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Warhammer: Shadows of Empire - University Scrolls (Information)

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The past fifteen years.

The current year: It is the late spring of they year 2522 in the Imperial Calendar.

Fifteen years ago (2507), the Emperor Karl Franz has ruled for just a year from the capital of Altdorf. The city of Nuln had fires and rioting that summer. Peace and prosperity for many spawned a number of bandit bands across the empire. A crack down by road wardens was instituted in the fall.

Twelve years ago (2510) Ostland and Ostmark send contingents of troops to help Kislev fight off a Chaos incursion through the High Pass. The expedition was successful and the empire rejoiced at their victory. Other people noted the weakness of the incursion and how few of the other electors sent anything to aid their northern neighbor.

Ten years ago (2512), Orcs became more active in the Middle Mountains and along the southern frontier. Southern electors talked about sending aid to the dwarves, but little was actually done. In the Middle mountains, the Middenland, Nordland, and Hochland all argued over who was to protect what in the ore-rich mountain chain. Only intervention by the Emperor stopped outright violence.

Eight years ago (2514), Elves began noticing increased Beastmen activity in the Northern Woods. Warning was sent to Middleheim and Altdorf, but little was done, as there was no increase in attacks. A few brave souls did brave the forests to fight the Chaos spawn in this lonely fight.

Seven years ago (2515) Over-ruling his council, Boris Todbringer, Grand-Duke of Middenland declared war on the Beastmen in his domain. With the Church of Ulric at his side, he began going into the deep woods to root out the foul monsters in their depths. This war goes on for four years.

Four years ago (2518), a series of highly placed officials in the Imperial government are exposed as chaos cultist and burned alive. This happens through out the empire and confidence in the Emperor Karl Franz plummets. At the same time, the Cult of Ulric and the Church of Sigmar repeatedly clash in bloody brawls in several cities, including the capitol.

Two years ago (2520), Beastmen activity explodes amongst the northern elector states. Armed forces are hard pressed to contain the threats as local militias and rangers are pushed to the breaking point. The attacks are coordinated and brutal, though retaliation is swift. Surviving Beastmen retreat into the Middle Mountains and the deep forest. People along the frontier begin to despair of peace.

One year ago (2521), a Chaos Army under the leadership of Surtha Lenk broke through Kislev and stormed into the empire. Wolfenburg, capital of Ostland was sacked and several stinging defeats were inflicted before the army broke up and scattered. Imperial response was slow in coming.

This year (2522), the most massive army of Chaos seen since the War against Chaos nearly 400 years previously stormed across Kislev. On New Years Day, Erngrad, Kislev’s major port and Window on the World is sacked. Wolfenburg is sacked again. Massive forces of Beastmen join the Army. The Chaos Army, led by Archaon, Lord of the End Times moves quickly across North, focused on Middenheim and the Sacred Fire of Ulric. He drives the defending armies before him and lays siege to the city. This time the Imperial response is decisive.

The Emperor, not waiting for his full strength to muster, leads what troops he can lay his hands on, and joined by a Crusading Army led by a man many claim to be Sigmar reborn, marches on Middenheim. On the 62nd day of the war, the armies collide. Things look dark for the Imperial forces until the Orcs betray Archaon and attack his army. With things now in the balance, Vampire Count Mannfred von Carstein arrives with an army of the Undead and hands victory to the Imperial forces. The Vampire Count then leaves for reasons unknown. The Orc and Chaos forces retreat to the Middle Mountains and its major fortress, Brass Keep.

The North is in ruins, with the land left uninhabited and burnt. Refugees have flooded into the southern lands and western Middenland. Civilization teeters on a razor’s edge.

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Your options in Untergard

An Easy(+20%) Common Knowldege (Empire) test tells you:

- take the Altdorf-Middenheim Road, which is a winding affair, up to the capital of Middenheim. It holds the Highest Preist of Ulric, the Al-Ulric and is the center of the war effort.

