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Elle Brown

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Note: The format is stolen... err, borrowed, from Carver and Einherjar.

Elle is made on 30 NPs.

Real Name: Elle Brown

Nova Name: N/A

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 98 pounds

Date of Birth: 17th March, 1979


Elle Brown is small, thin and tanned; her short hair and large eyes are black, her tiny hands heavily calloused, and her features on the multicultural side of attractive.

Known powers:

Elle Brown has demonstrated baseline peak attributes. The report on her eruption indicates that she may possess low levels of superhuman charisma and/or manipulation.

Taint: No observable quantum backlash or aberrations.

Closing Notes: Elle Brown removed herself from the Sydney Rashoud clinic after two weeks of observation.


Elle Brown is a third-generation Australian from Macquarie Fields, Sydney, Australia: her paternal grandparents were a Scottish ex-British Army officer named Jack Johnson and his Korean wife Song Park Johnson and her father Jack Johnson, Jr. married an Italian-Australian woman named Maria after Vietnam. Trilingual from childhood, Elle completed high school in 1996 and spent two years in the Australian Army’s public service before transferring over to Social Security/Centrelink as a professional translator until December 2008.

Her eruption cut her career as a low-level public servant short. Responsible for translating an argument between a Korean immigrant trying to get unemployment benefits and a racist Centrelink colleague, she erupted through sheer frustration with both men and got them to agree somehow. Then she walked out of the office, caught public transport, and checked herself into the Rashoud clinic for two weeks.

Australis, Project Utopia and even the Teragen have tried to recruit her, only to be sent packing with a string of obscenities in three languages.

Psychological analysis:

Elle Brown demonstrates the sort of tolerance and compassion that would make her an excellent recruitment target for Project Utopia – if she hadn’t made her attitude towards factionalism so eloquently clear. She has Korean respect for elders, Italian passion and Scottish miserliness combined with Australian traits of loyalty, easygoingness and a certain apathy towards global situations.

Closing Notes:

Elle Brown appears to be unchanged by her eruption and will probably wind up trying to live as normally as possible.

Nature: Caregiver



STR: ●●●●● (Wiry)

DEX: ●●●●● (Delicate)

STA: ●●●●● (Stubborn)

Mental (Primary)

PER: ●●●●● (Picky)

INT: ●●●●● (Pragmatic)

WIT: ●●●●● (Practical)

Social (Tertiary)

APP: ●●●●● (Appealing)

MAN: ●●●●● (Persuasive)

CHA: ●●●●● (Passionate)

- (7 NP spent)


Might: ●

Athletics: ●

Drive: ●

Firearms: ●

Legerdemain ●

Martial Arts: ●● (Tae Kwon Do)

Melee: ●

Stealth: ●

Endurance: ●●● (Going without Sleep)

Resistance: ●●●

Awareness: ●● (Spotting Trouble)

Academics ●● (Multiculturalism)

Bureaucracy ●●● (Administration)

Computer: ●●

Intrusion: ●

Linguistics: ●●●●● (Native: English, Korean, Italian, Scots Gaelic)

Medicine ●

Rapport: ●●● (Emotional State)

Style: ●●●

Carousing ●●

Streetwise: ●●

Subterfuge ●

Command: ●

Etiquette: ●●● (Respect)

- (3 NP, 7 BP in Specialties)


Allies [Family]: ●●●●●

Contacts [Australian Public Service] ●●●

Influence [Eruption] ●●

Resources ●●

- (1 NP)

Quantum: ●●●

Quantum Pool: 26

Willpower: ●●●●●●● (8 BP spent)


- Aberrations:


- Mega-Dexterity: ● (Physical Prodigy)

- Mega-Stamina: ● (Tireless)

- Mega-Perception: ● (That Creepy Feeling)

- Mega-Intelligence: ● (Eidetic Memory)

- Mega-Wits: ● (Natural Empath)

- Mega-Charisma: ● (Soothe)

- Mega-Manipulation: ● (Persuader)

(21 NP)

Quantum Powers:

- Intuition ●

- Empathic Manipulation ●

(4 NP)

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