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Warhammer: Shadows of Empire - Epiphanies (Adventure Summaries)

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(1st Adventure - Fire & Smoke, Bow & Axe)

Sometimes truth is more mythic than legend. In one generation, most of the people would still tell the legend of the Six Who Saved Untergard. The Captain and the Wizard, the Elf and the Dwarf, and the Priest and the man known only as the Eyes of Frost and Summer, were they really real? Old timers would swear by it. New residence and the young would nod their heads but disbelieve. Heroes were things of an earlier age, weren’t they?

There had been the Priest of Ulric (though some at the Temple of Sigmar would hint otherwise – his use of a massive hammer for instance and he had a Dwarf companion) had been brave. The Wizard who confused, confounded, and finally killed so many in his trees, brambles and vines (though now only the Four Trees remained). They said the Elf had sold her souls to the Shadows in the Forest so Fae was her beauty and so deadly her aim. The Dwarf had stood as the rock the Beastmen hoard, never leaving his boon companions’ sides. The Captain – you could go to his grave in the Temple of Ulric – who had represented the town, his town. Of the Eyes little was known, as was probably the way he wanted it. There was always much speculation, assassin, outlaw, or cunning rogue?

What was agreed upon by the majority of residence was that the Six had not stood alone. How could they, against 200? No, the militia and able-bodied citizens of Untergard had helped. That revision made the citizens’ chests fill with pride. It made their militia march proudly with their Four Trees badges. It made sense. Six against 200? That was Legend.

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