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Physical description: Pasquale is a tall, handsome young man, olive skin and dark hair bringing out striking blue eyes. There is a small scar about his left eye, the only thing to marr his beauty. He carries himself gracefully, like a dancer. Albeit an amateur one.

Name: Pasquale Di Bella

Nova name: BrokenSunlight

Age: 20

Nature: Architect

Allegiance: Teragen

Path: Marvel

Strength: 2 Stamina: 2 Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 4 Appearance: 4(graceful) Charisma: 5(commanding) Wits: 4(quick) Intelligence: 5(intuitive) Perception: 3

Perform 5(Flute), Athletics 2, Rapport 3, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Arts 2, Command 2, Etiquette 1, Academics 2, Style 3, Carousing 2, Seduction 2

Quantum: 5

Taint: 4

Willpower: 6

Aberration: Unearthly Beauty

Empathic Manipulation 3 (Weakness: Linked to the playing of music, Strength: Extended Range)

Elemental Mastery: Sound 4 (Blast, Enhance/Diminish, Storm, Imprison)

Mega-Appearance 2(Almost Live), Mega-Manipulation 2(The Voice), Mega-Charisma 2(Commanding Presence, Performance Prodigy*), Mega-Wits 1(Artistic Genius), Mega-Perception 1(Synesthia)

Flaws: Blindness

Backgrounds: Resources 3, Contacts 2(Music industry and a Terat), Node 2

Linked to Music: This power only works while the character is playing music - in this case, a flute. The player must play the instrument and roll a power check. All statistics are tied to the music, thus when when the player stops playing the powers effects immediately end(despite any left over duration).


6 NP to Mega-Appearance 2

6 NP to Mega-Manipulation 2

6 NP to Mega-Charisma 2

3 NP to Performance Prodigy Enhancement

3 NP to Mega-Wits 1

3 NP to Mega-Perception 1

16 NP to Elemental Mastery 4 (2 Tainted)

9 NP to Empathic Manipulation 3

3 NP to Attributes

3 NP to Quantum (Tainted)

7 Bonus Points to Quantum

6 Bonus Points to Willpower

1 Bonus Point to speciality

*(Pending approval. Assume those points are banked until/unless that happens.)

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Pasquale was born in Florence, Italy, the bastard son of an otherwise poor, devout Catholic woman named Anna Di Bella. He lived an unremarkable life in the poorer districts of Florence, his voracious mind devouring the few scraps available to him.

Pasquale was always a precocious, sociable child, with a deep interest in music and painting. He joined the Church as an altar boy, gaining a few tidbits of education and offering the Church his piercingly beautiful singing voice. He largely taught himself to play the flute; his mother could not afford lessons, but helped him procure all the manuals he needed, and by the age of fourteen he'd built up a modest talent.

Progress in painting - and eventually philosophy - came more slowly. For both he enlisted the help of a priest named Father Luciano. But progress ended abruptly when Pasquale was sixteen. He fell down a flight of stairs, giving him a mild concussion that went untreated for some time and resulted in his blindness.

The next two years were some of the worst in his life. He tried to adjust; letting go of visual art was hard, but he managed. His solace was in music. And to cut to the chase, as it were, it was in the midst of one long, winding, clunky, impossibly difficult composition of his own that he erupted.

Now Pasquale is not sure what to do. He has continued to develop his philosophical ideas in very Neoplatonic directions, his sight allows him to resume painting, and with his musical ability as a nova he has begun to make a name for himself and earn some money for he and his mother. He's shown some sympathy for the Teragen cause, but how far this goes is a mystery.

His nova name is a poetical reference to the way he seems to 'hear' light and color.

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