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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - Quotable Quotes

Mr Fox

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Quotable Quotes:

This topic is for quotes drawn from IC interactions that strike me as being worth preserving, or just plain make me happy. Only the ST can add a quotable quote, but if something particularly strikes you as being worthy, point it out to me.

They are also worth 1 xp each...


Vinny talking to Olivia about the psycological damage it would do to her to watch Declan kill.

"He lets loose on some fuckin' jaffa while you're starin', you'll never look a fuckin' sloppy joe in the eye again."


Olivia talking to Caine about the sexual tension between them:

You haven't stopped looking at me like the last piece of cake at fat camp, and the situation is getting intolerable.


Olivia getting flustered by Daniel Jackson.

and the awkward grew wings and flapped about the room like a retarded chicken.


Vinny to Olivia:

"Shoveling shit I can do. Just try to fuckin' mellow a bit darlin'."


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