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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - [Profile] Valentine Cormack

Valentine Cormack

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Valentine is an 18-year-old student in his last High-School year. He’s never been any good at school and his average never got better than C. He doesn’t seem to care about that, though. Most students consider him a loser and he doesn’t have any friends who he hangs out with and has never managed to show up at any party – even if he got invited.

Some kids think he is a retard or autistic because of his odd behaviour. He doesn’t seem to interact with the world like most people do. Sometimes he can be heard humming a melody to himself and teachers have been known to throw him out of their lessons because he wasn’t “there” (physically but not mentally).

Valentine is of average height and slim build with a pale complexion and black hair that keeps cut short except for a few strands that dangle into his face. He dresses mostly in dark colors but is not a gothic. Actually even the Goths try to steer out of his way. The only ‘positive’ trait of his is his sense of clothing and general taste for beauty. His delicate facial features places him clearly in the handsome category which is more a curse than a blessing. Most guys think he’s queer because of that.

(ooc: I left out the place on purpose. That's still subject to change. I don't want to be at the westcoast when everybody else is at the eastcoast or vice versa)

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