- take the River Road to Ahlenhof were you can hopefully catch a barge or river boat going up river. The road petters out to the east, but you woodland types could probably still make Talabheim through the deep forest.

- go back to the capital, Altdorf. It's a big city with all kinds of fun things to do. laugh

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Things that Wolfgang knows:

The population of the town was a town of around 500 souls before the war. The current population is around 75, with the rest dead, or fled west or south.

The town is led by Captain Gehard Schiller, a retired officer in the Middenland Army. He is old, around 50, but has a keen eye. He has been supervising the rebuilding of the walls and gathering weapons for the town's defense. He is widely considered tough but fair.

Granny Moescher is the second most prominent person in town. Actually, she lives outside of town near the woods. She is current running her dwelling as an orphanage, and is the towns sole healer. She is urging the townsfolk to start replanting and getting back to their lives.

Father Dietrich is newly arrived, but it attempting to re-establish the worship of Sigmar amongst the populace. He is humorless, but honest and well-respected. He is Wolfgang's competition, but keeps the relationship as cordial as possible, especially considering how wounded Wolfgang has been. He lives in a makeshift shring close to the west end of the bridge.

There are currently eight militiamen. One is at the front gate, two are on the front wall, one guards the bridge, one guards the warehouse with the weapons and building supplies, and one is with Captain Schiller to act as a messenger. At night, one guards the front all and one guards the bridge.

Given warning, the town can muster 15 more armed burghers and peasants in its defense.

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Information on Talabheim (the city) and Talabecland (the Province)

Roll a Common Knowledge (Empire) test (Routine) (+10%)

Here is what you find out, depending on how well you rolled -

Made by 10 or less: Talabecland sent only a small part of its army along with its Elector Count to fight in the war. The Elector-Count has gone missing recently.

Made by 11-20: Refugees, outlaws, and military units have been trapped along the north bank of the Talabec River because the forces in Talabecland want to send them back home (refugees), keep them out (outlaws), or make the work for the Elector-Count of Hochland (the military). This has caused all kinds of shortages and crime is rampant.

Made by 21-30: There is political turmoil in the city of Talabheim as the nobles jockey to name a new Elector-Count for the land. Surely the Temples and the Wizardly Orders will become involved. Taal is the dominant faith, but Verena, Sigmar, Ulric, and Myrmidia all have a stake in what happens next.

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For Mikhail (and perhaps Nayobee)

The Jade College (8)

The Wizard Lord Markasius – He was a Tilean mercenary long ago. Most accounts in Talabheim report him to be around 90 years of age. He certainly looks the part. He tells you he stopped counting after 150 and that he came to magic late in life. He has been the Jade Lord Magister here for three decades. He loves trees and growing things, but has an obsession with Bog Trolls and constantly looks for ways to use the Green Wind to end these Chaos Abominations’ lives. He is otherwise an ancient, decrepit old man who likes his morning teas and fresh cut flowers.

Journeyman Hetta – is the junior journeyman wizard here. She was considered too new to the arts to be taken by her master (Conrad) to fight in the North. She is largely responsible for maintaining the College and teaching the apprentices. She was a tradesman’s daughter who gained admittance through sheer determination.

Journeyman Metternich Faust – is the senior journeyman wizard. A student from the Talabheim University, Faust is a man working to conjoin the work of Jade magic with the science of Botany. This takes up most of his time as he studiously examines all kinds of healing, and poisonous plants. He does little work outside of his studies and often looks on the outdoors as a place unpleasantness.

One (Gretchen Arhaus) – is the senior Apprentice. She was a hedge wizard who sought out the school to help her in her talents. She is preparing to take her exams this fall.

Two (Thaddeus Mueller) – is a student from the University whose merchant family has donated freely to the College. He is a mediocre student, but affable.

Three (Brandt Michelson) – is a natural talent that Master Zwitten (gone north to fight) discovered in the Tallows. He shows some promise and seems eager to advance his career. He is a bit short and thin.

