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City of Heroes - Online Supers RPG

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I don't know if I'll have time to play CoH before the beta ends next week. It's a shame that I didn't get to play with more of you during beta, but hopefully once things go live and I get T2M going we'll be able to do some missions together.

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I've had enough time to play this game and I like it a lot. Signy, I think it was you I had a chance to play with over the weekend - Thanks! I had a blast.

IMO Tanks in the game are a little under powered, as my Blaster (Low HP but High ranged Damage) tends to die a lot less than the tank.

If anyone is on tonight, say Hi!

Anyone here that's not playing, if you have questions I'll do my best to answer them.


(CoH; Prime Server Fayze - Lv 8 BLaster, Monadnock Lv 7 Tank, Leshae Lv 5 Controller)

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EMERGENCY! Military forces have confrimed that the creatures that suddenly appear on the streets last night are linked to the Rikti. Intelligence sources belive that the Rikti will try a major strike on April 22nd from 7pm cst to 9pm (CDT). All heroes are asked to be present in the City Zones during this period to defent Paragon City.

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I thought about using the prime thing in some way, but I figured it would be better to pick a server that wouldn't be as heavily populated. After all, I'd rather have a server with less lag than something that's name is similar to ours.

As for name reservations, I did reserve 'The Chosen One' on justice. Now I just have to figure out what powers I'll want to use on the final version of the character. The beta version I used didn't do a lot for me.

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Well, I can say that I fought the Rikti, and well, the Rikti won. I'm glad I got to see them and the mother ship, but I prefer a normal mission. The basic gist of it was to sit around and wait for a minute or 2 until you saw a group running a certain direction, and then there would be maybe a 100 to 10 fight, with the 10 being the Rikti. Then the fight would be over and the situation would repeat a couple times. Then the Rikti would send down a whole battalion to attack the heroes and it would be more like 100 to 25, with once again the 25 being the Rikti. Then after a minute or so of battle it would be more like 50 to 20.

It would have been more fun, but I despise critters that put you to sleep or make you disoriented, and since I spent a good deal of the fight sleeping it wasn't as fun as it could have been.

I was hoping I could hake it to 14 just to see use a travel power, but I finished at 13 and a half.

When the game goes live, post your characters here so that we can make sure we group with each other whenever possible.

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I have reserved Fayze on all servers, hope to see you there. I've had several people express interest in the QNA, so anyone that wants information is welcome to look me up. There are a lot of adults playing the game, and it looks like several servers are going to be very Role-play oriented.


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City of Villians

They announced the first expansion for City of Heroes, which is City of Villians. This opens up villianous play, as well as select PvP locations, which are optional to visit.

Here\'s the official announcement:

"City of Villains —Want to play the bad guy in Paragon City? You'll get your chance in Cryptic Studios' City of Villains , currently under development and to be shown in limited play at E3. While City of Heroes ( www.cityofheroes.com ) is ready for an April 28 launch, Cryptic developers already are working on the first major expansion to the game that will allow players to take on the role of villain in Paragon's modern metropolis. Turn the tide on all the heroes and heroines and lead your crime syndicate into battle in the impressive 3D backdrop of Paragon City ."

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I finished at 12...I believe I have Blood Dancer on Justice...Not much longer now...My Rikti experience was similar, but I thought that it was cool that we all ended up on the steps of City Hall at the end of the fight. Great screenshots...

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I know everyone has been making characters on Justice, but I just saw on the COH.com boards that the player community is unofficially making Virtue a roleplay server. The game devs won't enforce it, of course, but it might be worth playing on Virtue for that reason alone.

Just a thought. I'll make a character there for my own use, anyway.

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I didn't take CP (although the thought crossed my mind, I figured it would be shitty to you, who have been nothing but good to me)...I thought I would take Slider to your Caestus Pax...I do know, however, that they compiled a list of copyright infringing names that they then blocked, but I can't really imagine CP making the list, what with all the Cyclops and Punisher clones out there

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I doubt any of the Trinity Universe characters have copyrights on them. White Wolf doesn't sell anything using the name, so it would be a waste of money to get the copyright on the name. Their list of copyrights are in every book and I've never seen any character names on them.

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I am playing regularly with a group on Victory - and will be stopping by occasionally. Anyone established a Group yet? I decided not to do QNA for copyright reasons, but have created "The Q. H. A." on Victory, and will probably have a branch on Infinity, where another group of friends play.


