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The woman who had once been known as Elizabeth walked the streets of Matamoros wrapped in very traditional Mexican clothes. She even had a scarf over her head concealing her almost like a hood and making her look like the Madonna from classic religious art. Despite the deliberately unsexy clothing, it couldn't help but cling to her more perfect than human curves and anyone that looked upon her would know that she was an attractive woman. She could have been wearing a nun's habit and men would have still stared.

Three days had passed since her death and it was appropriate that she make her resurrection known today. In those three days she had not slept or eaten or had even a sip of water, but she still felt better than she ever had in her life. That was not to say she had not suffered. She wept for her lost life and her lost friends and she hurt. Oh did she hurt. She could feel the phantom pain in her wrists were they had been tied to the altar and in her head where they had hit her with the candleabra. Sometime this morning the pain had faded away and she was at peace at last and it was time to get on with her mission. The sign of her pain passing on the third day helped confirm what she knew to be true. She had been chosen to bring justice to the streets and punish the wicked.

And that was what she was going to do. She walked the dirty dusty streets looking for anyone who looked like a gang member or anyone doing violence. She didn't have to walk far before she came across a trio of men leaning against a wall of an alleyway and watching the pedestrians pass by with predatory eyes. Their eyes quickly lit on a lone woman with her obvious curves despite the plain clothes. "Chicka, come seet on Papi lap and I will..." She stopped listening to the vile words. She had found one in need of justice. She could see that he had a knife concealed in his hand ready to flip it open and threaten her with it no doubt.

She walked over swaying as she went drawing their eyes to her body. She pretended to be innocent and confused. "Can you help me kind sir? I need help, I've lost my way and don't know how to get back to the border crossing." As she spoke she watched their faces, her hard eyes not at all matching expression on her face. They never once looked her in the eyes and therefore did not suspect that their doom was upon them.

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