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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Post your character profile

Justin OOC

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I would like each of you to post a profiel for your characters here, a sort of refresher for who they are, and what they want and do.

Posting a sheet is NOT required, but just tell a little bit about how your character veiws the world and the others in the party.

IF Everyone does this then everyone will be awarded 2 CP

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Name: Noha Bahram of The Circinus Federation (now Satoshi, as well)

Rank: Sergeant

Pilot of Atmos

Noha is a very disciplined soldier. His uniform is always pristine; he follows orders to the letter, and his equipment (which primarily means Atmos) is always well maintained. He is deeply devoted to his people, and despite recent events, for him "we" still refers to The Circinus Federation, even though he bears no ill-will against the Satoshi.

So far he hasn't had a whole lot of interaction with others, but he appreciates that Saito seems to be rather business minded, and he is intrigued by Ruri. He also likes that she seems very capable and knowledgeable. He respects ability.

(((OOC: Is that more or less what you wanted? I can add more/tweak it later.)))

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Name: Valerie de Quebedo

Backstory: Standing at 5'5'', Valerie is a half-german, half-Spanish daugther of a pair of renowed scientist pioneers on robotics and energy engineering. This was in a different dimension, in a different Earth.

Valerie was raised by her parents as a normal girl, but a horrible accident caused by rival companies sabotage resulted in Valerie and her parents life work to be catapulted across the multiverse.

The trip was catastrophic for the girl as the change in dimensions literally torn her body apart, but she was lucky for once in her life, for she had ended her trip on a similar earth to her home where her parents inventions where used to repair her broken and mangled body, she became better, faster, stronger and smarter. She stopped needing to breath and could never age again.

She was told of the fate of the things that had landed with her, most where used on her recovery but a lot simply dissapeared again on a second dimensional jump. Readings said that she would have a second jump herself before she was stable, and her only possible way of tracking her way back home would be with her parents inventions.

Her second jump took her straight to Earth Prime, where after a year of living in this earth's Japan she foudn the first of many relics her parents had made. The Stock der Zauberei (AKA Staff of Magic) a cylindrical staff that can channel ambient energies and turn them into different physics ignoring effects, like flight or energy fields. She is now living alone, attending a local High School, joining the Archery club to meet with other schools and the Student Council to meet with a lot of students on her own school, she plans on finding a mythical Key to her dimension or other dimensions, to find the relics her parents left behind before she can go home again.

Description: Valerie is a 5'5 slender girl with short silver hair and large honey colored eyes, she has an unassuming body, but there is just something about her that makes men and women alike feel like mothering and protecting her, without counting the ones that want to do much more with her. Most of he body moves with servo-motors and comuter machinery, but they are silent enough to not be noticed,

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Eiji Tanaka

Joint Lt of CRT-3

Description: 5'10" tall with black hair and grey eyes he is of average appearance, although with a wiry, gymnasts, muscular build.


Eiji comes from a line of Ikarian's who were trapped on earth when the direct gate was closed decades ago. His great-grandfather was an Ikarian Mage who once trapped here, was contacted by SHI and given both a job and protection. Eventually he was passed on to assissting the few Kage who had moved over at the time with codifying their history and artefacts. It didn't take long before he married a Kage and they had several children. His grandfather became a Kage warrior, having little or no of his father's magical ability, but he did marry another Ikarian who had become stuck here.

From an ealry age, before he could even walk, Eiji's body was started along the body conditioning required to excel as a Kage warrior. He trained and indeed worked in this capacity from the age of 12, but when he reached the age of 18 the odd occurences that had occured around him from time to time became more pronounced and it was obvious that he was almost bursting with the magic potential of his Ikarian ancestors. For the next 5 years he split his time in three, working in the CRT teams, his work and training with the Kage and his work with the Mystics of the Kage on developing and controlling his magical ability.

Most of his ability at this stage in his life has been channeled into enchanting himself to increase his ability in the field, thus gaining abilities such as Armour, Regeneration etc. Despite this he has learnt/developed a few spells which fit with the classic elemental roots of his Kage Ninja training.

