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Aberrant: In the Beginning - ** The Story So Far - Plots Untwisted Here **


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Previously, on In The Beginning...

In the beginning, there was N-Day. We followed a series of eruptions that all led up to the new novas being invited to the Aeon headquarters compound in London, England. Here we were introduced to Maxine Mercer, the head of the Aeon Society, and several other noteables including a man named Shelby who had, alone of known novas, erupted prior to N-Day. Aeon had kept him a careful secret until now; the day of his public introduction.

After an encounter at the Aeon luncheon with a fire-based nova who threatened briefly to do damage to life and property, it was revealed that not everyone in the world approved of super-beings gathering under Aeon's banner. A suitcase-sized nuclear device was detected on the person of a representative from China. Quick thinking and quick action saved the lives of all present, though nearly killed the man who would be Pax. Thanks to the intervention of Titan Omega and the transformed Michael Johnson, he was saved and took on the name Caestus Pax...the Iron Fist of Peace.

Some time passed, and the fledgeling Aeon was primarily busy with its tests and research. Finally they sent the team out though in response to a call from frightened police who had a new eruptee they couldn't handle. The nova team was able to disrupt the golden-skulled, crazed eruptee, and knock him out...thus allowing him to be brought in safely for observation and counselling. More new novas began to join, and then there were some strange disappearances.

Novas vanished, in some cases right out of Aeon's halls. Clues were pieced together, and it was discovered that there was another 'supernova' besides Pax. A being calling himself Ra, who claimed to be the actual living Phaeroh restored after all these years. With seemingly limitless power, and capable of apparently manipulating the powers of other novas, the situation looked grim. But Egypt was under siege from Ra and his followers...doing nothing was not an option. The team transported to the great pyramid and braced Ra in his lair. After a clever use of respective noggins, they managed to cure the ancient being's madness. Horrified at what he'd done, Ra returned those he'd stolen and left the Earth...presumably forever.

The most recent chapter opened with another set of new eruptees, many of whom disappear again shortly after erupting. We quickly learn however that these folks have in fact been moved to the future, where Pax has become tyrannical in his power, and Aeon and their Utopia Project have become little more than a global police state dedicated to absolute control of quantum powers on the planet.

Meanwhile the gang back at Aeon were awakened with another breaking development. A submarine had been lost off the south British coast, and the rescue operation for that sub was in need of rescue itself. Consistent reports of acrid fumes and hulls and props failing made it sound like something strange was happening to the water itself. Once there, Juno and Katalyst investigated underwater, while the others evacuated the ship and tried to get people to safety before the hull buckled once and for all.

...and now, the ongoing story continues.

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Who's Where Doing What?

Under The Sea With Aeon (Run by Carver)





Michael Peters


Fighting The Man Of The Future (Run by Max)

HG Jones

Joe Smith

New Challengers Erupt!! (Run by Max)

Michelle Rassner



Solo Threads (Run by Max or Carver, depending)

Richard Stevenson

Peter Bell

Titan Omega



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