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Aberrant: 200X - Jason "Bombshell" Bellefleur


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Real Name: Jason Étienne Bellefleur

Nicknames: Jase, Jay, Jabe, Jeb (really hates that one)

Nova Name: Bombshell

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: February 7th, 1990

Date of Eruption: March 16th, 2009

First Public Appearance: April 5th, 2009

Home Region: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Former potential hockey star now at loose ends

Gender: Female, very (now)

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Nationality: Canadian

Age: 21 (looks to be in early twenties)

Height: 6’3''

Weight: 174 lbs

Eyes: Incandescent Indigo

Hair: Silvery, ass-length

Handedness: Left

Trigger: Excitement/Exposure to Mental Powers (making Whoopee with Girlfriend)

Appearance: A quantum-infused Knockout! Jason is a tall woman with a tautly curvaceous, lightly muscled figure, very long, shapely legs, and firm ass. Her heart-shaped face is absolutely stunning; large incandescent indigo eyes, pearly teeth, sculpted cheekbones, and lush, naturally red lips perfectly framed by a thick, silky mass of gleaming silver hair that falls to the top of her ass. Her creamy-tanned skin is flawless and her very full breasts are spectacular, emphasized by her tight, slender waist.

She moves with preternatural smoothness and fluidity, her enticing grace and beauty drawing all eyes. Her voice is a divine, sexy, velvety soprano. Everything about her screams Nova, raw physical appeal, impossible grace, and a divine voice combines to radiate a smoldering, yet approachable sex appeal that is almost palpable. She is more a fantasy of a woman than a real one. She prefers to dress casually: usually just jeans and T-shirts, with an unbuttoned shirt over that, and running shoes.

With the exception of eye and hair colour, Jason is a near perfect twin of the Calgary Public Defender Knockout. Jason is now known enough that she is no longer confused with Knockout, though their resemblance is obvious (Mistaken Identity switched for Distinctive Looks)

Nature: Survivor with a dash of gallant

Quotes: “I’m not Knockout, I just look that way” “It’s better to laugh than cry” “Well, fuck me!... What? No, not really!”

Personality/Quirks: Jason is a stubborn and strong-willed woman, believing she can overcome any obstacle, with help if possible, by herself if need be—being female is just something else she will have to adjust to, retaining who she is, while accepting what she is. Because of this, she doesn’t particularly care for quitters and whiners. She bottles up the despair and rage she feels at her predicament, believing it’s unfair of her bitch about it; half the world survives just fine being female, and nearly everyone would give nearly anything to be a Nova.

Jason is outgoing and affable, with a self-deprecating sense of humour. She possesses a competitive spirit and is a good winner and a gracious loser, as long as she wasn’t cheated. She is extremely loyal to her friends, willing to do almost anything for them; because of this she takes betrayal very hard. Since becoming a gorgeous female nova, many of her supposed friends aren’t the type of friends she thought they were, and she is starting to become a little more introverted and leery of whom she calls friend. She is torn between resisting and experiencing her life as she is now—being a beautiful woman is taking a lot of adjusting to (okay, a real lot), but so is the fact that she is physically superior to almost everyone around her.

Jason has continued to suffer flashbacks of the car accident she had when she was thirteen, and as such, doesn’t like riding in cars, and when she has to, refuses to sit in the back.

Known Powers: Jason possesses vastly improved physical characteristics, including strength, reflexes, grace, speed, endurance, and resistance to harm. She can recover from wounds in seconds and is obviously super-humanly attractive. She is believed to have psychic abilities, but has not manifested any such powers as of yet.

General History: Born and raised in Ottawa by his Catholic parents François and Lynne, Jason was pushed from an early age to excel at sports, especially hockey. That career was nearly extinguished at the age of thirteen, when a car accident resulted in his younger brother Eric’s death and left him with a nicked spine that almost paralyzed him.

His parents took the lost of their youngest son hard, and could barely stand to see Jason in the hospital. They began to devote more time to his older sister Katherine. At first depressed and devastated by this abandonment, an iron determination and intense physiotherapy got Jason back on the ice and back to school a mere year later. Two years after that, Katherine ran away to become a Node-chaser, and the pressure on Jason to become a hockey star increased as his parents once again focused all their attention on him. He won many hockey championships and scoring awards, and joined the OHL’s Ottawa 67’s in 2008, while still going to high school.

School life was good to Jason. Though not religious, his parents insisted on Catholic school, but he didn’t mind since most of his friends went there anyway. Only a average student, his was well liked and respected by the majority of the students and faculty for his athletic prowess and amiable nature, willing to make friends with just about anyone.

2009 looked to be Jason’s year. He was finally going to graduate high school, and his three year relationship with his girlfriend Kat Skovskaya was still going strong. The 67’s were strong contenders for the Memorial Cup and his was in a race with John Tavares to be the number one NHL draft pick. Even breaking his ankle in the last game of the season, causing him to miss the playoffs and his chances as the number one draft pick, didn’t dampen his spirits. This all changed when Jason erupted.

