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Warhammer: Shadows of Empire - Laurels of Victory (XP Tracker)

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Okay ... you all took this adventure in a totally different direction. You were supposed to take the villagers to Middenheim for their own safety. You decided to save the town instead. I was pretty afraid you were all going to die. Congrats.

Saving Untergard: 100Xp (everybody)

Killing Baa-raak Bloodhorn: 100XP (everybody)

Stopping the Demon summoning (its a long story): 50XP (everybody)

The I Don't Know How to Quit Award: 25 (Diarmuir)

The I Can't Believe He Did That Award: 25 (Wolfgang)

The Coolest Move so Far Award: 25 (Nayobee)

The MVP Award for Creative Use of Powers/Most Enemy Injured: 25XP (Mikhail)

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