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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - Sins By Morning's Light

Adrian Moss

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She abruptly sat upright in bed. She looked around trying to orient herself. She didn’t recognize the bedroom … wait, she did. Last night. The turned and looked down at the man sleeping on his stomach beside her. Now it was all coming back to her. The bar, her friends, this too handsome boy who wanted to spend time with her and how she had loved the attention. He had been such a welcome release to her alcohol-seduced senses. He had shown sexual interest in her like no man had in some time, especially not her husband.

Her husband … her kids! What was she doing?

The young man stirs and she clutches the sheets to her chest. Were where her clothes. See saw the bra on the floor and dove for it. Her panties were close by and her skirt was by the door. The One-Night-Stand makes waking noises. She leans against the door, rolling back on her stockings.

“Sorry,” she told the waking figure, “I had a nice time, but this has been all some kind of mistake. I don’t do this. Take care.”

She stumbles into the living room, retrieves her blouse, jacket and shoes. She hop out the door, put her heels back on her feet. The door slams behind her and she is left with some heartfelt compassion for him.

Xavier got up out of bed once the woman had gone. He was till naked, and proudly so. Despite the huge windows, he sauntered over to his dresser and opened up the sock drawer. He withdrew a cashier’s check for the agreed amount - $25,000. It was a small price to pay to stage an affair. The photos were probably already on the husband’s laptop, or maybe the divorce lawyers, or maybe both. That didn’t bother Xavier. All he knew is that he had been forced to work the old cow all night long to get her in a compromising, or several compromising positions.

He held up the check, kissed the money – the One True God – and went to the shower. The hot water would wash all the sins away. It was time to get some new toys. Money wouldn’t last forever, but sin, wealth, and greed were timeless.

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