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Aberrant: Children of Heaven - Fools Rush In

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It would last six months, spanning from four hundred miles of the western coast of the United States east and south to the pristine forests of New Zealand. The astrological community declared that before the asteroid had been pulled apart by gravitation forces during it’s nearly ten thousand year orbit around the Sun, it had been roughly one fifth the size of the Moon. As it was, the asteroid itself was still nearly the size of Europe and the debris surrounding it would create a meteor shower to rival the Aurora Borealis for sheer spectacle; an entire generation of amateur meteorite hunters had been spawned from that news alone.

For those not inclined to bask in the wonder of nature, the next six months would be rollercoaster of satellite failures, blazing bits of molten rock peppering backyards and favored vacation destinations, and contending with the dozen or so cult and conspiracy groups that would latch on to the meteor showers as the latest harbinger of doom and destruction. Most simply didn’t care. It was news line on their front pages or two minute blurb on the radio, and then it was gone from mind as easily as global warming and third world countries.

The first morning came, April 1st, 2009 by the calendars of the more powerful nations of the planet. The stars fell like fireflies over the beaches of Oregon and California, streaking from yellow to red to white as they punctured through the thickening atmosphere of Earth. Beyond those colors, beyond any spectrum human eyes or human technology could detect, each small piece of what was once a great whole trailed something else.

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