Four (Friedrich Ulm) – is another student from the University, though his family isn’t as rich. He hangs around Thaddeus a great deal. While his talents for magic are middling, he seems to have a knack with herbalism.

Five (Ursula) – came from a charcoal burner family near Wolfsburg in Ostland. When it was sacked a year ago she came south with refugees. Lord Magister Markasius spotted her and took her into the School. She shows much promise, but has a haunted look about her. Hetta fears her mind may not be able to take the strain.

The school also employs two hunters (Bruno and Victor), an herbalist (Armanius Kluge) and four house servants (Bertha – house mistress, her daughter Umma - maid, Old Kurt - cook, and Bertie – night servant) who cook, clean, and tend to the house itself. The hunters are gone half the time, off in the Taalgrunhaar Forest gathering various plants for the Wizards.

The Jade Tower – The once-stone building is now surrounded by six trees, each of a different type. They all intertwine with the building, acting as walls, supports, and canopy. The tree is nearly 100 feet tall and the structure is over 50 feet on a side at its base. A spiral staircase moves up the wall from floor to floor. On the first floor, there is an entry way and a ‘tame’ library for the guests. There is also a lift at the rear of the tower for deliveries to the second floor. On the second floor are the cells for the servants, bunk beds for two per eight by eight rooms (six total). The kitchen and pantry are also here.

The third floor houses the apprentices and the Apprentice Library/Study. Each cell houses two apprentices in eight by ten rooms, each having one bunk bed and one desk. There are rooms for eight (four rooms). The fourth room has guest rooms and rooms for the Journeymen Mages. Each room has a single bed and a desk in a ten by ten room. Right now only two rooms are occupied, though four of the remaining ten (12 total) are held for Journeymen have gone off to fight. In the center of the floor is the Journeyman’s library where the real magic is stored. This is also where the Apprentices are taught the academic side of the magical profession.

The fifth floor is the Master’s floor. It had four twenty by fifteen rooms. Two are being held for the Master Mages who have gone off to war, but the other two are open for occupancy. The sixth and final floor is the home of the resident Wizard Lord and Lord Magister of the Jade School.

The first basement is used for the storage of gear, supplies, and magical components for various rituals. The subbasement has an open spring in it which feeds the roots of the great trees of the Tower. It also has a floor of rich, pure, untainted earth for casting the most difficult of Life Rituals.

There are no windows on the first or second levels. All of the other cells and rooms have window access. The plants around the college are said to weep and moan when someone trespasses on the grounds. To actually climb the tree uninvited is to court disaster. Natural creatures don’t seem to have any problems though.

Friendly Families:

The barons von Friederlich (from the Western Marches of Talabecland)

von Taalgard (from Talabheim)

von Krutzenheim (from Talabheim)

The merchant family – Mueller (dung hauling, waste disposal, and fertilizer)

Other families make small donations, but these four (the von Friederlichs have a house in Talabheim) are consistent political allies of the Jade Order here.

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The Temple of Ulric in Talabheim

(1)Fangs of Ulric (Priest) Mannfred Rohm – he had been holding down the fort so to speak since the High Priest took most of his entourage north to fight. He is barely holding things together, doing the jobs of a dozen Priests. Yes, the situation really is that bad. He has some Initiates doing priestly work and leading people in prayers. He is of average height, but slender with dark hair and constant worry on his face.

(5) Shards of Winter (Initiates)

Wilhelm Adler – He is a charismatic Acolyte with a good arm, but is sadly lame in one leg. His mind is that of a cunning warrior, not a tidal wave of destructive fury. Still, Ulric is in his family’s blood and he tries hard to live up to his obligations.

Heinlich Bach – He wears the brand of an outlaw on his cheek, so has not been trusted with much responsibility. He does seem to have the fire and he endures, waiting for the day he can prove himself.

Hans Fassbinder – He is the youngest Initiate, only taken into the Temple this winter. He has an engaging personality and has a way with the flock. His small size may not make him the greatest warrior, but he can lead people if given a chance.

