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Aberrant: Stargate Universe - The Rumor Mill

Mr Fox

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((This is the place to post interesting rumors that might be going around the base. Please don't post anything that could effect the game in a negative way without checking with me first.))


The Specialists have been jump-started along the path of Ascension and could ascend at any time. Once they do they will be able to protect Earth from all her enemies.

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Sgt. Declan Perault is probably hands-down the scariest of the Specials. Even Lt. Wright has been heard to refer to him as 'The Beast', which seems to be the closest the man comes to 'I wouldn't fuck with THAT guy'.

Some Airmen overheard him muttering to himself as he was walking to breakfast the morning after the Kiki Nass disaster. The muttering sounded like he was arguing with someone.

People say that if you look into Sgt. Perault's eyes you can see your own death, like a TV image or something.

Perault was never human, and that's not his real name. The top brass know who he really is and keep it a secret to the point of giving him a new identity complete with birth records. He's a killer android designed for war that was found in the ruins of an Ancient city on some far-off world. Jackson and Carter were able to imprint a basic human personality on him and he's learning how to be a real guy.

Postscript to previous rumor: Apparently he has all the relevant parts to fully imitate a human being. Like Data from TNG.

Perault was more heavily modified by the NID than the other specials. They laced his skeleton with some high-tech metal and put circuitry in his brain so that- *Carter, coming upon the gossiping crowd*: "That's enough, Airman. Quit talking crap and get back to work!"

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"Hey Avers, did you hear about Teflon?"

"No, what?"

"Word is that him and that librarian chick had a fight."

"No way! What about our ribs!?"

"Well Vinny's been seen down in fabrication working on something."

"Probably a coffin for...what's his name....Perault!"

"Why? That guy gives me the goddamn heebie jeebies, they say he eats babies."

"Well Singletary told me she has seen Perault going into her room nearly everyday."

"But he's on her team isn't he?"

"Yeah, well, they are pretty tight-knit."

"Guess so, how can she sleep next to that guy?"

"Probably wears her out to the point of exhaustion, she's been looking like shit lately, too much sleep and sex if you ask me."

"Yeah, k, I gotta go, we still on for golf Saturday...?"

"You bet your slice on it."

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"Hey, that black doctor, the one on 21? Did you hear what she said to Warren?"

"No, what?"

"'I can hear what you're saying about me.' He said they'd waited until she was well around the corner - she was almost to the next section."

"Some of the orderlies in Med were saying that she can hear anything said on the base. He overheard Dr. Frasier saying that she can hear radio waves."

"Oh, man... that's creepy. Time to learn sign language."

"No kidding."

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"What's up with hiking gear; I thought you opted for the aquatics class."

"Yeah, not with that thing sitting at the bottom of the pool all the time. It's just not natural."

"What thing?"

"That girl. The one that came through the gate. She just sits down there and stares at us when we're there. She doesn't breath."

"Yeah, I heard her skin is weird too. Like she can make it look like clothes and stuff, and all she ever eats in the mess is cake and ice cream. Then again, I heard that one of the other fre- er, Specialists, can turn into anything. That's creepy."

"This place is turning into freak central, man. I mean, Teal'c was weird and hard to get used to, but he's a soldier, y'know? And the only freaky thing about him is the snake in his gut from being a Jaffa. He's pretty close to normal."

"I wonder how long it'll be until they try to make everyone in SGC 'Specialists'?"

"That is not what I signed up for. Freaky aliens with snakes in their heads I can handle. People, humans, gettin' turned into ginue pigs and freaks is way beyond 'protect and serve'."

"No shi- crap, here comes one of them. Act normal."

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"Hey Avers!"

"What dude, you on fire?"

"Ribs are on!"


"The barbeque, we're still gettin' our ribs!"

"You're crazy, I heard that the bet was shutdown, librarian chick PMS or some crap."

"Yeah, the bet is off, but Vinny told Simpson that when he got back he'd smoke the racks, already had 'em shipped."

"Well slather me in sauce and call me pulled pork!"

"Dude, that was stupid."

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"So here's a question... if she's the hot, female Daniel Jackson, does that mean if Wright and Jackson were gay, they'd be dating?"

choke "You fuck! Gah! Beer burns when inhaled!" cough, cough "That is a tough question. I think it depends on whether gay-Wright likes his men as soft as straight-Wright likes his women. They say that the librarian chick is all mental - can't even take a punch very well."

"All mental? I just want her for the physical."

