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Warhammer: Shadows of Empire - Faces in Shadow (Character descriptions)

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Nayobee Lallaith Illuvatar Firandiel

Nayobee was born about 150 years ago in Lorien Forest as the youngest of 3 children. Unlike most Elves she felt an inner restlessness very unfit to a race of immortals. This led to quiet a many quarrels between her father and her siblings as she constantly defied her families tradition and the plans her father had for her.

Out of spite she joined a kithband of warriors to get away from home and learn the ways of the world in her fashion. Unfortunately to her fathers chagrin she did quite well as Kithband Warrior and soon joined the ranks of the highly skilled Elven Scouts.

Just when the War began she was elevated to the ranks of the most esteemed and feared Ghost Striders and almost revelled in killing the enemy. Soon rumors spread about her beliefs and conduct. Nayobee generally didn’t care about was gossiped about her and if asked she either answered with a drawn sword or an Arrow aimed very closely next to a vital part.

As the war ended Nayobee avoided going back home as good as she could. She didn’t want to face her father or her brothers. Her relation to her father was difficult enough and she only regretted not seeing her brothers whom she deeply cared for. So she joined one of her old ‘brother-in-arms’ and simply followed his lead which brought her to Untergrad. Who knew what adventures awaited them their? Nayobee for sure needed an excuse to stay away from home as long as she possibly could.


Nayobee has been exiled from Lorien Forest never to come back unless she seeked death.

She is rumoured to worship Khaine, the bloody handed God of War and Murder.

Nayobee has a tattoo with the Symbol of the bloody handed God above her left breast. Her clothes always cover that part and she keeps it hidden.

She has killed more Beastmen than most Soldiers ever get to see in their lives.

Some eyecandy:


URL for a larger version:


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Brother Wolfgang, formerly Wolfgang Johanson

Height 6ft

Weight 160lbs

Hair Brown, shoulder length, shaggy when not in a braid

Eyes Blue

Bastard son of a barmaid he was dragged up, insulted and occassionally beaten around the bar until he fled into the woods at the age of 12. After surviving a day or two on his own he fell in with a band of outlaws becoming one of them as he got older.

When Grand-Duke Todbringer started his crusade against the Beastmen gathering in the woods some of those Beastmen scattered and ended up attacking Wolfgang's home village. The outlaw band joined up with the refugees, but this time trying to protect them. They soon met up with units of the army and the Church of Ulric. Due to their knowledge of the woods the various outlaw bands were granted a pardon, over the protests of some of the nobility and bureaucracy, in exchange for acting as skirmishers and scouts for the more organised forces.

It was while fighting as a unit of skirmishers that Wolfgang's unit was assigned to assist an Elven unit which included Nayobee. After a few months fighting together they got separated from what remained of their units when they got caught between two Beastman units. Fleeing into the woods together they made their pursuers pay a high price before they decided again to split up. Both made it back to their own forces, in Wolfgangs case by stumbling across a unit of the Order of the White Wolf. While healing the injuries he had taken during this last encounter Wolfgang stayed with the Order and soon became an Initiate of the Church of Ulric. Always remaining with the fighting Orders and War Priests based out of Middenheim, despite his background he has succeeded in acquiring the required academic knowledge. Over the last 4 years Wolfgang has slowly made his way in the Church until he recently was called to be a Warrior Priest by his god.


[Crater Gate Watch] - there is a new 'Priest' of Ulric in town, but either he or one of his party is really a witch hunter.

[Crater Gate Watch] - the new Priest is a rabble rouser, he almost started a riot

[peasants outside the crater gates] there is a new highly charismatic Priest of Ulric in the city.

[ulric's Fighting Orders in Talabheim] - Poor old Mannfred couldn't wait to thrust the Lord Fangship on the new Warrior Priest.

[ulric's other clergy] - the new Warrior Priest couldn't wait to usurp Lord Mannfred's position.

[All at Temple of Ulric] - The War Priest - Lord Fang bears a relic of Ulric!

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Name: Diarmuir (Elven for "Lost" or "Accursed")

True Name: Felix of Altdorf

Aliases: Twice-Sighted, Two-Gaze, The Eyes of Frost and Summer

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140lbs

Age: 27

Hair Colour: Copper

Eye Colour: One copper, one pale grey

Distinctive Features: See eye colour

Physical Description:

A handsome man in his prime, the scars and nicks he has picked up during the course of his rise to the top of the criminal tree serve only to add an air of dangerous roguery to his appearance. Although of slightly less than average height, he projects an aura of casual confidence that makes his size and build irrelevant. Anyone with a discerning eye can tell that Diarmuir carries no spare fat on his body, every muscle group honed to a fine edge under the unremarkable clothing. His most unsettling feature is his eyes: one molten copper, the other pale wintery grey. Gossip is that he can see into mens hearts (and womens too), and that those eyes are the source of his power to do so. Diarmuir does nothing to confirm or deny these rumors: after all, he started them a long time ago, and nothing breeds respect like a little supernatural fear and uncertainty.

Typically when travelling/working, he wears his dull black leather armor over durable travelling garb, topped with a shapeless brown oiled leather hat and a brown oilskin cloak that comes down to his ankles.


Born in the gutters of Altdorf to a waterfront whore, the boy called Felix quickly took to a life of petty crime, lacking any real alternatives: the temple schools bored him, the militia seemed to be little more than trained dogs for the priviledged nobility. Blessed with ambition, keen wits, good reflexes and a ruthless edge for survival, Felix quickly climbed to the pinnacle of Altdorf's underworld, becoming a master thief whose exploits were the talk of the taverns, wine halls, and even the balls of the nobility after a while. He took the name "Diarmuir", from the Elven word meaning 'Lost' or 'Accursed', and Felix the cutpurse became dimly remembered against the tales of Diarmuir's daring exploits.

Eventually, Altdorf grew too small for the accomplished thief. The head of the local thieves guild was nervous that Diarmuir's growing support amongst the rogues of the city might encourage the younger, more vigorous man to replace him. Using a classic trick, he arranged for a noose to tighten around Diarmuir's neck, then offered him money and safe passage from Altdorf if he would leave peacefully. Weighing his options, and knowing what the wily guildmaster was up to, Diarmuir shrugged, smiled, and took the money.

He currently makes his living on the road, moving from town to town and village to village, using his prowess to track down wanted men and women. He kept his trade name, to better strike fear into his prey. It's a nice living... but sooner or later, Diarmuir knows he won't be content with hunting down pathetic wretched outlaws and debtors anymore.


Rumors and Gossip:

Click to reveal.. (For Those With Criminal Ties)

Diarmuir is a Master Thief from Altdorf, a daring and ruthless rogue who has pulled off some truly impressive heists and cons in his time. Rumor has it that the guildmaster of Altdorf arranged for Diarmuir to be chased out of the city so that the younger man would be no threat to his position.


The man Diarmuir is a bounty hunter, a mantracker for hire who never fails to collect a mark. He is said to be lethal with crossbow or knife and can move like a shadow at midnight.

He has eyes of distinctly differing colours, though few tales can agree exactly on which colours.

What is well-known is his primary weapon, a beautifully made double crossbow with which he seldom misses a target.

It is believed that he is a disgraced assassin or former criminal who has turned to bounty hunting.

Some have heard the tavern tales from Altdorf of Diarmuir Two-Gaze, master thief with the strange eyes that can read a man's soul. It is not hard to connect that Diarmuir with the bounty hunter.

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