Eiji has always had a strong sense of duty, regard for others and self-honesty. Even when he has been ordered to perform a mission that he felt was dodgey or just plain wrong he has the strength of self to acknowledge that even while carrying out the mission. He is proud to have been chosen to assist in the protection of the the SHI leadership and the furtherance of their goals.

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Name: Vanessa "Velocity" Blake

Identity: unclear

Weight:~100 lbs

Height: 5'7"

Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Age: 16


Vanessa Blake is a school drop out. She had been formerly more on the chubby side and an outsider at school but once she got her powers that changed dramatically. Suddenly she was pretty (Attractive 4) and her body virtually transformed into a top athletes defined and leaned shape. She dropped out of school pretty fast after that thinking that with superpowers she wouldn't need any stupid schoolstuff to do.

The real reason for her drop out is her very damaged relationship to her parents. Her father has been sent to jail when she was a little girl and her mother constantly tried to keep things together made her grow a huge grudge against them. Only her brother Daniel made her stay at home and not leave without a trace.

Daniel quickly replaced her father as her father-figure and Vanessa gave him all the love she had to a point where it may got on his nerves. Especially since he has a steady GF now. Vanessa understands that her brother has his own life and that he isn't her dad but sometimes she wished he was her real dad. She never visited her dad in jail, having built up too much hatred for him being gone when she needed him the most and her mother, although a loving and caring mother just couldn't reach her anylonger. Vanessa retreated into her own world and secluded herself very much. She drowned her worries and fears with regular eating binges until her youthful metabolism couldn't compensate any longer and she was slowly getting fat; which added more to her misery and self loathing.

After her change she literally stripped off her former live. Very much like being reborn Vanessa suddenly got lively and energetic. She revels in her powers and thinks little about consequences (which is a great deal due to her lack of knowledge/education). She is not stupid or dumb, she just missed some basics at school which she never cared to learn. She could be considered clever if someone put her under his wing. Vanessa is of lean, athletic built close to Olympic sprinters at their peak condition. Her skin has gotten ashen white when she changed and feels rough to the touch like Kevlar or a sharks skin. She retained her sensibility though, it just feels like her skin is tougher than average. Vanessa has intensive green eyes and red hair that reaches just past her chin, long enough to make a small pony tail with it.

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Name: Georgi Illyev

Age: Unknown, but looks to be about 35.

Weight: 98 Kg

Height: 2 Meters

hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Georgi is an ex-Russian colonel and black-ops soldier who was designed for a singular purpose: infiltration and elimination. He is proficient in all weapons, but prefers to use guns. Physically, he is perfection in muscle tone and mass. His body was subjected to genetic alteration and enhancement which has given him an incredible regenerative ability as well as heightened senses and reflexes. In fact, Georgi doesn't think it is possible that he can die, and has in many cases sustained injuries fatal to most people, only to rise and continue the fight. This modification has come at a cost however: he does not know his past or how long he has been alive. All he has are nightmares of a past he can't remember. For all he knows, he could be hundreds of years old, and has 'died' thousands of times.

The nightmares all surround dismemberment, pain and death. Somehow his subconscious mind stores the memories of his countless deaths and he relives them in his mind nightly. Rather than suffer Post Traumatis Stress Disorder, the horrors of battle are shunted into his subconscious. Sometimes he fears that this bridge between his past and his current experiences will collapse and he will be unable to handle the truth of his life and past.

Personality wise, he is loyal and friendly, if a bit callous towards weakness and cowardice. He believes strongly in justice and integrity and will put his life in jeopardy before that of his friends and fellow soldiers. Out of a sense of duty, he became a teacher at Jindai high school where he sought to teach other students the merits of hard work and honor.

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Name: Sakura Sonja Terra

Age: 18

Hieght: 5'8"

Wieght: 117 lbs

Hair: White (Usually)

Eyes: Pale Blue (Usually)

Sakura is the daughter of a male Asrai Seraph (native of Aradia, also known as angels), and a female Human demon hunter. As such, she possesses some unusual capabilities from both of her bloodlines, indeed, she may even surpass them both in potential at least, if not actuality. She was raised by her mother, with some help from her father, though due to his duties, he was gone about as often as he was around. This was in part due to her mother's duties as well, as she fought as a demon hunter, and felt her primary duty was on earth.