"Dude, you'll get the clap. She's been in everyone's bed, 'cept maybe O'Neill's. And I heard she was in his office begging him really hard for something a couple of weeks ago."

"Man, I wish she'd beg me for somethin' - I'd give it to her. I'd risk freak-clap for that."

"Would you risk death from the hand of whichever of her fuck-toys got you first?"

"That's only... what? Wright and Perrault right?"

"Nope, she's been seen flirting with Caine, Hawke and then some non-specialists, too. And... man, 'only' Wright and Perrault?"

"Equal-opportunity slut?"

"Sounds like it."

"Hmm. Totally bet she'd do me, then."

"Dude..." sigh "Nevermind. Yeah, she'd totally do you. Just keep that in mind when you cry yourself to sleep while masturbating tonight."

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"So Teflon and the librarian are an item, huh?"

"Yep, but I hear she's still doin' Perrault nightly."

"Ooph. Poor Wright, getting cuckolded by The Beast."

"Poor Wright?"

"Yeah, I got a soft spot for him. I used to play poker with Hadley. He was fond of the bastard, with good reason to hear him talk. Major'd be rolling in his grave if he knew what she was doing to him."

"Yeah, and he'd better watch out or he'll get nailed with a rape charge."


"There's this sergeant who said she'll accuse you of raping her if you sleep with her and piss her off. She did that to him, years ago."

"Oh, shit... that can get you a death sentence under the UCMJ, if you get the right tribunal."

"They wouldn't execute a specialist."

"Not even if the accuser sleeping with Dr. Jackson?"

"That's just a rumor-"

"My friend saw them ducking out of a supply closet. They couldn't even wait until they got to a room."

"Damn. But you know what's sad? I'd still risk a rape charge to hit that. Apparently, she's a screamer."

"That's because you're a horny idiot."

"Hey, she apparently can satisfy four men at once. I so want a piece of that action."


"No shit and that was before she was a specialist."

"Still, it's got to be like throwing a hot dog down a canyon, man."

"Don't care. The Artifact tightened up everything else on her - bet it took care of the echo chamber, too." pause "Say, if you were such good buds with Hadley, are you going to warn Wright?"

"Fuck no. I like my teeth where they are, thanks."

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"Hey, check this out."

"What? What the fuck - this picture's grainy as shit, man!"

"I know, I know - I got a cousin, she took it on her cell phone and sent it to me. She's a waitress down at that cave restaurant - Anne's Icebox."

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, look at this one."

"Hey, ain't that one of the new specialist chicks? The one doin' exercises in the gym all the time on that frou-frou gymnastic equipment?"

"Yeah - that's her. Jackie said this kid fell, and that chick just jumped after her, caught her in mid-air an shit."

"Well, so what? At least one of these creeps is good for somethin'."

"Yeah, but why the fuck didn't she get in trouble for it? They're not supposed to go around showin' off and shit, are they? Jackie said it was unreal, she just dropped, like, fifty feet or something, and all she did was fuck up her hand a little. Kid didn't have a scratch on her."

"What, you'd rather she let the kid go splat all over the floor?"

"No, but.. I still think they're getting preferential treatment. If any of us made some kinda slip like that-"

"Man, we can't do that kinda shit."

"Yeah, but you know what I mean.. she slipped up and showed off her powers, you think if one of us slipped up and mentioned their powers, we'd get a free ride? Bull shit, if you ask me."

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"So what's up with all the freaks bein gone? Haven't seem them at all in a couple weeks."

"Well, I heard they are out on an important mission to save the galaxy, something that no regular soldier could survive..."

"Nah, I heard that the General petitioned the Asgard to take them away and fix them since they were getting out of hand."

"Yeah, that sounds possible, who else could deal with them. I bet there in some alien prison right now."

"I hope they aren't getting probed, you know in the butt. As freaky as they were they were ours. I wouldn't wanna seem em hurt by aliens.

"Yeah, that silver eyed one scared the fuck outta me but I wouldn't want them left to the aliens, even the Asgard."

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"Did you hear? Two of the Specs are dead, two are fled, and the one's left are just a token squad. All the good ones got reassigned to the CIA or some shit."

"Damn! A lot can change in a couple weeks. I go home for the holidays on leave and come back and everything's all changed. Is that what happened to the General?"

"Nah, he got busted trying to defend the Specs. He was a good man, he'd have taken a bullet to defend any one of us. Damn shame."

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