10 days Real Time to PM me their PP spends and get approval for those spends. In addition, moving forward I will only allow you to bank PPs in the amount of your last PP gain. So if you earn 5 PP for Chapter 1 and later earn 6 for Chapter 2, at the end of the 10 day buy period you must spend down to 6 PPs un-spent. Please keep a clear accounting of you gains and spends in the SAME PM as your Char Sheet.

The current Bank Limit is 5 PP

All PCs:

Prologue: +5 PP (?)

Chapter 1: +7 PP (4/14/09)

Chapter 2: +5 PP (8/3/09)


Catch up Bonus: +4 PP (8/3/09)


Tiger, Tiger.... +1 PP (4/14/09)

Proof in the Park +1 PP (4/14/09)


Tiger, Tiger.... +1 PP (4/14/09)

Proof in the Park +1 PP (4/14/09)


Proof in the Park +1 PP (4/14/09)

Not Alone +1 PP (4/14/09)

Totals: (note: this is your total earned not your current level)

Penny: +19

Cole: +19

Ramani: +19

Rodney: +17

Wally: +17

Ozzie: +12

Dom: +9

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