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Mutants & Masterminds: Future Imperfect - Slipface

z-May Allman

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The hunter. The hunted. All in all, Nana wanted to be anywhere else than in the City of Sin. And she certainly didn't want to be here while looking for another being.

The desert wind was cold, and Nana drew her jacket tighter around her deceptively plumb frame. This is what she hated most about Las Vegas - it was cold enough to freeze beer at night. Back home in New Orleans, the humidity off the lake kept the nights nice and warm.

Two youngins dodged around her like they were playing kickball, laughing and grabbing each other's hands. Nana stared as they practically danced into one of the all-night wedding chapels. They looked to be twelve. Shaking her head, she quietly wished them luck. They would likely need it. Marriage was hard work. She remembered being married. She'd never been, but the memory had been given to her.

It was sad that she'd missed a man who'd never been.

She pushed her way on down the street, but it was obvious: she needed help with this one. She quickly consulted The Others, then turned and began to head toward one of the casinos.

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