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Aberrant: 200X - It Feels Good (Everyman)

Adrian Moss

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It feels good to kick their teeth in. It feels great to smash their faces until their noses are flat and bloody. It feels fantastic to see the surprise, pain, and agony on their faces as you rip away what makes them special and then shove your fist down their throat. God, I love my job.

I wasted the fucker. That’s why they brought me in. Well, actually they brought me in because I’m damn good at this kind of crap, and I can be counted on to kill those bitches and bastards they can’t afford to take alive. I’m their man. I’m their dog. I’m their finally motivated killing machine … and you wouldn’t know it by looking at me.

This time they were Terats. I really don’t care. They all whine like little bitches when I get my hands on them … and their powers are shot to shit. This guy was a mind-bender. Before I gave him the shot, I could feel him trying to crawl around my mind. His skin was like glass and it shattered like glass when I hit him … again and again.

The doctor says I have rage issues. She says I have spent too much time taking on the worst that the Nova Age has to offer and their sickness has poisoned me. I think that’s a load of crap. In my Mind’s Eye, the crap is getting worse and needs a harder response to deal with it. There are too many selfish, loathsome bastards out there getting away with it for me to just sit back and take a vacation. I’m needed on the job.

The Directive loves me. They love me because I love my job and I get results. I’ve been around since the beginning and I’m still going strong. None of the Quantum Backlash Whiny-Baby crap for me. No sir reeh. I’m taint free and plan on staying that way. They only taint I’m going to pick up is going to be in the blood of those I’m beating down. I should say to death, but some novas luck out and the bosses want them alive. Then it’s off to the Forgotten City for them. It is too good for them really. Anti-social novas need to have spikes driven into their nodes and their dead bodies held up on display.

You either play ball, or you go under. That’s my motto. Same goes for those human freaks who yammer on about freedom and rights, kicking the foundations of civilization while soaking up all the benefits it has to offer. At least the poor scum suckers that follow some bottom-feeding nova into a cult have an excuse. They are just weak-willed wastes of flesh, not an active disease burrowing for the core. They can’t see what wretched dreams these cock-sucking Nodelings have in store if they every come out of the closet. They ignore the threat. Pity they won’t let me kill some of them off in my spare time. I question that order daily, every time I log onto the Net and read their hate-filled anarchistic crap. I know right were to stick the barrel when I pull the trigger.

We are cleaning up now. Time for the baseline team to come in and high-five themselves while I take a towel and wipe myself clean. They tell me I’ve done a good job. I have to agree. I’ve done a hell of a job. If they let me, I would take a tally stick with me to remind me of every one of the Taint-Jobs I’ve erased from existence. Bully for me.

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