His eruption occurred during the most intense sexual experience of his life. Jason’s girlfriend Kat inadvertently used her unknown (to both her and Jason) psiad abilities to impress her emotions, physical sensations, and image of her fantasy self into Jason’s mind. He, intoxicated by pleasure, just thought he was fantasizing about one of the hottest Novas he knew, and went with it. The pleasure built into white hot pain and he erupted. A new Knockout was born, unfortunately, it was him.

He is now trying to figure out what to do with his life. His hockey prospects have evaporated with his nova-dom. He has been disowned from his family, his father not able to handle his son being a woman, and his mother that he is a Nova, and, in effect, a lesbian. He just wants to finish school with a minimum of fuss, which is impossible considering his new appearance, and then find out what he can do with his life, now that he is female and a nova.



Ragnarok (Reginleif - Minor Part)

Soul Calibur (Ivy Valentine - Main Villain/Anti-Hero)

Tenjho Tenge (Maya Natsume - Supporting Actress)

TRON: Legacy (Quorra - Supporting Actress)

TV Shows

Valkyrie (Reginleif/Reagan Liefeld - Main Character; 18 episodes)

The Big Bang Theory (Sam Melon - Guest Appearance; 2 episodes)

Click to reveal.. (The Bombshell Serenade)

Pah! Verily the fulsome figure of the bodacious Bombshell is the pinnacle of Man's desire and thus could be considered out of the reach of mortals, but for her considerable curvature to be such that Men no longer think of her as an object sexual?! I say thee nay!

The vaults of banque de spank worldwide would empty, causing a hithertofore unknown deficit in the attention men pay to the palms of their hands, which in turn could cause a ollapse of the vaseline industry! This is a torrid travesty that must not come to pass! Bombshell's bombshells must remain firmly afix'd to the minds-eye of Man!

Be she some Snow Queen, aloof and deigning not to tread upon the same earth as the rest of us?! Never! Bombshell's delicious delightful derriere is anything but cold and aloof. It invites the eye... AYE! and the hand to rest upon it's gorgeous globularity!

And the sashay most-singular that marks her pulchitudinous progress, whether it be along the Avenue Fifth or the catwalk Parisian, should not be placed beyond the carnal consideration of the addled adolescence that is the formative furnace of male sexuality!

Einherjar ceases his oratory with one clenched fist upraised to the heavens before bowing and stepping down off his soapbox

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Physical (Primary)

STR 5 (Athletic)

Brawl 1 (Professional Wresting x1)

Might 1

DEX 5 (Graceful)

Athletics 5 (Hockey)

Drive 1

Martial Arts 5 (Tae Kwon Do x1)

Melee 1

STA 5 (Stubborn)

Endurance 4

Resistance 4

Mental (Tertiary)

PER 4 (Intuitive)

Awareness 2


Academics 1

Linguistics 2 (English [native], French, Russian)

Medicine 1

Survival 1

WIT 5 (Level-headed)

Arts 1

Biz 1

Rapport 1

Weave 1

Social (Secondary)

APP 5 (Stacked)

Intimidate 1

Style 5


CHA 5 (Amiable)

Etiquette 1

Perform 5


Allies 1 (Katya 'Kat' Skovskaya)

Eufiber 5 (Vampiric)

Influence (Fame) 3 (Model-Actress-XWF Star)

Reputation: Bimbo Nova 2

Reputation: Famous Nova Beauty 5

Reputation: Nzuri Malaika 2

Resources 5

Node 2

Quantum: 4

Quantum Pool: 28

Taint: 3

Willpower: 10

Health: 13 (Bruised x3, Hurt, Injured, Wounded x5, Maimed, Crippled, Incapacitated)

Soak: 27B/17L (35B/25L)

Initiative: 16

Combat Styles & Techniques

Tae Kwon Do:

Style Bonuses: +1 accuracy bonus dice with Style Maneuvers

Style Maneuvers: Dodge, Kick, Strike,

Advanced Techniques:

Professional Wrestling:

Style Bonuses: +1 accuracy bonus dice with Style Maneuvers

Style Maneuvers: Body Slam, Hold, Tackle

Advanced Techniques: Stage Fighting

Non-Associated Techniques: Muscle Coordination (M-Str to MA rolls; +4 dice)


Run: 26m (156m)

Sprint: 62m (372m)


Sexy (1pt)

Enchanting Voice (1pt, from Trinity PG; +2 dice to charm, seduce, or impress that directly involves your speaking or singing voice. Requires Cha 3 or Man 3 to choose this merit)

Eufiber Attuned 3 (3pts)


