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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter Five Interlude: Back to Basics


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Saito made his way to the mecha hanger, determined to learn

how to operate Satoshi's variable fighter craft known as Veritechs. It is true that Saito was an accomplished mecha pilot on his own but after flying Ibis's Asterion for that one battle against Zaraki, he knew that no two mecha were the same and if he was to become a better combatant then he would need to master more than one form of battle. Also, the Meteor needed to be overhauled very soon and if he were to come under attack in a time when the machine was in many pieces all over the hanger deck then Saito would be at a major disadvantage.

Saito had been given the name of Commander Ozma of the elite "Skull Squadron", it is this individual who would be training Saito in the operations of a Veritech. Upon entering the "Skull's Nest" which was the lounge used by members of Skull Squadron when they were not on duty, Saito noticed Ozma sitting at the bar. Riggidly, Saito approached the commander and saluted him.

"Commander, I am Saito Murazaki and I have been assigned to Skull Squadron for additional pilot training."

Ozma returned the salute and returned to a slumped state on his bar stool. "Well, Well, Well, we certainly have a young one this time. So kid, what makes you think that you have what it takes to pilot one of my VT's?"

"Sir, I have extensive experience with transformable mecha as well as intimate knowledge of other mecha systems as well as battle tactics and military protocol."

Ozma let out a laugh, "Well you seem to have the right stuff, but I think that you will learn that flying a veritech is alot different than being behind to controls of a Gundam. But we can approach that when we come to it."

Ozma downs the rest of his beer.

"Come with me Saito, we have a little INITIATION for our new pilots"

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Ozma led Saito to the hanger used primarily by the Veritech Corps. There were a number of parts and flight suits that could be found around that Saito took in as he was walking by. Ozma and Saito came to a stop before a suit of Power Armor.

"Saito, this is the X-Gear. It is essentially a piece of equipment that allows the pilot of one of our machines to mesh more completely with his machine to allow for more complete piloting."

Ozma folded his arms and looked directly at Saito.

"The Veritech Fighters are amoung the fastest mecha in the fleet and as such, the pilot's movements must be as fluid as the wind itself. Therefore, before you even THINK of getting into one of my Veritechs, you must master the X-Gear.

Ozma gestured to the X-Gear.

"I will give you a few minutes to suit up and then you will meet me at the other end of the hanger."

Time passed as Saito figured out exactly how to wear this rather strange piece of machinery. After he put on the X-Gear, Saito noticed that it granted him additional strength and speed, it was obvious why the Veritech wore them. The feet of the machine even featured wheels that could propel the pilot forward in an excess of 60 MPH. Saito's piloting training helped him to instantly figure out the suit's controls.

A few minutes later Saito arrived at Ozma's fighter.

"I see that you have learned how the X-Gear works but remember, I said that you need to MASTER the X-Gear before you could become a pilot."

Ozma reached into the back of Saito's X-Gear and flipped a few switches causing Saito's X-Gear to only run on about 1/4 power. Saito instantly felt the full weight of the power armor.

"Your job now is to run three laps around the hanger in 10 minutes. Once you have done that, then I will allow you to fly with us."

Ozma pointed to Saito's rear and the Gundam pilot struggled to pull a 180. Behind him was an unpainted Veritech fighter craft.

"Once you pass your test, then this will be yours."

Ozma passed Saito returning to the bar.

Saito struggled to make a salute and merely stated "Sir!"

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