Johanna Fleisher – She tries hard in a cult that looks down on women. She aspires to be a Templar of the White Wolf, but had a vision that told her that her path was a long, winding one through the ‘Winter’s Frost’ and not the direct one of the Hammer and Howl. Many doubt her vision, thinking she is touched, or just making it up.

George Koch – He can best be described as bored and biding his time. His family wants him, a younger son, to enter the Priesthood, but George really isn’t priestly material, especially one of such a demanding god like Ulric.

The Temple has sixteen temple guards, 22 servants, three Catechists, and one chief attendant (Ernesta). The Chief Attendant organizes the servants and the running of the church in the absence of a priest. She is indispensable.

There is some good news (or better news if you will). There are a dozen Knights of the White Wolf in the city, with half as many squires and twice as many men at arms.

Knights of the White Wolf

Leoni Adler – She’s big, she’s bad, and she’s pissed. Personal animosity with the missing High Priest meant she was left behind while everyone else marched off to glory and honor. The fact that they may now all be dead doesn’t quench her ire. She is a Valkyre Goddess with frosty blonde hear she lets fly loose around her head, pale blue eyes, and flawless skin.

Her men would follow her into the Pits of Chaos – which is why they were also left behind. They range from equally pissed, to somewhat resigned to the fact that they will have to wait for the next war to prove themselves to Ulric. They are Pieter, Krom, Conrad, Neils, Jacob, Hagan, Lukas, Paul, Jonas, Peter, and Nicolas. Like all Knights of the White Wolf, they are sworn to protect the temple and the high priest.


You have no witchunters currently in the temple’s service. You guessed it – they went north with the other Ulricians.

You have a Litigator firm working for the Temple, Platzgraf and Sons.

The temple:

The Temple of Ulric is an imposing structure, dominating the end of a side-street. Its whitewashed walls and wolf imagery displayed on its stained glass windows makes the Temple a popular stop for visitors interested in architecture. Out front, a statue of the God of Winter looks towards the Taalbaston, one hand clutching a hammer and the other resting on the head of a large wolf. Though spattered with bird droppings, the white marble statue remains every bit as impressive as it was when first erected.

-from the book-

This was once the seat of the Ar-Ulric, the Ultimate Authority in the Church of Ulric, and it shows it. The main temple area can hold five hundred parishioners at a time, and the acoustic carry throughout. Right now the temple feels empty. It could hold fifteen Priests, twice that many Initiates, and one hundred knights. If there is one bright side, the temple is well stocked with provisions.

At any given time, four temple guardians and two knights are guarding the temple area. The other Knights can usually be seen drilling down at the marshalling field with their troops.



- von Maddenstadt

- von Horst

- von Swartzhalt

- von Rommel

- von Hammerstein

- von Bannerhof


- Klausten (run an overland service to Ostland from Talabheim. Currently hurting)

- Mannerheim (run a large pork concern – the “Barons of Bacon”)

- Blarfen (run a fur trading concern in Hochland and Ostland – business is starting to recover.)

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{For Diarmuir}

Movers and Shakers in the Underworld

-The Crimson Mask is the most notorious rogue in the city, with his daring robberies and seductions of beautiful maidens in the various noble and merchant houses. No one seems to know who he (or she) really is, not even his fence. He must be hoarding his money too, because none of the likely suspects seen with that much loot. He is the most famous of the theives.

Johann “Wings” Hauser is the most infamous criminal boss in the city. He has earned his nickname in the city for throwing people off of the Taalbaston wall (from the Ratholds). His gang runs smuggling, extortion, burglary, arson, and murder and is the toughest gang in the city. No one has testified against him and he remains a ‘free’ citizen. Bribing a few judges and ‘Dogfaces (the city watch) doesn’t hurt. They are generally known as the Enterprise and they operate out of the Geltwold.

Dieter Scriber is the leader of the second most infamous gang in the city, the Stone Cutter Gang. They operate mainly in the Tallows (the slums). They do some smuggling, but mostly pick to the rackets, pick pocketing, extortion, and assaults. Their strength is mainly in their street gangs beneath them. They have the more muscle than the Enterprise, but the E has the killers.

