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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter 5 Interulde: Memories from the Past


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It had been barely hours since Valerie left Kai back on the hospital, right now they haven't realized she was outside the base and outside the perimeter, she would be found in a matter of hours, it would take longer to notice she was gone she thought as she removed some more rubble from her way, she had weeks ago walked this route daily from school and it had never looked so difficult, she laughed out loud the only sound on several blocks that was not part of nature. "The kind of things I do for myself."

Valerie jumped over the next obstacle, passing all the landmarks she was so familiarized with she could almost hear herself in the past cross through, waiving to the elderly shop owners, the older woman who lives with his NEET son, and the young couple who always came together from work who lived just two floors above her. Valerie could feel her eyes moisten, none of them had been among the people the CRT could find or rescue.

She stopped reminiscing when she had finally arrived at a large forty-four story building, the first ten floors where dedicated to stores specialized in electronics and heavy duty equipment, and the last fourteen where offices for a single company that made a living repairing and custom making robotic parts and programs, Valerie's source of income that nobody knew at school. Looking up the last 6 or eight floors were completely gone, melted and broken steel beams hanged from the sides.

Valerie could feel herself choke once again, she swallowed the mound on the back of her throat and cleared her eyes of tears, ascending into the air as only she could do, Valerie started moving in the air, coming all the way to the twenty sixth floor, the broken windows leading directly into the hallway, the floors in between the stores and the offices were living quarters for employees that wanted to take out a house on credit that was close to work, and on this specific floor the twenty-sixth floor, Valerie's apartment used to rest, it didn't seem as bad as the first dozen floors and the top floors had gotten, maybe things had been saved.

Opening her door without even needing the key, she could easily see that the destruction was spread, everything on her room had been strewn out of it's place and most of her things were on the floor. Slowly, Valerie gathered the things of her past life, putting them all back together where they belonged as best as it could be. Absolute silence reigned, as she barely made any sound during this time.

While she finished cleaning up, Valerie had put some team to make the battery operated heated still worked so the water was not a problem, finding an unbroken cup was much more of a challenge. Sitting down on her old table, on her old living room, with a cup of tea and an old photo album, she truly marveled at the point in life she stood, she sincerely wept for the life she had lost, for the friends she had made, and for the ability to for even for one moment stop feeling the cutting edge of loneliness shave away at her very essence, because being alone in Tokyo before the accident was almost impossible, and yet while she talked to people, recognized them and knew them.... they were always far away, behind an invisible wall and outside of arm's reach, she always felt she was excluded, she felt herself an stranger among friends on school and an outcast on her workplace.

Valerie spent the next several hours softly weeping to herself and her loneliness before the CRT tried to make contact with her.


OOC: More posts coming, but it's almost 5 and I got a meeting at 11. Sorry if it's short, sucks and hard to understand, being half sleep impairs further my already impaired writting prowness.

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