She is very attractive, an truely angelic beauty, whose hair went completely white by the time she was 12, likely due to her mixed genetics, which gives her a unusual look, but most of the time she looks human. When she calls upon her powers, however, and manifests her wings, her hair and eyes become tinged with a sort of rose hue.

In her youth she would often move between Aradia and Earth a lot, spending time getting to know both of her peoples. The last few years she started training, both with her mother on Earth, and with her father in Aradia, to become a warrior. A defender of those who need her aid, something both of her parents have encouraged. She has sought this in part because greatest passions include a hatred for evil and injustice. On a different note, she is not all warrior, and belives in taking joy in life when she can, as her mother taught her, she's developed a deep love of song and dance.

Physically, she appears to be a young human girl, of almost flawless beauty, an rather exotic and unusual look of her hair having turned white prematurely. This might make some look strange, but it seems to suit her, and add to her beauty, which is the sort to draw one's gaze, she is quite lovely. Her beauty has an etheral almost angelic quality to it, she seems almost like a jewel in some ways.

However, to judge this young woman by apperances could very well be the last mistake anyone makes. Her movements are those of a highly trained and capable warrior, who appears to be in increadibly good shape. It also becomes quite clear in battle, that she's about as frail as titanium reinforced steel. She is frighteningly, inhumanly strong and tough, with enormous reserves of energy and is completely immune to the effects of aging, poison or disease. She also possesses a direct connection to what she calls the 'Eternal Light', that allows her considerable mystical power as well. She carries a blade she calls 'Crimson Blossom' that is increadible dangerous, and she has been training with the last few years.

When she unleashes her full powers, her power manifests in an interesting manner, the picture below is her about to make one of her most devistating attacks. This is also how her wings manifest when she uses any power that causes them to do so.


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Skye the Fallen


Skye appears to be frail and tiny, but this is a deception. She is healthy, just small. Her friends and family used to tease that she could blow away on the wind. Years of combat have toughened her, and someone who knows what to look for can see the muscle and sinew that makes up her body. The touch of divinity gives her an almost magical aura of health and prosperity.

From her German parents, she gets blond hair so pale that it almost seems white, and her eyes are sky-blue. Some think this is where her name comes from, but in truth, her mother simply liked the word, and didn't realize what it meant in English. Skye was raised by just her mother, as her father removed himself from their life when she was young. Her mother was a wealthy international lawyer working for the Japanese branch of her German company at the time of her death.

During her trans-dimensional travels, Skye's appearance was altered. Her ears and features became more elven, making her look like the second-class citizens of Ikaris. Her blonde hair developed black streaks; any fey looking at her would know how she'd received those features but few others would know them to be the mark of a curse. She also is constantly surrounded by a soft silver glow, a mark of Luna’s favor on her. The glow brightens and dims in rhythm with the cycle of Earth Prime’s moon, though it never fades completely, even in the dark of the moon. She was beautiful as a child; now she was exceptionally attractive, another gift of the life and power granted by her acceptance of her place in the cosmos.

Skye dresses impeccably, a trait learned from her mother, who rarely changed out of her suits. She tends to dress in the local custom as long experience has taught her the value of blending into the local culture. She dresses as close to the height of local fashion as she can manage. There are times when she dons her more Earth-like garments, favoring a taste of home.

As a preschooler in Germany, Skye learned that other children were cruel. Then she came to Japan and found that she was completely different, which made it that much harder to fit in. So she became harder and crueler than them. Many other students were dismayed to find that this fragile-looking gaijin had a sharp tongue. One of the reasons that Skye did so well was that she understood the Japanese system. She followed the rules and seamlessly adapted to the Japanese system.

Her time ‘abroad’ has changed her from the child that she was into a strong woman. She’s not without her scars, but no one lives to be an adult without some trauma. She still likes rules and still likes fitting in, but years of being a Lunar Priestess have steadied her. She now accepts her legacy as the servant and avatar of Luna. This has given her a sense of peace she lacked as a child, but the burden of her past still weighs on her.