Distinctive Looks (-1pt; as A:FP abberation-easily recognized, -1 Difficulty to identify her, +1 Difficulty to impersonate her)

Quantum Beacon (-1 pt; as A:FP aberration—can't have Dormancy or "Mr. Nobody" enhancement, +1 die to detect the Nova by any means)

Minority (-1 pt; Transsexual)

Flashbacks (-3 pt; Car Accident)


Mega-Strength 4 – Powerful Legs (Double jumping distance for each dot of M-Str, and add dots of M-Str to Dex to determine movement)

Mega-Dexterity 5 – Enhanced Movement, Physical Prodigy, Quickness x1

Mega-Stamina 4 – Regeneration, Resiliency x2, Robust

Mega-Wits 2 - Multitasking

Mega-Appearance 5 – Awe-Inspiring, Almost Live, Immaculate, Blind Bewitchment-Voice/Sound, The Voice, Obscurement

Mega-Charisma 3 - Performance Prodigy, Clarion, Screen Presence


Ever Blooming Beauty

  • Impervious Armour 3 (+9/+9 soak)
  • Healing Factor 2

Body Modification: Enhanced Vocal Organs x2

Bonus Points(21/21)

5 points on Merits, 1 point on Specialty, 1 point on Backgrounds, 14 points on Willpower

Nova Points (58/58)

5 points on Attributes, 42 points on Mega-Attributes, 5 points on Quantum, 3 points on Armour, 2 points on skills (+12 dots), 1 point on Backgrounds

Gods of War Bonuses (1 NP)

+5 Background Points - +1 Reputation: Famous Nova Beauty, +2 Reputation: Nzuri Malaika, +1 Node (1 point unspent)


Moved one dot from Might to Brawl

Bought 1 rank of Tae Kwon Do, 1 rank of Professional Wrestling, the Stage Fighting Technique and the Muscle Coordination technique (adding M-Str as regular dice to Martial Art rolls)

XP Log

Item Rank Gain/Spent Balance Total
XP Earned for February - +3 3 3
XP Earned for March - +3 6 6
Xp Earned for April - +7 13 13
XP Earned for May - +7 20 20
XP Earned for June - +7 27 27
Armour 2 -5 22 27
Mega-Strength 3 -10 12 27
XP Earned for July - +7 19 34
XP Earned for August - +7 26 41
Enhancement: Resiliency - -5 21 41
Mega-Charisma 1 -6 15 41
XP Earned for September - +7 22 48
Enhancement: Almost Live - -5 17 48
Enhancement: Enhanced Movement - -5 12 48
Mega-Wits 1 -6 6 48
XP Earned for October - +7 13 55
XP Earned for November - +7 20 62
Mega-Charisma 2 -5 15 62
Enhancement: Resiliency - -5 10 62
Mega-Strength (Tainted) 4 -8 2 62
XP Earned for December - +7 9 69
Mega-Stamina (Tainted) 4 -8 1 69
XP Earned for January - +7 8 76
XP Earned for February - +7 15 83
XP Earned for March - +7 22 90
XP Earned for April - +7 29 97
Enhancement: Immaculate - -5 24 97
Enhancement: Blind Bewitchment - -5 19 97
Enhancement: The Voice - -5 14 97
XP Earned for May - +7 21 104
XP Earned for June - +7 28 111
XP Earned for July - +7 35 118
Enhancement: Quickness - -5 30 118
XP Earned for August - +7 37 125
XP Earned for September - +7 44 132
Mega-Dexterity (Tainted) 5 -10 34 132
Mega-Charisma 3 -10 24 132
Enhancement: Obscurement - -5 19 132
Enhancement: Clarion - -5 14 132
XP Earned for October - +7 21 139
XP Earned for November - +7 28 146
XP Earned for December - +7 35 153
XP Earned for January - +7 42 160
Armour 3 -10 32 160
XP Earned for February - +7 39 167
Skill: Biz 1 -3 36 167
Skill: Intimidate 1 -3 33 167
XP Earned for March - +7 40 174
Enhancement: Screen Presence - -5 35 174
Healing Factor 1 -9 26 174
Enhancement: Robust - -5 21 174
XP Earned for April - +7 28 181
Added Impervious to Armor 1-3 -9 19 181
XP Earned for May - +7 26 188
XP Earned for GoW: May - +1 27 189
XP Earned for June - +7 34 196
XP Earned for GoW: June - +2 36 198
Combat Style: Tae Kwon Do 1 -2 34 198
Combat Style: Professional Wrestling 1 -2 32 198
Technique: Stage Fighting - -1 31 198
Technique: Muscle Coordination - -5 26 198
XP Earned for July - +7 33 205
Body Mod: Enhanced Vocal Organs 2 -8 25 205
Healing Factor 2 -7 18 205
XP Earned for August - +7 25 212
Mega-Wits 2 -5 20 212
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