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I am the leader of the SuperGroup "American Justice" on Freedom, under the name The US Titan. Still having a lot of fun, tho finding it hard to get the xp necessary at higher levels. All are welcome, tho I try to maintain an American theme.

BTW, I have the hero "Slider" on Justice. She is a grav/FF controller with TP foe and ally. She looks just like the pics of her in the T2M book. Hope she doesn't get shut down on Copyright violation.<-----edit

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He is saying he is unhappy with how few people are showing up on his server.I am only really on Virture. I am in a group of about 15-20 people who have at least one character above 15..Some have one in the mid 20's. I got one at 17.

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Oh. Well, we will. I am on Justice a couple of days a week as Slider, I've looked for you, but haven't seen you on when I'm on. I'd love to fight crime with you, though you'd have to SK me. Titan was my Beta character, the one I had grown attached to, so I want to get him back up to his level, but I plan on playing for a while, because when City of Villians comes out, the game will just be hitting it's stride, I think.

Prodigy, DSL is not required, tho I would reccommend it or cable highly.

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I have never played it on dial up, so I don't know how well it does. Like Speed said, I know it is supported.

I really wish you could invite people to a supergroup when they aren't online, just so that we'd have an easier way of contacting each other in the game.

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[size:+1]City of Heroes Feature Update

For those playing the game, they've announced the first feature update, which can be found here .

New City Zones

* The Rikti Crash Site

* Peregrine Island, home of Portal Corp

The Sewer Trial Room

* Battle the massive beast that dwells in the depths of the city

Instanced outdoor missions

* Fight rooftop to rooftop in the neighborhoods of Paragon City

Enhanced indoor missions

* Missions with a twist… don’t let your guard down.

Tweak your hero’s costume

* Refresh your look to keep yourself in the public eye

New Villain groups

* The ultra high-tech Malta Group

* The wicked Carnival of Shadows

* The super-powered Praetorians

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This is someone's AFK script, which I thought was pretty funny.


Ascendant: Hello, is this the offices of Saul Rubenstien, Agent to Paragon's Elite?

Ascendant: Great. Can I speak to him? I'm a client.

Ascendant: Ascendant. No, with an 'A'. D-A-N-T.

Ascendant: Ok, I'll hold.

Ascendant: --lor said 'Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life, my love and m--

Ascendant: Hello, Saul, it's Ascendant.

Ascendant: No, the one with an 'A'.

Ascendant: I'm glad you asked. I've been going over these products you've sent me---

Ascendant: Right, for the merchandizing campaign...

Ascendant: Well, no, they aren't. That's why I'm calling, actually.

Ascendant: I'm not really happy with them.

Ascendant: Well, for starters, there's the breakfast cereal.

Ascendant: Right, Ascendant-O's.

Ascendant: Ok, it says here on the box 'Includes Xenonite, the Secret Source of Ascendant's Power'.

Ascendant: Well, for one thing, Xenonite is NOT the secret source of my powers.

Ascendant: No, Saul... No, it isn't. Trust me on this.

Ascendant: Saul, Xenonite TAKES AWAY my powers.

Ascendant: Yeah, it does. In fact, if I'm exposed to it too long, it could kill me.

Ascendant: I dunno. It's got something to do with radioactivity, I think.

Ascendant: Anyway, I poured a bowl of Ascendant-O's yesterday to see what they taste like and nearly died before I could finish adding the milk.

Ascendant: Well, if the cat hadn't come along and eaten it all, I would have, Saul.

Ascendant: My point is that we aren't going to be selling Ascendant-O's...

Ascendant: Because, Saul, I'm not putting on a lead suit every time I have to go to the cereal aisle in the grocery store.

Ascendant: I don't care if you have already have a lot of pre-orders for it.

Ascendant: Really? How much?

Ascendant: From who?

Ascendant: Ok... Right... Yeah... Uh huh... Him, too? Really?

Ascendant: Yeah, well the problem here is that all those guys you just mentioned are supervillains, Saul.

Ascendant: Yes, even him. I just beat him up like an hour ago for trying to poison the city's water supply.

Ascendant: I don't care if his check cleared, Saul. That's not the point...

Ascendant: Well, of course they're going to use it to try and kill me, Saul.

Ascendant: Why else would a bunch of supervillains want a kid's cereal laced with the one rare radioactive element I'm vulnerable to?