(this lays out what Kazuo would know; no one else has this information unless stated by Justin)
The Old Man and his gift of the fans changed everything. Skye was drawn into a shadow war that she never asked for or wanted. Let others gain power and glory; she would have been happy to be a normal girl. But she found herself fighting demons around school and her social life with other students – people she barely knew and who certainly weren’t popular. But before their presence in her nightlife could destroy her standing in school, the demons took it all away. As punishment, they killed her mother and every other living being her apartment building. Skye disappeared into Toyko’s underground, letting the authorities believe that she was dead to avoid being returned to Germany. She’d never wanted to fight them, but now she burned with the desire for vengeance.

Things were hard for Skye; the stress mounted until she began to drink, party and have casual sex in her spare time. Anything that made her feel better for a little while was an acceptable action. It was in this flurry of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll that the demons were sealed away and their world saved, not that Skye remembered much of the end.

It seemed Skye could finally have the life she’d always wanted. But their victory wasn’t without cost; Kazuo was pulled into a hell dimension as the final insult of the First Head.

Of all her fellow demon-hunters, Kazuo was the one she’d liked the least. He was rude, abrasive and lived a life free to the entanglements of others’ expectations. Skye wasn’t sure if she envied or hated him, and this confusion had led to them developing an odd relationship. Yet of all the others, he was the one with whom she had the strongest relationship, in a bizarre way. Admiration or hatred – whatever it was, it was still strong. So when he was pulled away, Skye decided to rescue him. She was a demon hunter, how hard could it be?

She went to the Old Man and asked him to show her how to save Kazuo. The Old Man showed her a portal to Hell and let her pass through.

It was the worst mistake of Skye’s short life. The sixteen-year-old was quickly captured by the demons on the darkside of Bazaroth. The next year of her life was Hell, literally. The pretty young priestess was abuse in more ways than most could imagine, but she wasn’t completely helpless. Her divine protection kept them from breaking her completely or tainting her demonically. Passed from demon to demon, she managed to learn to manipulate them, catching the eyes of some of the most powerful as a protection against being abused by all.

Not all the abuse was physical. Skye’s powerful soul made her a source of psychic food and her divine nature made her all the more delicious. The demons were smart enough to not kill her by overfeeding from her. For a time, she was even kept by the second in command to the Infernal King as a handy snack. Being eaten like this was the last straw. She had made no progress toward finding Kazuo, but she hardly cared anymore. All she wanted was out.

When her chance to escape came, she took it. To her credit, she paused, imagining that she was abandoning Kazuo. But she still turned and ducked through the portal, praying she was going home. Instead, she found herself in a goblin encampment in Ikaris. Skye fought her way free, rescuing a group of elves in the process. The strange beings took her in and explained the ways of their world, teaching her their language as well as their ways.

Skye traveled with them for a time, recovering from her time with the demons. But despite their good will toward her, they made her leave when she refused to kill the cute little lizard she found. Skye went her own way, traveling the land and trying to move past the disdain she felt for herself for leaving Kazuo. She tried to work herself up to going back there, but couldn’t.

She fed herself by working the caravan route, guarding them on their run between BoneGate Stronghold and the Ocher Citadel. No one seemed to like her lizard, whom she’d named Felidae, but they still hired her. She also learned why everyone was afraid; her ‘lizard’ was actually a baby dragon. Surprised, Skye asked about dragons, learned they were sentient, and determined to return Felidae to her family. She hit the road again, but this time with purpose.

more to come as it is revealed IC
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Name: Kazuo Kanai
Species: Asrai
Gender: Male
Age: Unclear, probably mid- to late-twenties
Height: 1.85 meters (6’1”)
Weight: 90.72kg (200lbs)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Size: Medium
Distinguishing Marks: Cross-shaped scar across his forehead and right eye. Wings.

Occupational History:
Demon-slayer (position unofficial, held while still a student)
Battalion Spadan (battlefield commander) in the Infernal Legions of Bazaroth
Mercenary and freelance pilot, Orb Radiant quadrant (Cathedral Universe)
GSD Paramilitary Operations Department, Field Operative with Special Clearance

Skills & Proficiencies:
As a former Demon Hunter/Slayer, Battalion Spadan (Commander), and Paramilitary Special Operations field Agent for the GSD, Kazuo is a highly skilled combatant, with experience in virtually any environment imaginable. Additionally, he has extensive experience with deep reconnaissance, special reconnaissance, and direct action operations in both urban and wilderness environments, and within multiple different planetary ecosystems.

