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(OOC: This is a continuation directly from Departed)

Lorean had arranged everything they wanted and left for good. They agreed to establish a base on the north pole - a fortress which only Joani could open if they needed to. It was the one way ticket back should they ever find the need to leave this place which Joani strongly doubted. Lorean also left the complete library archived in datacrystals which had documented everything they had done in their past. It was their lives put done to word, sound and picture – a past they wanted to forget and turn away from.

They had found a nice house not far away from her parent’s farm. Andrew could settle down here if he wanted. That way they would be neighbours which appealed to Joani allot.

The day of the crash was two days ago and Joani had watched from the distance repelling the urge to head out and prevent the plane from its fiery death. It was an indescribable feeling to witness the crash knowing that not only she had died there but also another 50 passengers and for a moment Joani felt like throwing up. She had to shut her eyes and ears to avoid hearing the screams of pain and death.

A week later after the accident Joani decided it was time to do what she had come for. The funeral was a painful experience and she saw how her parents barely endured it. It was obvious to everyone that something inside them had died with their daughter and recovering from that wound would last a long time. It was evening already and Joani nervously looked at Ulric. She needed him for reassurance; he was the source of her strength, her confidence, her willpower. He smiled at her putting a stray gone strand of hair out of her face. “Give me just a few minutes then I call you in. From there it is your stage I’m only around to keep watch.”

Joani nodded at him and gave him a brief yet passionate kiss. She took off and floated above the large house of her parents watching Ulric knock on the door and make his entrance. Time slowed down for her as she hoped that her idea would be well received. Her parents were in grief and she in some ways, too. It was a crazy idea but it could work out – at least her part and the way she felt was genuine.

The door opened again and Ulric stepped outside looking up and reaching out with one hand for Joani. She slowly drifted down to him and right at that moment her parents saw her. Her mother held one hand up to her face in disbelief while her father pulled her closer to him half protecting her, half seeking comfort himself.

“But this is… impossible.”, her father said while Joani landed gracefully right in front of him. For a moment they stood there, staring at each other unsure what to do, then her mother broke lose from her husband and embraced Joani. “You’re back! Thank god, you’re alive!”

Joani hugged her mother and looked at Ulric somewhat surprised. He kept his façade but his eyes told her that he wasn’t expecting that reaction. She decided to roll with it for the moment overwhelmed by the sheer joy of her mother. Joani laid her arms gently around her mother and closed her eyes. After a long moment of silence and tears of joy Joani carefully pulled back. She looked at Ulric suddenly not knowing how to proceed. “Lets get back inside.”, he suggested going first to encourage the others to follow him.

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Andrew looked at the little house and shook his head, the living space was quite literally smaller than the underground lab that Lorean had constructed for him. He looked down at himself and suppressed a laugh. He was dressed in a plaid shirt and denim overalls with tough and beaten leather boots. He looked very much like a farmer. He mounted the steps to the wide porch and settled down in the rocking chair by the front door. His laughter finally bubbled to the surface as he glanced over at the double barreled breach loading shotgun that stoop propped between the door and the chair.

He looked out on the flat Kansas landscape and laughed even louder; Supergirl had come home to Smallville.

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Talk to people was one of the easiest things in the world. You just had to act as if what they had to say mattered and that you were listening. People would open up in a heartbeat around Ulric. They would talk about pain and loss and the things held most closely to their hearts. It was his gift. It had allowed him to move nations. Now it had allowed Joani to have her parents back ... again.

If they had been suspicious that this stranger knew so much about them, they gave little sign. They were a lonely couple and happy to have the company. He had but to ask about the picture of the young lady on the mantle and everything had come pouring out. There had been no reproach to their tears. They were lonely now and abandoned by fate. He, Ulric, had little idea they would turn fate on its ear. That had been a wonderful suprise.

As he walked back into his mother and father-in-laws house, he felt a moment of dejevu. This time though, her life would be a secret. This time, her legend would be her own to craft. He could watch her, but she would have to fly, or stumble, on her own.

He too would make plans for the future. He too would know worlds to conquer. He would be loving and patient and content for a time. Time he would have to spare this time around.

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„This is my room?“, asked Joani as her mother opened the door and led her inside.

“We haven’t changed anything after the accident. I couldn’t…”, her mom stopped in midsentence.

“It is ok – I understand.”, said Joani compassionately and stepped inside. She closer her eyes and took a deep breath taking in the scent of the room. She tried hard to make it connect with a memory but drew a blank. The scent was familiar – the room designed like it was hers. She instinctively opened a drawer at her desk which her dad made himself out of one large tree in their garden and smiled at it’s content. Everything was arranged like she would have but she didn’t remember she ever did.

“I… can’t remember but it feels like mine.”, Joani smiled at her mother and practically beamed. The slight pain she felt about being unable to recall her former live was negligible compared to getting this second chance. Joani’s mother looked at her still in disbelief and elation. To her it was like a wonder – a dream come true. She saw her daughter – alive and yet she was not the same. She didn’t quite understand how this was all possible but she decided not to question it either.

Joani saw the conflict in her mother’s eyes and hugged her. “I know this is difficult to understand – I wish I could wave with my hand and make it all easier but I can’t do that. All I know is that there is nothing more I wish for than to be here with you and dad.”, Joani slowly pulled away and held her mom gently at her shoulders. Joani’s mom saw into her daughters eyes recognising her daughter somewhere deep inside and raised her hand putting a finger on Joani’s lips.

“It’s alright – I’m just glad that you are here. We sort things out as we move on. From what your husband? told me it sounded as if you travelled a long way. You two must be really hungry. Let me prepare something for you and have dinner downstairs. I let Jason open a bottle of wine and we celebrate this day.”, her mom smiled at her and took her hand leading the way downstairs to where the men were waiting.

“We’re going to celebrate this with a nice dinner.”, announced Joani’s mother and smiled like only a mother could.

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