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Noah Weston

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Noah “Hyperion” Weston

Nova Identity: Hyperion

Real Name: Noah Weston

Known Aliases: None

Identity: Public

Occupation: Former High School Teacher, currently Unemployed

Legal Status: Citizen of the US with no criminal record

Known Relatives: None Known

Location: Malibu, California, USA

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

Eruption: Unspecified Self Eruption on Mt. Olympus

Age: 31

Height: 6’

Weight: 180 lb.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Distinctive Features: None


Noah is the embodiment of classical Greek beauty. His face and body are perfectly proportioned, his musculature is perfectly toned, neither too big or too small and just the right amount of definition. No matter how messy or neat his hair is it is always perfect for the occasion.

While Noah has a decent fashion sense, he can wear just about anything and make it look good. He does have a set of Eufiber but mostly just wears it under regular clothes.

Known Powers:

Noah is a quantum expression of Greek Divinity. He shows low levels of superhuman ability all ways that one can define a person. He can generate bolts of lightning and peals of thunder, He can speak with the divinity and authority often attributed to the gods. He can double his size and generate a sense of divine awe and worship in others. He can summon forth a sword of unknown material that can parry even ranged attacks as well as it’s offensive use. He can conjure a crown of laurel leave that shed a divine radiance and can fly through the air. Noah also claims that if he concentrates, he can hear the Fates whisper warnings of future dangers to him.


Noah was a teacher in Los Angeles, California. He was well liked, involved, and made his English classes interesting. What most people didn't see however, was that Noah was unhappy. All his life he felt something was missing, that he wasn't whole.


In 1998 the Novas manifested and Noah, like just about everyone on the planet looked upon them in wonder. He was 20 years old at the time. Noah's feeling didn't abate however and by 2000 the dreams started. The dream was always the same. In it, he saw himself making a pilgrimage across a great land until he reached the foothill of a vast mountain. He would then climb the mountain, a great and difficult challenge, to finally reach the summit. At the summit, he went down to his knees and raised his voice in a foreign language that shook the very mountain itself before the heavens split open a bathed him in a divine light.

Noah lived with the dreams for years, the feeling of not being whole never quite leaving him. He worked hard to fill his life with positivity, going to college, getting his teaching degree, and finally becoming the teacher he always wanted to be.

In 2005, Noah discovered that the mountain in his dream was actually Mt. Olympus, and the dream language was actually Ancient Greek. He spent years on his own learning enough about the language to translate it. Finally, in March of 2008, Noah took a vacation to Greece. The moment he stepped off the plane, he felt a thrumming deep inside his chest and if he were filling with a great energy. He spent 3 days planning and preparing for what he knew would be the most important moment of his life.

Noah climbed Mt. Olympus and spent an entire day and night on the mountaintop. He’s never given specifics about what happened but something obviously caused his eruption because when he came back down he was flying. There were spectral wings on his ankles, he wore a crown of golden laurel leaves which shed a brilliant radiance, and in one hand he held an ornate gladius.

Noah’s life has been a series of ups and downs since his eruption. When he got back to the US he discovered that he’d been “laid off” by the LA board of education although they’d given him an exceptionally large severance package in an attempt to avoid a law suit. He’s moved into a large Malibu beach house with 2 other Novas he befriended while at his initial Rashoud clinic stay, and unfortunately he’s unintentionally started to gather a small group of devoted followers.

Currently, Noah spends most of his time lounging on the beach or loafing around the house. His friends and followers are trying to motivate him to find a new reason to get up in the morning but so far he seems content to be a divine couch potato.

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Noah “Hyperion” Weston


Strength: 5 – Athletic

Dexterity: 5 – Graceful

Stamina: 5 – Energetic

Intelligence: 5 – Well Read

Perception: 5 – Intuitive

Wits: 5 – Unfazeable

Charisma: 5 – Charming

Manipulation: 5 – Witty

Appearance: 5 – Statuesque


Might: 1

Athletics: 2

Martial Arts: 2

Endurance: 3

Resistance: 3

Academics: 3

Bureaucracy: 1

Linguistics: 1 – Ancient Greek

Arts: 2

Rapport: 3

Style: 2

Instruction: 3

Tactics: 1

Meditation: 3


Willpower: 9

Quantum: 3

Taint: 0

Quantum Pool: 26

Initiative: 12

Soak: 12/9 (14/9 w. Growth)

Movement: 7/18/38 (7/20/44 with Growth)

Flight: 44/200 kph Non Combat


Allies: 2 (“Cole” – Minor Elite specializing in Steel Armani work, “Snapdragon”)

Eufiber: 5

Followers: 3 (Troy Lassiter, Carlos Mendoza, Eddie Lutz)

Node: 2

Resources: 3


Mega Strength: 1 (3 with Growth)

-Thunderclap “Thunder of Zeus”

Mega Dexterity: 1

-Physical Prodigy “Olympian Grace”

Mega Stamina: 1 (2 with Growth)


Mega Intelligence: 1

-Mental Prodigy: Tactics “Wisdom of Athena”

Mega Perception: 1

-Quantum Attunement

Mega Wits: 1

-Artistic Genius “Inspiration of the Muses”

Mega Charisma: 1

-Seduction “Gift of Eros”

Mega Manipulation: 1

-The Voice “Divine Voice”

Mega Appearance: 1

-Awe Inspiring “Mantle of the Gods”


Biolumination: 1 “Crown of Apollo”

Claws: 1 “Blade of Ares”

Deflect/Reflect: 1 “Blade of Ares”

-Fully Dependant on Claws

Flight: 1 “Wings of Hermes”

Premonition: 1 “Whispers of the Fates”

Quantum Bolt: 1 “Pillum of Zeus”

Sizemorph – Growth: 1 “Divine Stature”

Character Creation

Mental Attributes: Primary

Social Attributes: Secondary

Physical Attributes: Tertiary

3 Freebie Points in Backgrounds

12 Freebie Points in Willpower

Nova Point Expenditures

7 points into Attributes

1 Point into Backgrounds

27 Points into Mega Attributes

1 Point in Bioluminesence

1 Point in Claws

1 point in Deflect/Reflect

3 Points in Flight

3 Points in Premonition

3 Points in Quantum Bolt

3 Points in Sizemorph

Current xp: 9

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