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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Aradia Pandora McConnell

Aradia McConnell

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Name: Aradia Pandora McConnell

Age: 24

Appearance: Aradia looks like a girl who likes to have fun. Her base hair color is brown, though she usually sports streaks of different colors in her hair, sometimes natural, sometimes not (when she can get away with it). She has big brown eyes and pale skin. She prefers flashy jewelry and tight-fitting, stretchy clothes. Her movements are quite graceful, but she's not uptight about it. It just seems to come naturally to her. She's kind of short, about 5'4", and gets teased about it a lot by her friends.

Background: Aradia was born the daughter of a selfish circus performer and a military man. Not that she knew about the military man for most of her life, her mother left him before she was born. She was raised by the carnies, home-schooled by them, and as a result is much more down-to-earth than her mother. They have a.. complicated relationship. But only if the word complicated is code for "I hate your guts and think you're a selfish, stuck-up bitch. Why don't you think of someone other than yourself for once in your miserable life?".

Growing up around the carnies, Aradia had every opportunity to learn their trades, and learn them she did. She showed an early affinity for gymnastics, but she loved the circus animals as well. So she started training to be an acrobat, and she learned how to ride. At about the age of nine, she began to combine the two in her training. By the time she was fourteen, she was performing as both an acrobat and a bareback rider in the circus. Her mother was furious, of course. She was a huge hit.

At the age of nineteen, she was contacted by the man she would learn was her father. Her mother had never spoken of him, she'd always assumed it had been a one night stand. He had tracked her down, though, because even though her mother had told her she wasn't his, he had to give it a shot. He was dying, and he needed a kidney transplant. Aradia consented to the test, and when she came up his daughter - and a match - she gave him a kidney without a second's hesitation. Her and her career military father have been close ever since, much to her mother's annoyance.

Because of her DNA file from the transplant, though, NID was able to get a hold of her, and as a result she was exposed to the artifact. She was kept in training/acclimation for longer than most of the NID-exposed civilians, and was released to the tender mercies of Captain Vincent Wright, and the SG-22 team. There's a story floating around about something happening in her training, but.. she doesn't like to talk about that.

Song: "Circus" - Britney Spears http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zeR3NSYcHk





Markie (Head of the Circus):


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