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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - [Profile] Sebastian 'Skins' Knight


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Sebastian was born to Knight's Berry & Dairy farm owners Michael & Erin Knight on November 1st, heralding in some of the worst flooding ever seen in Washington State history. He is the youngest of 7, and is 8 years younger than the next oldest. They all (but Peter & Rebecca) live in SW Washington on the 200 acre farm, all married with families. Peter lives in Seattle and works for the FBI as a special agent. Rebecca died in a mudslide on the farm 6 years ago, trying to help Sebastian free his horses from a Barn that had been struck by lightning. Heavy rains deluged as the two tried to free the trapped horses, and as Rebecca went in to get the last horse, the bluff behind the building collapsed and crushed the back half of the building, burying Rebecca and the last horse.

[siblings in order from oldest to youngest; Peter 38, Isaiah 36, Rebecca (RIP-32), Zachary 30, Amber 29, Mary 26, Sebastian 18.]

Every significant (and many of the less significant) event, in his life can be coincided with remarkable weather, from the flooding following his birth, the tornados and golf ball sized hail his first day of school, the winter drought of 2000 when he had Chickenpox and then the flu coupled with pneumonia that left him in the hospital for a month, to the severe windstorm that left Laura and him stranded up in the woods during a 'hunting trip' when he lost his virginity a couple years ago. This 'attachment to nature' has led to a superstitious belief by their neighboring farm(er) Old Gus and his work crew, who he has convinced of his belief. It is not unknown for Old Gus to try and use Sebastian as his personal Almanac, gauging the weather by Sebastian's mood, or even going so far as to getting him drunk in an attempt to get some summer rain.

Sebastian's mother, being fairly religious, views the erratic weather as something of a punishment, and takes that short-sighted blame out on Sebastian, which has led to a tenuous relationship between them. His father, however has come to understand his son on a better level, especially after they survived a squall on a deep-sea fishing trip his Freshman year. The storm led to a long talk and much bonding and resolution on the trip that had started with a hot-blooded fight as they sailed out.

Sebastian himself resents his seeming attachment, and somehow dependence on the weather. The eddies it has caused in his life has led to a severe lack of confidence in himself and actions, which is what spurred his father to make him join football in Middle School, Sebastian took to it well, his farm life lending well to football conditioning, though it did not do much for his confidence, despite 'Coach's' best efforts at taking him under his wing. Football is also where he met Alex and became best friends. He is also who gave him his nickname, though by accident. When he tossed Sebastian's jersey in the bin with the towels in the locker room, somehow it escaped notice and when it emerged from the dryer, only the letters, S KN were left, the nickname 'Skins' soon followed. Alex, the quarterback and Skins, the tight-end would remain close until the Spring Formal of their senior year at Fort Vancouver High School.

Two weeks ago, the pair had taken their respective girlfriends, (Laura for Sebastian and Selena for Alex) to the dance together as a foursome, all riding together in Sebastian's new F-150 (an early graduation present from his parents when they heard of the scholarship to Oregon, combined with a bumper crop and a weak auto industry). They night went well enough as far as Sebastian was concerned until he went looking for Laura, who had said she was going to the bathroom. Not finding her anywhere, he went to his truck to get his cellphone, only to find her screwing Alex in the back seat.

It was the first time Sebastian had ever truly gotten angry as betrayal ripped his heart in half, to one that held loyalty so high in esteem, no single act could have hurt more. Doing nothing short of pulling them out of the truck by their feet and dumping them on the ground, without a word or a raised fist, he drove home to the sounds of thunder overhead.

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