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Aberrant: 200X - Who wants to go for a boatride?

Ryusei Hideyoshi

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So The idea for a boat party out of San Francisco came up in chat, and it's been decided that this sounds very fun, and I have procured us the use of a large party boat specifically for this.

The party will be March First In San Francisco, at Pier 21. If you want alcohol of a specific variety bring it yourself as I cannot legally purchase it in the states.

All novas are welcome to this party, with the only stipulation that you leave any grudges on the dock. We will head out to international waters and see just how much fun we can have. We'll begin boarding around three in the afternoon and leave port at Four.

I look forward to seeing everyone again.

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Originally Posted By: Fianna
Sorry- wrong side of the country for me, and too many responsibilities. You guys have a great time, though!

Showing depressing good sense there, Fianna. frown

You know how nova parties go... It'll start off as a 3-day pleasure cruise and end up as a 3-month reign of terror as the party-goers turn pirate and pillage their way up and down the Pacific coast looking for booze and munchies.

Come to think of it, that sounds like fun. I'll bring my sword.
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