Antonia Mattella is an Estralian (read Spanish) fence and smuggler. Her major power lies in her ability to move hot merchandise out of the city and to find buyers for it. She fronts as a legitimate merchant concern and uses those contacts to sell to the noble and merchant families. She also employs a good number of mercenary operators for her various tasks. Her greatest ability is to operate on both sides of the law.

Ewald Beyer is the premier fence in the city, but only takes on ‘clients’ by referral. He operates out of the One Man’s Treasure in the Geltwold, but rare deals with magic. You have arrived in the criminal underworld when you finally deal with Ewald.

Bram Leichter runs an operation called the Guild. He and his small circle of members specialize in burglary, cons, and confidence games. From their base in the Tallows, they operate throughout the city, paying for information and plans for townhouses and estates. The notoriously avoid violence, and the repercussions that come from it. It is also rumored that while they will readily bribe the usual Dogface or guardsman, they refuse to bribe higher officials and officers of the watch. Maybe this is why Bram is wanted for “Crimes against the State”.

There are countless other small time outfits and street gangs, mostly in the Tallows, but young rakes operate throughout the city, dueling and making mischief.

Other organizations:

Nobbler Crumbuckle is the premier moneylender in the city, and its richest Halflings. This is quite the feat considering how poorly Halflings are received in the city. Nobbler is in constant need for people to hunt down those who owe him money and, to date, no one has escaped his reach. No one gets out of paying.

The Shields are an organization that operates in the Tallows. They act as guides and legitimate muscle for those willing to meet their prices. They notoriously not only punish the individual offenders who molest their clients, but go after the whole gang as well. They regularly employ mercenaries on a short term basis. They are run by Wulfgang Blocher.

Bernard Kohler is the town’s top bounty hunter. Like many Talabeclanders, he uses a Long bow and axe. He is currently outside the city, hunting down a city official charged with Accepting a Bribe and Corruption. Bernard is a straight shooter, honest and straightforward in his business dealings. He prefers to bring in people alive.

Guides in the city come in two flavors. Your adult guides are usually independent but are sponsored by the Merchant’s guild, or one of the Banks in the city. They advise their clients to not carry too much money and can steer them to the ‘right’ spot. Some are criminals who lure people (usually foreigners) to an out of the way spot and have a few associates ambush and rob them. A few Adult guides work both ways.

The second flavor is that of the children guides. They have a variety of reasons for doing what they do, some being criminal, but most are hard working. The criminal types are often pick pockets, or confidence boys - or girls. A few work for violent criminal elements as well, but strangely a majority of the kids are honest and are even agitating for a Guide’s Guild. Of course, their odds of success are slim.

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{boring background stuff alert!}

The city’s ruler is in this order:

Count Elector Halmut Feuerbach (missing, presumed dead)

Countess Elise Kreiglitz-Untern rules the city state and is vying for the Count Elector’s spot. She is ‘aided’ by an Advisory Council chosen from the parliament. The current Advisory Council is stacked with the countesses cronies.

There are one hundred and thirty-one aristocratic families in the city. Four are Counts, one is a Margrave, and one hundred and twenty-six are barons. There are over seven hundred knightly families (some of them in relative poverty). The aristocratic families each have a vote in parliament.

There are one-hundred and twenty merchant families, banker families, and Guild Masters that have a vote in parliament as well. The one hundred richest families are decided every ten years by net worth. The Twenty most influential guild heads hold seats as well. The head of the Jade Tower, and the High Priests of Taal, Verena, Sigmar, and Ulric have non-voting positions in the parliament.

Various factions inside the city nominate eight nobles and eight non-nobles to the Advisory Council that does the actual ruling of the city. The former ruling elite have been hastily replaced with those Countess Elise trusts and there is much ill will. Unfortunately for these nobles, the common folk love her for her sensible policies and she is often cheered in the streets when she passes by.

