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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): In the Shadows of the City - Things the PC's know

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Keiko is the Solar Priestess of Legend, one of the others in the group is the Lunar Priestess. It was the priestesses who broke up Orochi's weakened form and sealed each part away, dying in the process.

There are 8 Demon Lords, One for each head of Orochi. The eighth head being weakest, the First head being the strongest and the "Leader"

To date only one Head has been identified as what she is, and that is the Second Head, a Summoner much like Kenobi. She commands the Five-headed Hydra Kyohime, in addition to her own special class of minion Monsters, The great serpents.

Cerberus can breathe fireballs up to 100 meters away with a 3 meter area.

The Ritual of sealing involves either priestess sealing a defeated head of Orochi within the corresponding soul of the matching PC. The head must be unconscious, the PC must be awake.

To properly perform the ritual of sealing, the priestess and the charchter into which the head is sealed must know the "true name" of the Head that is being sealed.

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The whole nation is "under siege" by demons, and as such blockaded in. the US maintains the blockade, but does provide necessary resources for the nation to function through extremely controlled methods.

Thanks to the American Supplies, Life goes on fairly as normal for most of Japan during the day. ony the few rural areas really suffer. From sunrise to sunset the streets are safe, as there have been no recorded sightings of demons during the day.

Keeping this in mind, virtually everything shuts down in the city at sunset. Schools end promptly at 3 PM each day, and the workday is also short. Companies have adjusted because it's easier to shorten the day and work an extra day than lose people to demons each night.

The schools keep a 6 day week as well, though Saturday is largely devoted to Club activities.

Barring these changes, Life goes on fairly normally in Tokyo.

The Old Man has no name to speak of, but will anser to "Old Man" or "Guardian"

he is the one responsible for protecting the Earth realm.

Despite his position, he cannot directly combat the opposing forces from other realms. There are rules that Govern the Guardians of each Realm, and this is one that applies for all of them.

He is not omnipotent, or Omniscient, but he has a much better idea of what's going on and is vastly stronger than the party.

He cannot Tell the Champions everything they must do. He must let them take their own path after gathering them.

Life at school is as you would think it would be, The Demons are talked about, but the PC's are the only ones who have seen a demon and lived to tell of it.

There have not been any survivors of Demon attacks other than the PC's. The new transfer students are easing into the school with great applomb, and each of them has found their niche in the school.

Since their arrival, the school has not lost a single student to the demons.

Despite the situation, bars, Karoke clubs and other places of distraction are open, for those who want to escape reality for a time.

A law has been passed that no buisness may turn out patrons after sunset, due to the demons. However, the buisnesses are not liable for any damages to a patron so long as they allow them to stay in place.

Their are no homeless in Tokyo, The demons have devoured or converted them all.

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