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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Security Risk [Complete]

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"Sir, yes, I'm ready for the mission," Olivia said into the phone, frowning as she wondered why Caine was checking on her, like he didn't trust her to pack everything. She frowned more at his request. "Yes, sir, I can meet you in your office. Now? Okay, I'll be right there." Hanging up, she wondered exactly what was going on in his head. There was only one way to really find out, and she headed that way.

There was a bounce in her step as she headed for the office. Despite the horrid environmental conditions of her upcoming mission, she was excited. As this was only her third time off-world and she was still way too eager to see what the next adventure held. The officer's offices were all in the same corridor, and Vinny got a cold shoulder as Olivia passed his door.

She tapped on the door, then opened it. "You wanted to see me, Major?" she asked, leaning in and hoping that whatever it was would be fast. She didn't want to get trapped in the corridor and risk having to deal with Vinny.

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Caine stood up as soon Olivia came into his room. He looked ... like someone had killed his pet kitten.

"Walk with me Specialist Jenings-Izumi," he said as came around the desk and toward her and the door.

"I need some of your council. I've been a bit slow of late and I think you have the answers I need."

When Olivia fell in step with him, the continued down the hallway and passed the Officer's Gym. If Caine ever used it, he never let on. He was always with his team in the Airmen's facility. It was one of those things she could like about the man.

It was far less impressive were he lead her, into the the service area of the base. Pipes in greens and yellows ran along the wall and covered the cieling like mechanical ivy. The throbbing hum of machines. This was a place were only an ear-splitting scream for help could be heard.

Damien turned on her and looked at her his face angry - maybe not at her, but at something, something close to him.

"Answer me three questions, Olivia."

"What is the third line on the forteenth quadrant on the list of addresses we found on Abydos?"

"Can you recreate a drawing for me showing the top seventeen levels of the SGC?"

"Can you tell me General O'Neil's password - the one he uses on his wireless connection?"

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Olivia was curious when Damien pulled her out of his office and into the hallway. He was clearly agitated about something, and she was now wondering what. Thoughts of teasing Vinny slipped from her mind as she fell into step next to her boss.

A thread of unease passed through her when they were deep in the deserted areas of the base. She trusted Damien enough to not be totally scared, but she still felt the urge to cast her hearing out, just in case. You're being paranoid. Damien won't hurt you.

She blinked at the sudden questions, as well as the use of her personal name. "Um..." She paused and her eyes narrowed in concentration. It took a moment, but she said, "Auriga, Sculptor, Aries, Triangulum, Cestus, Lynx, Giza. Yes, I could map it out, but so could many people. And no, I don't know that. It's an encrypted line; I could replay the sound to a receiver, but it wouldn't do anything outside our system." She frowned. "What is this about, Major?"

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"Combined, everyone on the SG teams carries enough knowledge in thier heads to be considered a security risk to the SGC. With your perfect memory I've become very seriously concerned about what kind of threat you would be if captured and tortured. After all, torture isn't a matter of if, but when."

"Maybe I'm not seeing all the angles here, but I went to know if you consider yourself a possible serious breach."

"Listen, this isn't a ploy be me to get you out of the program," he gesticulates with his arms, "but the more I get to understand you, the more I understand you to be, amongst other things, an exquisite informaiton gathering and analytical sentient device."

"In the end, the best person I have to analyze the prospects and cablities of you is you. I need my egghead," he grins, "to tell me how deep a loss to the SGC you would be. I already know how the team would feel - we would all be dead, so we would be beyond worry - but how much would the SGC be compromised?"

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Olivia took a deep breath. Caine had just laid a lot of stuff on her, and she shivered more than a little at the concept of 'not if tortured - when'. "I have mental shielding," she said, "whatever that means. Or so Kyria tells me. Maybe that will help, but honestly, Caine, we're all security breaches. If they put a snake in Declan's head, we're all dead. And I don't mean the team. I mean the Goa'uld will walk into SGC and kill everyone.

"We're in a new game, Caine. A new playing field. If one of us falls, it's a disaster. And I'm not the first person to have near-perfect memory," she added. "Jonas Quinn served on SG-1 for a time when Dr. Jackson was Ascended, and his recall was on par with mine. Like me, he soaked up a lot of information. He couldn't get some of the data I have, but he was part of a team for a time, even if he was a security breach."

She sighed, and crossed her arms. "But I see your concern," she said. "I'd be easy to take, easy to subdue and easily broken. It's been done to me before. So you'll just have to keep it from happening." She could put heavy things on him, too.

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He actually seems to relax at her words somewhat.

"No one will break you while I breath, Olivia," Damine said putting a hand on her shoulder. "You can count on that and on Declan - he's not going to let them get to you either. Gwyn to, but he'll be thinking a little more clinically than the two of us. If someone takes you, KNOW we will be coming for you, and to kill them. Know that and know you are talking to dead men. Keep it to yourself, but know that no one who lays a hand on you will ever do it twice."

"Thank you for clearing this matter up for me. Now I have a precident for using with the General when he inevitably asks those questions I've asked you today. I count on you to be the Super-Ego of this greater Psyche we possess."

"Oh yeah, I may have been the last to do so, but I retook some of the IQ tests and blew the top off them. Now we all have some level of super-human intellect about us. We may not flex the greatest power, but we sure have the greatest toolchest for overcoming anything we encounter."

"Back to the original topic, while you possess an unparralled knowledge of the SGC, its missions and inner workings, you are also surrounded by the most skilled experts in the security field available at this time."

"Does that have the right amount of spin for you? Or do I need to work on something better."

Hell, he was serious. Caine's main focus was on keeping the team together, despite the internal agony this caused him.

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Olivia chuckled, smiling at her CO. The idea of putting a spin on what she could do was funny, particularly to General O’Neill, but Olivia still appreciated that he was trying to protect her. His hand was warm on her shoulder, especially in the chilly area. She knew that they were alone, very alone and she took a step back so that his hand fell away. She kept that smile on her face, though, to let him know she wasn’t mad. It was just easier to remember how completely off-limits her sexy commanding officer was when he wasn’t so close.

“The spin sounds good to me,” Olivia said, but there was a nasty thought buzzing around in the back of her head. What if the spin wasn’t good enough? What if O’Neill took her off the team?

Since remembering Kuwait, Olivia had become very aware of one rule in life: when the chips were down, you were the only person you could be sure was going to be there for you. Caine could say that he’d protect her, he could promise that Declan would destroy the enemy to save her, but she knew that if she found her will being bent by a Goa’uld, she could only be sure of herself. And one thing she was sure of – she was a survivor.

“Is that all, sir?”

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"Team crisis averted and be careful who you listen in on, got it?"

"Time we got out of here, less people begin to think the unthinkable," hea added dryly, slipping past her and keeping his eyes forward and hands distinctly to himself. At the door,

"Keep me abreast of the situation with Declan. Every little bit is important. I can't head off a problem I don't know exists."

The Major stepped out like he owned the world, and to a small extent he did. The coast being clear, he motioned Olivia out and he nodded to her,

"See you in weapon's check in thirty."

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