Kazuo’s operations-relevant skills include comprehensive knowledge and experience with intrusion and bypassing security measures, both electronic and physical, impressive tracking capabilities in both urban and wilderness environments, and proficiency at operating a wide variety of craft in nearly any environment, up to and including space-worthy fighter craft.

Powers & Abilities:
Though he is a full-blooded Asrai, Kazuo’s complete ignorance of this fact, coupled with his over-reliance on the Imperfect Guillotine artifact have left him with few of the magical abilities common to most of his kind. He nonetheless possesses a number of remarkable traits.

Kazuo stopped aging several years ago and still appears to be hardly into his twenties, and he is immune to both disease and poison. Additionally, he is capable of going for extended periods without food, water or rest, and of withstanding environmental extremes of weather and temperature. He is hardly more resistant to physical harm than the average human, but is highly resilient, capable of suffering massive amounts of damage without flagging, and possesses potent regenerative capabilities that mean even the most grievous of wounds can be healed in moments. His mental and spiritual resilience is no less impressive, and Kazuo has consistently shown himself to be highly resistant to both spiritual and mental attacks.

Like all Asrai, Kazuo possesses wings, normally quite small and easily concealable but capable of expansion to full size, with which he can fly. Likewise, he is immensely strong, significantly moreso than most Asrai in fact, though his lean (if muscular) frame belies this, and is capable of incredible feats of strength. Kazuo also possesses moderate telepathic and extrasensory abilities; though his skill with telepathy is somewhat low, as he does not favor its use in most situations, he is capable of communicating with other minds at distances of a thousand kilometers or more, and he can detect other physical objects through a method known as gravitational interferometry, allowing him to sense the infinitesimally weak gravitational fields that physical bodies give off and detect them thereby.

Kazuo’s most impressive abilities are all contained within what is known as the Imperfect Guillotine of the Celestial Dog. This ancient and mysterious artifact, originally contained in the form a simple tengu mask, allows the Asrai who wears it to transform their wings into weapons of extraordinary lethality, as well as granting a number of other abilities. Over time, and in part due to the Curse that has been placed on him, Kazuo’s connection with this artifact has grown to the point where a significant portion of the powers that the Guillotine grants have become essentially permanent (indeed, this is the source of Kazuo’s unnatural physical strength, among other things). The Guillotine’s primary purpose, however, is the transformation of the owner’s wings into a mass of layered, razor sharp blades that respond to his or her mental commands, granting them unparalleled flexibility in combat. So transformed, the wings can be used as giant whipswords that strike like chainsaws, as shields capable of deflecting nearly any attack – even multiple simultaneous attacks at once – and can launch devastating barrages of sword-size blades at supersonic velocities. While activated, the Guillotine also allows its owner to fly at speeds much greater than would normally be possible.

All of this is what the Imperfect Guillotine allows. A true master of the Guillotine, such as Kazuo has become, can call upon the Perfected Form of the Celestial Dog, unleashing powers that almost defy belief. In this Form, the wings no longer take on the aspect of the Guillotine, instead exploding into ethereal ‘feathers’ of blazingly bright raw luminosity (which, incidentally, give off tremendous amounts of radiation across multiple frequencies, and light up the average space craft’s sensors like a beacon).

Once he has taken the Perfected Form of the Celestial Dog, Kazuo is capable of direct, unprotected exposure to the vacuum of space with no ill effects, and can move through its void at tremendous speeds with nearly unparalleled maneuverability. In fact, the power inherent in the Form of the Celestial dog is so great that in-system and interstellar combat and travel is its primary purpose, and only by consciously ‘holding back’ can Kazuo safely (for those around him) engage in terrestrial battles with this Form activated. Using the Perfected Form of the Celestial Dog, Kazuo becomes – in effect – a living and highly mobile weapons platform, capable of launching devastating attacks at interplanetary (possibly even interstellar) ranges.

