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Aberrant: In the Beginning - Mara Lee

Mara Lee

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Totally borrowed from Voltage's profile.

Name: N/A

Legal Name: Mara Lee

Aliases: N/A

Date of Birth: 12-03-1977

Date of Eruption: 1998

Character’s title(s): N/A

2-3 word description of concept: Aspie Harajuku Girl/Artist

Character’s most obvious blessing/strength: Her raw creativity and intelligence.

Character’s greatest perceived blessing or strength: Her refusal to be anything less than herself, regardless of what others think.

Source/Cause of aforementioned blessing or strength (if applicable): Growing up in a conservative Asian Christian household trying to live the American Dream while having Aspergers Syndrome and possibly bipolar disorder.

Character’s most obvious flaw/weakness: Brutal honesty and zero tact.

Character’s greatest perceived flaw or weakness: Her inability to understand and communicate the sensory quirks of Aspergers Syndrome through art.

Source/Cause of aforementioned flaw or weakness (if applicable): Social awkwardness from Aspergers Syndrome coupled with personal frustration towards her parents.

Likes: Photography, graphic design, cultural juxtaposition, Harajuku fashion, American and Japanese pop culture.

Dislikes: Conservatism in any shape or form.

Physical Traits


Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race/Subrace: Asian Korean/Han Chinese

Height: 5’4"

Weight: 110lbs.

Sexual Orientation: Unknown, possibly asexual or just not discussed.

Frame or body type: Small and subtly curvaceous.

Skin color: Beige

Eye color: Black (naturally, can be concealed by contact lenses).

Hair color: Black (naturally, usually concealed by wigs).

Level of attractiveness: An exotically attractive young Asian woman who wears her black hair cut boyishly short so that she can don a wide variety of wigs to suit her current mood. She expresses her emotional status through what she’s wearing, leading some to theorise she might also suffer from bipolar disorder because of her mood swings. Her parents and the community they live in just think she’s trouble and/or demonically possessed. She honestly doesn’t give a crap what they think.

Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: N/A

Purpose/significance of above markings (if applicable): N/A

Facial hair (if any): N/A

Handedness: Right

Usual dress: Whatever she feels like (literally) with Harajuku flair. Generally neon lolita when she is happy, goth lolita when she's depressed, cyberpunk anime when she's angry and artistically wrecked whatever when she's working.

Jewelry or accessories worn: Whatever matches her outfit, though she wears a heavy silver cross her parents gave her on a choker or bracelet of thick silver.

Brief physical description: Exotically beautiful young Asian woman whose appearance changes with her mood.

Hairstyle: Boyishly short to wear under wigs.

Common physical and/or medical traits (deformities, chronic illness, etc.): Confirmed Aspergers Syndrome (high functioning autism) and possible bipolar disorder.

Allergies: Conservatism and normality.

Vocal type: Contralto

Accent (if any): Generic American with some Korean and Chinese intonation.



Hometown: Las Vegas

Location of hometown: United States of America

Traumatic or defining childhood experiences (if any): Being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at sixteen, then being pulled out of school to work in a 7-11 because her parents believed that hard work and prayer would cure it.

Brief description of childhood: Stereotypical first-generation Asian American raised in an immigrant family trying to live out the American dream; only differential factors being that she is bi-racial (Korean/Chinese) and autistic.

Achievements so far: Graduating from night school with a high school certificate while working and against her parents' wishes; finishing up a community college diploma in photography and graphic design while planning to attend ULV; gaining a small amount of notoriety (and several contacts) in the underground art scene with her sense-bending artwork; not being arrested for using hallucinogenic herbal drugs.

Eruption History: What little is known about Mara Lee's eruption involves a confluence between week-long migraines and her magic mushroom habit. Her ability to control sensory information in herself and others manifests as all-senses illusion, limited control of her physical appearance, complete immunity to sensory extremes, and sensory deprivation.

There is some circumstancial evidence for enhanced mental processes.

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