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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - [Profile] Xavier Lancaster

Adrian Moss

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Name: Xavier Lancaster (David Bennington, Frank Connors, and a few others)

Nature: Survivor


Age: 22

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lbs.

The man who today goes by the name of Xavier Lancaster, was born twenty-two years ago to a nameless parents in a nameless small city somewhere in America. He never talks about it with anyone.

It has been postulated that he has abandonment issues because his mother left him at an early age. He probably began discovering his ablitity to manipulate people in his early teen years, first with girls his age then with older girls, and finally with women in authority over him. He could never form a lasting relationship, because he felt that women he seduced were weak.

When he came to the big city, his confidence scams were small scale - finding wealthier women to live off of for a while before moving on, but his talent was recongnized by a rather talented criminal planner named Anthony Spinelli. The man found more creative uses for the young man known as Xavier and got him into high society function in order to gain information. He also made his own name so that when the job was over, he had a new face and a higher level of scam.

Now his games are for higher stakes and the pay-offs are richer. Rich women pay top dollar for his time, and occassionally back one of his modest business interests that somehow rarely manage to pan out. Xavier is doing well.

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