Appearance: Tall, built like a medium-weight boxer, heavy scarring across torso and a cross-shaped scar on the face. Looks like a Japanese male in his late teens, possibly as old as twenty or twenty-one, though he is actually older. Small wings sprout from the middle of his back, but grow to become much larger when in use. Generally appears very calm and self-assured, even unreasonably so.

Normal appearance of his wings (when not in use they are small enough to tuck against his back and hide under a coat or sweater, but grow to full size when he uses them to fly or as weapons).

Imperfect Guillotine of the Celestial Dog: Example 1 , Example 2.

Perfected Form of the Celestial Dog ((OOC: Note that his physical body doesn’t go all glowy like that, though; just the wings.))

Personality: Outspoken, direct, straightforward, rude. Kazuo is not known for his subtlety or tact in social situations. He possesses incredible strength of will however, and never gives up, even when faced with seemingly impossible odds.

Background: Born on an alternate earth, Kazuo is actually an Asrai whose egg slipped through The Whirl. Found by an Earthly couple and adopted, he was raised as a human and believed that’s all he was until only recently. His adopted father died when he was quite young however, leaving him with an adopted mother who had never bonded with the strange child as she’d thought she would when she’d first found Kazuo as an infant. Because of this Kazuo wound up growing up on the streets of Tokyo as a thug and low-level criminal.

As a teenager, Kazuo was recruited to battle an invasion of demons from Bazaroth. Along with six other teenagers who were likewise recruited, he fought against the demonic hordes (who he believed, at the time, were actual demons, from an actual hell) and defeated them. Kazuo was never able to celebrate their victory however, as he was sucked through the last of the hell-portals as it was sealed shut, trapping him on the other side with a horde of demons.

Kazuo fought his way out, and even masqueraded as a tengu demon for over a year, using the ancient artifact mask and its mystical powers to disguise his true nature. During that time he joined the Infernal Legions as a means of getting close to powerful demon lords and killing them – often as a means of promoting himself further up the ranks of the Legions and allowing him to get close to even more powerful lords in the process. Eventually he was discovered however, and his punishment was severe.

He was cursed to be an actual Celestial Dog (the literal meaning of the word ‘tengu), who were ancient celestial omens of war and calamity, and then he was sentenced to be impaled on the giant thorns of the Death Trees of Bazaroth until he died. Kazuo escaped though, and managed to fight his way to the legendary Plain of Despair, where lie the ancient corpses of the Invaders from Beyond; beings from beyond the Cosmic Web itself. There he stumbled upon a gate of the Web and found himself in the universe of Cathedral.

During his time in the universe of Cathedral Kazuo worked as a mercenary and a freelance pilot (after he’d been there long enough to learn to fly interstellar craft), doing so as a means of moving from starport to starport looking for clues about the whereabouts to his home planet of Earth. The curse of the tengu followed him wherever he went, however, and soon the Authorities of that universe began to take note of him. Rather than incarcerating or killing Kazuo however, they offered a position within the Galactic Sanitation Department (the GSD for short), an elite covert operations group, whose agents specialized in ‘troubleshooting’ the kinds of tough situations that normally required orbital railguns to resolve.

Kazuo’s work for the GSD allowed him to see even more of the strange universe he’d found himself in, and his clearance status as a covert operations agent meant that he was allowed to see and know things he would never have been exposed to otherwise. As a result, he quickly realized that he was not in his own universe any longer. He had no way of finding his way out of that universe however, save perhaps through the very portal through which he’d escaped from Bazaroth, and so it seemed he was stuck. Kazuo chose to continue his work as a GSD field operative and was still working in that position when the Old Man, a mysterious being of seeming limitless power, found him and transported him across the interdimensional void to Earth Prime.
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Name: Francis Gold

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Height: 5'11

Weight: 203 lb.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Size: Medium


Through training and minor genetic modification, Francis has developed not only a strong, wiry physique, but also an intelligent mind of great strength, and mental fortitude of high levels.


As befitting a trained, elite special agent for the CrossTime Acquisition Authority, Francis has been trained not only in various paramilitary skills, but also in various sciences, and other normally 'civilian' disciplines to maintain cover IDs. He also has a working knowledge of medical and technical fields backed up by his heavy intelligence.

