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Aberrant: Dead Rising - Cassandra's Compiled Mumbo-Jumbo


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I sifted through the relevant threads and did not include things that were obviously conversational. Only that which pertains to the plot was included. This is not meant to be used for meta gaming as some have feared but merely for an understanding to be gleaned from the readership's perspective.

I have included some notes after for what I think things may mean.

"I am sick,"

"You're sick too,"

"The voices call me Cassandra,"

"The lion will devour the cubs." Her sudden announcement came from no where. "The lion will devour the cubs. He will bring his queen into heat again."

No clue but this sounds ominous...

"But we will speak with the Magi?"

"He has recorded the portents," she said, starting to walk toward the house. "They will need to know, and he was the only one looking."

"He lived with an eye in the sky. He was the only one watching,"

The "Watcher" died at his telescope. I am thinking some kind of precognition based upon observing the stars.

"I would have gone like a lamb," she whispered, pressing her forehead to his neck. "But you are the Templar, the Blackened Knight."

"My undying Knight." She grinned at him, the last hint of sorrow fading. Cassie danced past him and snatched up the book. "We go to find the fox's hole!"

"The fox is king; his chirugeon needs the key,"

"The chirugeon will be obscured, but can be found, like my Templar."

Ira is the Knight. Fox is Captain Fox and the Chirugeon appears to be Myfwany. I am surprised that Ira has not yet IC questioned how she knew that Fox was Fox...or how she knows anything else for that matter.

Ira: "Baby...who exactly did I piss off by killing Fuzzy back there?"

Cassandra: "Death," Cassandra answered, biting her lip. "He sought to know of the burning of the stars. I fled from him, because he will take my words and shatter Home. The Hound was his retriever, sent to return me to his tool shed."

"Fuzzy" was the Hound, the werewolf like "novus" Ira killed with a shotgun. Again, I am worried that ira has not put things together yet and questioned who this "Death" might be that is after his woman...

"I am blind to the chirugeon," she murmured. "Perhaps I will be struck by lightning, but perhaps I will remain dark. I have to read the stars, to see what is true."

"The Lionheart will be killed by Prince John soon and he will lead them into pain and suffering,"

"To save the Lionheart's people, you must find Robin Hood and put him on the throne."

Who is the Lionheart? Who is Robin Hood?

Doctor Singh, referring to something Cassie knew about him: "I'll... be in quarantine tonight," he said, shrugging. At the nurse's startled look he said, "I had it on good authority that I'm sick. Best to be safe." After all, she knew about... that."

So something is up with Singh. Given Dawn's OOC comments he is likely also a super or developing into one...

Finally, she sat back, leaving a new work on the board:


"I lived in a box," she said firmly, pointing to herself, "in another world."

"Once, I was sick alone, in another world," she said, looking a little angry. She drew a deep breath, and with clear effort, said, "I was blind to the world, that kind of autistic. The first thing I really remember clearly is a zombie biting me while my brother tried to save me. I don't remember my real name."

She looked tired, as if speaking so clearly had cost her something. "The Voices call me Cassandra, and they show me terrible things."

So she is autistic and has visionary powers.

"Black and white suns!"

We now know that this label refers to the RUS.

"You are my chosen companion, until Hope dies," she murmured. She hugged him suddenly, fiercely. "Death will not steal me from you, as he is turning his eyes to another."

"I am a miser with a treasure, who won't feed his neighbors, and I am blind to their cries! It is my gold, my hope! It will be stolen, but I will have it until then, and I will not share. Will not."

Again, is Ira not concerned that someone is going to steal his woman..someone she refers to as "Death"???

"If you seek to claim your brother's inheritance, you must undo the Horned Man's legacy," Cassie said suddenly. She wasn't looking at anyone; she looking far away again. She added, "The shadows gather in all the havens, driven by black and white suns and those like us under the mountain."

I am guessing that the Horned Man is the guy with the prison sex-slavery compound. Until Fox meets out justice he will not be able to consummate a new relationship with Jules. She must have justice before she can let go of what happened to her and be truly open to a new relationship.

And it would seem the RUS are up to nefarious purposes in many survivng enclaves...

Who is like us (supers) under the mountain? What mountain? Perhaps a secret underground military base? Could these be the ones responsible for the Z-virus?

“This is my knight, Ira, and I am Cassandra. We bring the portents for your chirurgeon, and none other. The Watcher saw, and he recorded, and he died. Now we bring that to the one who will find the way.” She was shaking as she spoke, whether from nerves or just emotional weariness, but her voice was firm. “Please call him here.”
Excerpted from the Journal of the Watcher:

The first entry started normally enough, about a man who'd just bought a house and was cataloguing it's restoration. And then it went way off to the left, when he saw a fox lie down in the road and wait for a car to run it over. The writer became convinced that it meant something.

From there, he descended into madness. Every thing in his world became an omen, and he apparently began to hallucinate. Birds flew backwards, stars disappeared one night and returned the next and he had strange visitors that interacted with him in bizarre ways.

When Myf flipped to the back, she found what was likely the single most coherant and chilling entry:

10:00 a.m. I will die soon. I can tell; Death came this morning. He told me that he seeks his other half, that she has fled him and he is expecting her to come to me. But she said we'd never see each other again, and I know now that she was telling me of my own death. Regardless, Death says she'll come, and that he'll be sending Wolf to bring her back.

5:00 p.m. I saw Wolf skulking about. My sight grew dim after that. I am having trouble writing. I will attempt to watch the stars one more time tonight, to continue to see. She said I must record everything, and so it will be the last thing I do.

I regret only not asking Ella to marry me. Maybe she would be here with me now, in my last moments. It would be nice, to not die alone. While I'm wishing, I could ask the world to not be sickening as well. As she has told me, I am sick.

Maybe she will come at the end; maybe by not seeing each other, she meant that I would not be able to see her.

I don't want to die.

So apparently Caasandra's real name is Ella. The Hound called himself "Wolf." The Watcher (who's name is not identified) also refers to Wolf's master as Death. If Cassandra/Ella is his other half what does that mean that she is? Life? Kali?

Particularly chilling is the Fox lying down waiting for a car to run over it. This suggests that if Fox is passive, great forces will overrun the refuge...ostensibly the house being restored and catalogued.

"It is the Watcher's words," the waif said, frowning. "You are the Fox's Chirugeon; the portents are for you." She looked to the man, biting her lip, then added, "The storm itself speaks to you - why are the Watcher's portents silent? You should hear them sing. Unless... are you not the one?"

"We are all sick - don't turn your face away from your destiny."

So, apparently Myfwany is "The One" (never a good sign...). The Storm does indeed speak to her so we can safely assume that she is not talking about Singh...although I wouldn't put it past Dawn to twist things up that way...

"Red-hands in the house of God's might. They come to pillage and burn, come in God's name and forget His mercy."

She was quiet a moment before saying, "The duty is unending, even after I defy it. They are unrelenting."

The duty is probably the gift of her Sight beyond Sight. Pillaging in God's name sounds like Elijah but he was more insidious. Perhaps the RUS has a conservative/religious bent.

"The symptoms become more apparent," she said softly. "They ripen and ferment in the open now, snakes and arms and bright-eyed madness." She sighed. "The sands shorten in the hourglass."

Time is running out. Symptoms refers to outward manisfestations of the changes brought on by Z-day. Snakes refers to Jon, Arms to Walker and bright eyed madness probably to Cassie herself...

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