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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Character - Violet Summers


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Name: Violet Summers

Status: PC Nova

Violet was an aspiring fotomodel when Z-Day turned her life upside down. Living as such seemed to be over and what she worked hard for was gone from one day to the other. She doesn't talk much about her eruption instead changing topics quickly or suddenly appearing busy with some other stuff on her mind. What is known about her is that "the Captain" rescued her and that the two of them have been good friends (or more?) ever since.

Violet just started to run a club at the base in agreement with Captain Fox, of course. She constantly keeps looking for personnel, preferebly baselines and/or novas with good looks or a knack for entertainment. While Violet is the boss of her club her best friend Jennifer and former manager runs the business, making sure all the logistical and "boring" stuff is done.

Standing at approximately 6 feet tall with long blonde hair and strikingly violet eyes, something that came with her eruption, Violets presence always seem to cause a stir among the camps refugees. Her modelling days maybe be over but she still carries that air and glamour around her, flirting whenever it suits her or when it meets her ends. She has never picked up a weapon or made any intentions in helping defend the base, instead relying on the others to do what they can while she does what she can.

The club is accessible for all adults who try to relax and forget for a little while that the world has been flushed down the toilet. It is still far away from what she wants it to be, but her idea slowly seems to bear some fruits, as more and more visitors pass by to have a good drink, a nice conversation or maybe more... who knows?

Violets powers are more of a mystery. She obviously has been gifted with extraordinary good looks and it seems as if she is everybodies "type". Everyone (male or female) who had some time with her in private describes her as being intoxicating and making one completely forget about the perils they daily encounter. Some even feel invigorated or at least completely relaxed. She likes to be secretive about her powers which makes it even more difficult to actually ascertain what she can or can't do. But she seems to be getting what she wants most of the time.

New Pictures, less cartooney may NSFW to open them so they're put in the spoiler:





Name: Jennifer Baxter

Status: NPC Baseline

Jennifer is a very good looking woman in her mid-twenties.

She is about 5'5 tall with long brunette hair, that she usually keeps in a braid. The color of her eyes are hard to tell, but they seem to be a mix of green and brownish shades. Though she appears young, she is a shrewd business woman. She could've been a model herself but instead she opted for the manager career. While Violet is the boss of the club, Jennifer makes most important decision for the club. Decisions that have to be made if you want to run a business... even under such odd circumstances.

Jennifer also makes sure, that Violet gets some time off, when she doesn't want any contact with visitors or customers. Its much like it used to be for her, she manages Violets live while Violet makes the money... only that there is no money to make nowadays. But even without money - there is some kind of trade going on and Jennifer exactly knows how to handle that to her best interest and benefit.

(OOC: Violet and Jennifer are the same person. Jennifer is Violets dormed personality (Dormancy 5) and she tries very hard to keep that secret.)

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