Powers and Abilities

Through training and minor genetic modification, Francis has been given enhanced sensory awareness and increased optical sense range. In addition, the intensive training Francis was put through has given him impressive reactions and quick actions, accompanied by excellent marksmanship and evading enemy attacks.

However, his primary advantages come from the advanced technology of his home dimension that is assigned to him for his use. All agents of CTAA, including Francis, have been equipped with suits of Marius Infiltration Armor. The ironic acronym aside, the armor is not only highly advanced and protective for personnel, but integrates by neural link several independent other devices of high, advanced quality.

All MIA suits have included an advanced personal teleportation device that can teleport up to five people simultaneously to a maximum distance of 10 kilometers in a single jump. The device can handle dozens of jumps in a row, making long-distance 'hops' a viable means of travel.

In addition, linked into the armor is a nano-technology medical device that dispenses nano-bots to quickly and effectively knit up wounds in a matter of seconds.

Though separate, Francis wears a pair of sensors set in the shape of sunglasses, which can detect objects through infrared vision, radar and sonar at major distances.

When forced to fight, Francis uses his Metro-Tech X1 Heavy Laser Pistol, a laser-powered handgun whose charge is dozens of times more powerful than its appearance would imply. A single shot is sufficient to destroy a scout mecha, and several well-aimed shots can wear down and topple even the heavier models of mecha.

Francis also has quietly been working on his devices to see if they can be improved by tinkering.


Francis was born in the alternate Earth known as Homeline, which although an alternate dimension, mysteriously 'spun off' from the timeline of Earth Prime, creating a similar but far more advanced future, placing Francis' birth at about 170 years after the current period of time in Earth Prime.

Homeline is heavily dominated by expansionist authorities and the corporations with heavy influence. Resources of all kinds and quantities are hungered for by the economy and populace, giving especial power to the CrossTime Acquisition Authority, an international company that is the primary source of resources and information obtained through various means from other dimensions.

As a young man, Francis presented the qualities and potential that attracted a CTAA talent recruit, and Francis easily found interest in the action and pay offered to a good secret agent.

After signing the contract, Francis was cleared for being put through not only training and conditioning, but advanced genetic modification.

Once he cleared trainee testing on the fast track, he was put through a special solo challenge. Being told to track down and take out an employee suspected of being a secrecy breach on Ikaris, Francis agreed and after being dropped in alone, spent five weeks investigating until he has determined and found the traitorous woman.

Or not, as it turned out to be a very advanced test set up to confirm his capabilities. Francis soon was promoted to full agent status and went through 5 years of missions without any hitches.

Then, he was dispatched to Japan of Earth Prime to infiltrate Satoshi, when things went SNAFU as faulty coordinates and a bad landing fatally damaged his temporal jump device...

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Name: Ho Gosha (or just Gosha for short)

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Race: Gen`Ral

Weight: 75kg

Height: 5'8"

Age: 16

Title: Knight of the Wilted Rose

Gosha stands at an average height with short black hair and regal blue eyes, too blue for most to think they are normal. His body has a light frame but is quite muscular from the farm work followed by his military training.

He wears deep blue trousers, a black leather belt with a silver buckle, and sturdy leather shoes. When its not too cold he prefers walking around with his shirt off, a silver tribal-style tattoo glimmering on his back. When he does have to wear a top, if its for a function or to escape the cold, he tries to find a loose fitting sky blue shirt. For those very special occassions he also has a dark blue coat that reaches his knees, has a high collar, and is edged in silver thread.

He doesnt appear to carry any weapons or wear any armour. He does have some though, a suit of white and crimson armour adorned by a majestic helm and a katana with waves etched into the blade. Too bad these are back in his homeworld...

Aside from the most formal clothes that he has, the only other things he has with him are a thick silver necklace that was given to him as a present, (it sits loosely around his neck and has no sign of a clip to release it), a watch on his left wrist with a small crystal sticking out from the side and the face divided into five coloured segments (useless here really since time is calculated differently on his world), and on his right wrist is a silver bracelet with a chain attached to it that has a brilliant blue sapphire the size of your thumb hanging from the end just past the end of his fingertips.

One thing to understand is, on his homeworld, there is no such thing as night.