Ascendant: No, I don't think they just want a well balanced breakfast.

Ascendant: Ok, as far as I'm concerned, this is a dead issue, Saul. Big NO on Ascendant-O's.

Ascendant: Moving on: The Ascendant action figure.

Ascendant: No, I'm very disappointed, actually.

Ascendant: Well, for starters, it comes with a laser sword and a talking dinosaur that I supposedly ride into battle.

Ascendant: I don't have either one of those things, Saul.

Ascendant: I don't care if the focus groups thought it would be cool.

Ascendant: That's utterly ridiculous, Saul.

Ascendant: Yes, it is. For one thing, where am I going to get a laser sword? Or a talking dinosaur, for that matter?

Ascendant: Fine, whatever. Anyway, I'm also a little concerned about the fact that it features 'Burning Halo Action'...

Ascendant: Right, but aside from the fact that I don't actually have that power--

Ascendant: No, Saul, I don't.

Ascendant: I'd know it if I did, Saul, trust me.

Ascendant: --Aside from the fact that I don't have anything like a Burning Halo power, do you really think it's a good idea to sell kids an action figure that can spotaneously burst into flame?

Ascendant: I see... Well, we're going to hold on that until I approve a redesign.

Ascendant: Moving on. The Ascendant Cave Action Playset.

Ascendant: Yeah, I actually like this thing. It doesn't look anything like my apartment, but it's pretty cool, I guess.

Ascendant: What do you mean they changed the name so it could fit on the box?

Ascendant: Well, sure, I guess Ascendant Cave Action Playset is a little long, but couldn't they use a smaller font?

Ascendant: Fine, so what do they call it now? The Action Cave? Ascendant's Lair? What?

Ascendant: The A-Hole?!?!?!

Ascendant: Why on Earth would they call it the A-Hole, Saul?

Ascendant: Yes, I understand the 'A' is short for Ascendant, you moron, but why not call it the A-Cave? or the A-Lair?

Ascendant: Uh huh... Yeah... I see...

Ascendant: Well, we're NOT calling my secret headquarters the A-Hole, Saul, and that's final.

Ascendant: Because I don't want people to hear the word 'Ascendant' and immediately think 'A-Hole'.

Ascendant: Ok, moving on. The Ascendant Action Hour TV Show.

Ascendant: Right. I actually like the opening animation of me that you've put together.

Ascendant: Right, the one where I'm sheathed in a burning halo of flame, riding around the city on a talking dinosaur, hitting bad guys with my laser sword and eating chunks of raw Xenonite.

Ascendant: I mean, that's still not anything remotely close to real life, but I guess it looks pretty cool and the theme song is pretty catchy, so I'll let it pass for now.

Ascendant: It's the rest of the show that I have problems with, Saul.

Ascendant: Well, for one thing, outside of the opening theme part, the show itself is apparently just old episodes of Nightline, except every time someone says 'Ted Koppel', you dub over it with 'Ascendant'.

Ascendant: I don't care if each episode only costs $22.50 plus shipping to make, Saul. In fact, I don't think you can even legally broadcast it.

Ascendant: What offshore Pirate transmitter?

Ascendant: Saul, that's a federal offence.

Ascendant: Yes... Yes, it is.

Ascendant: Yes, someone WILL care... They're called the FCC, Saul.

Ascendant: Look, Saul, I've got to fire you.

Ascendant: I don't see where you've left me much choice, Saul.

Ascendant: You're selling cereal that can kill me to my archenemies, you've made my action figure not only ludicrous but potentially lethal to kids, and you're comitting felonies by broadcasting illegal transmissions of Nightline from off shore.

Ascendant: Oh, and I almost forgot, you're selling an action playset which proudly proclaims on the box that 'Ascendant stores all of his most precious items inside his incredible A-Hole.'

Ascendant: And worst of all, my name is stamped all over all of this, Saul... I'm the one who's going to be sued, or killed, or arrested... Maybe in that order, too.

Ascendant: Saul...

Ascendant: Saul...

Ascendant: Stop crying Saul...

Ascendant: Look... I know you tried your best.

Ascendant: (Sigh)... Ok, Fine...

Ascendant: Look, Ok, but just one more chance, Saul....

Ascendant: Just don't do anything more until we can have a meeting, Saul.

Ascendant: No... For the last time, NO Broadway musical! Don't even MENTION that idea again.

Ascendant: Ok, bye.

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