The Hunter’s Council

The Hunter Lords control the cities militia, City Watch, and levies to the Standing Army. - The Hunter Lords are Generals Mannfred Shultz, Chistoph Stallmaier, Detlef Kienholtz, and Joerg Hafner.

- The Standing army is commanded by Shultz who is recovering from some grievous wounds suffered in the War. The sub-commanders handle the day to day affairs.

- Stallmaier controls the Taalbaston Guard and is said to vying for the Count Elector’s position. A sub-unit of the Guard is the Tunnel Brigade, also known as The Terriers. They are tasked with shutting down smuggler routes and blocking off tunnels of unknown origin.

- Kienholtz commands the City Watch and has much influence in the city.

- Hafner commands the City Militia and leads Taal’s Chosen (an elite force) in battle. He controls most likely the largest force in the city and is believed to be in Countess Elise’s camp.

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{An addition to the Jade Tower once the Plague begins}

Fellow Magi:

Alwin Bergen is an Amber Mage (Lore of Beast Elemental) from the Taalgrunhaar Forest. He is a senior Magister close to being acclaimed as a Lord Magister. His beard and hair are turning to grey but the red of his youth still shines through. He still has leaves in his hair and beard though he has made some effort to clean up. His robes are light brown sackcloth and leather hand sown together. His belt is linked with wolves’ teeth and his necklace is of boar’s teeth. His boots are fur-lined and worn. His staff is gnarled elm with a hawk’s head on the top and leather loops of animal bones and teeth.

Elfrieda Bergen is a Celestial Mage (Lore of Heavens Elemental) of some power and youth (being barely over thirty but looking younger). She is the wife of Alwin who is much, much older than her. Her life with the Beast Mage has left her largely untouched by the wild. Her blue robes with white under-robes are of the finest silk. Her boots are blue with silver buckles. Elfrieda’s hair is raven-black and held back in a silver hair comb. She always wears a sword of ancient craftsmanship at her side.

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Major Religious Figures:

Theodoric of Taal is nearly sixty years of age and has long white hair and a white beard. His joys seem to be teaching young hunters and stealthing up and touching wild animals. He leaves the killing these days to others who need the meat. He is affable and well liked by the nobility for the access he allows them. Barring the Countess, he’s the most influential person in the city.

High Priestess Corrine of Verena is in her early forties and a former litigant of the Court of Edicts. This city is her life and she has been striving since her early days as an initiate to make the laws of the city more just and fair. She has written several books that are now studied at the University, a fact which she is immensely proud. Combatively, she is a novice, taking only the training her temple requires. It is unlikely she has ever launched a blow in anger.

Theogonist Farador of Sigmar is a hedonist, who spends only two days a week at the temple, spending the rest of his time at parties and sorties into the countryside. As would be expected, his staff is top notch. The plague must be putting a crimp in his lifestyle. It is rumored that the Order of the Silver Hammer is unhappy with his leadership.

High Priestess Gabrielle is head of the Temple of Myrmidia. She comes from Wissenland and has fought Goblins, Orcs, and Trolls in her time before coming to Talabheim. Her predecessor went with the missing Count Elector and has been considered dead. Most of her Priesthood and associated Knights of the Verdant Field have remained in the city.

Sister Karin Weber of Shallya will be representing her faction. She leads a group of Shallyan Missionaries into the Tallows. It is rumored she is an ex-prostitute who had a vision to serve the Goddess and hasn’t looked back. Expect her to have a good idea of the plague’s progress as well as a hard-line stance as to what resources should be used to aid the ailing.

Paul van Soleck, Augur of Morr, will be representing the Lord of the Dead. He is incredibly young for one of such position and power. Why the High Priest won’t be representing this Cult is up to anyone’s guess.

Priestess Klara of Manann stands for the shrine in the city. She has a small following but seems amenable to helping out the city with what little resources she has. He is relatively long and has spent most of her time on the Talabec, coming to the city only this winter. If anyone has ties to the smugglers, it is her.

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