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Name: Rebecca Shirasu Rathbone

Pilot Callsign: Osprey

Mecha Name: SeaTalon

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Race: Human Caucasian/Asian mix

Nationality: British

Rebecca is a Research and Development head for Satoshi Crisis Response Team 4. While a civilian, she holds the rank of Lieutenant. Something which makes her a bit nervous from time to time. But what she loves about the role... she's the head test pilot. Every fighter, mecha, well anything that flies or walks she got to pilot. Then because of her efforts she had a chance to develop something her Father had been working on before his death from Cancer... a Dimensional Drive.

While on the first test flight of the D-Drive, Rebecca dissapeared to another world. When she returned she changed. Where once was a shy, almost child-like nerd is now a adventure tested, confident yet humble woman.

Rebecca's stance towards others makes her appear average, and non-descript. She'd like to keep it that way, since too many relations can put a damper on her research and development efforts.

When flying her mecha she wears an advanced life support suit that covers all the basics for survival if she ever had to actually leave the confines of the ejection pod that makes up the cockpit of her mecha. It's a form-fitting design, with a couple valves here and there to allow the suit to form-fit to her body by releasing any excess air from the suit when put on, a orange vest-like portion around the neck and down the front of the suit, and a matching helmet that goes with it. The suit itself houses a lot of Rebeccas' data and notes on it's internal computer. Not to mention it covers the man-machine interface for operating the mecha in tandem with it's control array.

When not in her flight suit, she pretty much wears whatever works for whatever situation. She is fond though of wearing nautical-inspired clothing... probably the reason why she called her Mecha the SeaTalon.

The Mecha - SeaTalon - XMU1-003

The SeaTalon is a brilliant piece of work for it's time, an assemblage of prototype weaponry, hardware, software and a pilot brave enough to pilot it. Thing is, while most prototype mecha would have been completely a risk to even be allowed to walk, Rebecca's design not only walks but flies. Unfortunately it's not been combat tested against a peer... yet.

Of course, SeaTalon's mind of it's own... can cause some consternation for Rebecca, but other times SeaTalon can be her closest companion.

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Name: Hideko Ozu

Age: 17

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Red

Height: 5'3

weight: 140 lbs

race: Human


Hideko started off as a young man named Hideki Ozu living in a earth similar to Nexus Earth. While on the way home from school, Hideki came a across a small device that had fallen off a passing truck. As the driver stopped to retrieve it, Hideki picked it up to hand it to him. At this point to device activated and released what can best be described as Magitech Nanites into him. By the time the drive got him to the universe's equivalent of Satoshi, the nanomachines had done their work and Hideki was permanently turned female, albheit with powers caused by them. Feeling responsible, since the device was being sent to them for study, they hired on Hideki, now Hideko while trying to figure out a way to reverse the process. About four month after the incident the company attempted to try to a experiment in hopes it would restore her to normal. Something went wrong and she was warped to the Prime Dimension aboard the Macross.

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Name: Lance Buckwalter

Age: 25


The current leader of Satoshi's top secret Specter Unit, Lance's past lies shrouded in mystery. A check of the company's classified personnel records will show that he served for several years in Satoshi's intelligence and counter-espionage division, where he was tasked with ferreting out spies and infiltrators from within Satoshi's ranks. From there he was briefly assigned to field duty under the first CRT-1. His stint with Hizashi's unit lasted only a few months however, and he has since been promoted and reassigned to his current post with the Specters following the demise of its former commander.

The existence of the secret black ops unit has been an open secret amongst the ranks of Satoshi's servicemen for quite some time now. Through the years, it has earned a fair degree of notoriety owed mostly to the corruption and ruthlessness of its former commander. Because of this, known Specters are often shunned by their comrades-in-arms in other units.

Since assuming command, Lance has been striving to clean up the public's perception of the unit and win back everyone's trust.


Lance's mere presence exudes an air of seriousness and severity that others tend to find unsettling. While his tall and slim frame isn't as imposing or as muscular as the average officer in Satoshi's service, there is something in his demeanor and the way he carries himself that commands the respect and attention of others.

His strong, facial features frame a pair of icy blue eyes, and he keeps his blond hair trimmed short in a neat military-style crew cut. When he speaks his voice has a distinct, coarse, gruff quality to it.

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