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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - After the Fighting Comes ... [Mature]

Adrian Moss

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The police weren’t looking for him, but he was careful anyway. The money ran out in a week and he hadn’t yet found the underground fight circuit that had to exist here. It was the city that would wager on anything, right? Feeling like his back was to the wall, Adrian called her. He had to remind her who he was and were they had met, but seemed happy to hear from him.

Sure, he could come over. Yes, he could bring his sister, though she laughed at that. She would have dinner ready when they got over. He said it would take a while, so she offered to pick them up. Her name was Raven.

It was an awkward ride home. She would look at him and give a shy smile. She would take her hand off the wheel and rub his leg … and then Rebecca would say something. Not about what they were doing, but something innocuous, like ‘We’ve eaten there before’ or ‘What’s that place like?’

They stopped by for some Chinese take out. While the three of them were waiting, she leaned in smelled him, and said,

“You need a bath. Care if I watch?”

Her hand brushed his thigh right up to his crotch; not very subtle, he maybe that was a good thing. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to ask for it. This time Rebecca said nothing. The food came and they took off, Adrian’s blood beginning to heat up. It had been forever (weeks even) and he wanted some release.

When the got to Raven’s home, Adrian and Rebecca were suitably impressed. It was actually her parent’s place, a rental property they let her use, but it was a mansion to the two street kids. She took them inside. Raven took Rebecca into the living room while Adrian took the food to the kitchen. Their hostess showed Rebecca the large screen plasma TV, the video games, and a collection of DVD’s. The undercurrent of her introduction was ‘Play here and stay here while the she, Raven, played elsewhere.’ Rebecca sullenly agreed.

Raven came into the kitchen to find Adrian had divided the food up. Raven said,

“You go upstairs and shower. I’ll take dinner to your sister. It’s the second door on the left.”

Adrian nodded. He jogged up the stairs as Raven went back to the play room. In the bathroom, he began stripping out of his dirty, smelly clothes. He piled them up on the floor, watching the grey-yellow dust settle on the while tiled floor. The Kid had just got the hot water when Raven came in. She eyed him the way a wolf takes in a baby elk.

“You’ll do,” she whispered. Adrian smiled. He felt the same way.

The shower was a huge, glass-walled affair. The glass was stippled so it gave only the vague outline of the person within … or the person without. Adrian stepped in and looked around at the soaps and shampoos. He ran his body then his hair under the hot water. The pulse hammered away at the caked on dirt and stink that clung to him. He had just put a huge glob of men’s shampoo in his hair when the door opened.

Raven wasn’t a mutant. No, she was one of those women who had the free time to work out continuously and it showed. Everything was toned, fit, and delicious. Nothing was overdone. Her breasts were well-formed, firm yet had that natural look. She let the water cascade over her chest, his eyes following the water down. She was finely trimmed with no sign of tan lines.

Adrian began shampooing his hair, washing away weeks of dirt, grime, and abuse. His fingers bit into his scalp to render it clean. When you live on the streets you never know where your next meal, or shower, will come from. You make the most of what comes your way. Raven picked up some scentless soap and began making slow circles round his chest. She made sure to scratch along his nipples and they were quickly erect.

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The teenage boy in him wanted to vent his sexual frustration on her and in her, but Raven had other plans. She wanted to be in charge and Adrian had little real choice in the matter. Even when he flipped her over and put teeth to her nipples, it was the game she wanted to play. Only when he bent her over the dresser and pounded away did he feel he had some measure of control. He left her aching and aching for more, but her body and creativity had been tapped for the night. Once they had cuddled and she had fallen asleep did Adrian slip on his underwear and slip down stairs.

Rebecca had fallen asleep in front of the TV, a chrome tub of popcorn on the floor beside her. He put a blanket over her, kissed his sister on the forehead lightly, and headed back up stairs. He didn’t realize Rebecca had stirred and awaken as he padded upstairs. There was a comfort for her knowing that he was still looking after her. She worried about what this other woman meant to their lives and was no dummy about what they were doing upstairs. She knew that she was doing this for their well-being, but wished he didn’t have to like it so much. He was her brother and that was just … icky.

Adrian got naked and crawled back in bed. Raven snuggled into him and he wrapped his arms around her and fell off to sleep. His mind was full of other women that had helped lead him to this spot in his life. At sixteen he had been taken in for four months by this ‘promoter’ named Nadine. She had been in her thirties he supposed and had been the first one to call him The Kid.

He dreamed of her now, not the Raven was not memorable in her own way, but you remember your first for all time. Nadine liked it slow and steady, building up in a steady rhythm to climax. Nadine liked to dress him up just to dress him back down seductively … and she loved his lust and attention. His eyes were the look of young love. He barely noticed other women which at the time he attributed to her being the one for all time. She was a jealous woman as well, and would punish him the few times he faltered. He had been duly penitent and he had struggled to please her.

Unfortunately, he was a sixteen year old boy with a sixteen year old boys sex drive. The more he stumbled, the more she punished him, which made him doubt his love for her more, which lead to him looking at other woman more often. The vicious cycle continued until the one night she threatened Rebecca. She threatened to hurt Rebecca if he didn’t ‘behave’. Something inside him snapped and he hit her, screaming “Never.” He hit her hard and she fell down. He had wanted to fall down at her side and make it better. He wanted to take it back, but he couldn’t. He knew his history with Nadine was over.

He still dreamed about her. It was a dream when he remembered the good times, the restaurants, the nightclubs, and the sex. It was a nightmare when he remembered hitting her, the threats, and her violent, jealous moods. Tonight, it was a nightmare.

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