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Name: Keiko Daniels

Nature: Architect

Gender: Female

Age: 20


Strength **

Dexterity *****/*****

Stamina ***

Charisma ****

Manipulation ***

Appearance ****

Intelligence ****

Perception ****/*

Wits ****


Athletics **

Drive *

Legerdemain *

Stealth *

Awareness ***

Investigation ***

Academics **

Computer *

Intrusion *

Science *

Biz *

Rapport **

Streetwise *

Subterfuge ***

Endurance ***

Resistance ***

Willpower: ***** *

Quantum: *****

Quantum Pool: 30/30

Taint: *

Initiative: 14

Soak: 3/1

Walk: 7 (42)

Run: 22/16mph (132/96mph)

Sprint: 50/36mph - 300/216mph w/enh move




Attunement **

Contacts ** (journalists, conspiracy nuts)

Influence * (press pass)

Resources **

Cipher * (kept eruption secret)



Mega Dexterity *****

- Fast Tasks

- Rapid Strike

- Enhanced Movement

Mega Perception *

- Fast Sense

Time Manipulation ***

- Hyper time

- Dialate time

- Stop time

ESP ** (Only to places she can normally observe, timestopped)

Teleport * (Only to places reachable on foot, Combat Teleport)

Intuition **




Freebie Spending: 15

Quantum +2 14

Background +1 1

Nova Point Spending: 58

Time Maniuplation +3 15

Mega Dexterity +5 15

- Fast Task

- Enhanced Movement 3

- Rapid Strike 3

Mega Perception +1 3

- Fast Sense

ESP +2 6

Teleport +1 (Only to places reachable on foot, Combat Teleport) 5

Intuition +2 2

Attributes +9 3

Willpower +3 3

** Note on Teleport

Basically she doesn't really teleport. She freezes time and moves normally to a new location, then restarts time. From an outside perspective she seems to teleport. But in game terms, she can't move to any location she couldn't get to on foot. She can't move through solid objects, or over water, or into the air. I have elected not to take any Weaknesses for this, mainly cuz I don't want to deal with those rules. smile

** Note on ESP.

This reflects that Keiko can stop time and go explore places without any danger of being seen or intercepted. It has limitations similar to her teleport however, in that she can't observe places she can't get to, or otherwise observe normally. It's a little less limited, since she can use binoculars and so on. It's also limited in that she can't hear what's happening. She sees everything as a still frame...stopped in time.



Father was a famous anchorman and newsman, killed while doing live reports in a military conflict. Mother is alive, a pediatrician working at a clinic in LA. Keiko's paranoia peaked with her father's death, which she latched onto as the work of sinister forces. This caused friction between her and her mother, leading to mild estrangement. They are on speaking terms now, but rarely find much to talk about once the small talk is done.



Pretty Asian girl



Keiko is paranoid. Functional, but paranoid. Always quite intelligent and highly discerning, these qualities have backfired on her to some extent. Her skill at seeing patterns in things makes her prone to perceiving 'hidden meanings' in even innocent events. As a result she lives in a private world where ordinary life is merely a backdrop against which secretive wars of disinformation are waged between shadowy adversaries, with ordinary citizens caught in the crossfire or used as test subjects or pawns.

To her credit, she has decided to face this intimidating vision rather than cower before it. A young woman of unflinching ethical code, determined to follow the footsteps of her idolized father, Keiko has started a publication (to call it a 'newspaper' would be premature) dedicated to spreading her vision of the truth. She prints it anonymously, both to protect her 'ordinary' job as a journalism intern and student as well as to shield herself from the imagined ire of those she exposes.

Her eruption stemmed from the strain of living three lives. Student, journalist, and crusader for truth. Since she devotes herself so entirely to whatever she's doing at the moment, she found it impossible to juggle all the demands. Her desperate need for more time led to her startling ability to get just that. To warp and twist the fourth dimension...speeding it and slowing it at will, if not quite traveling through it. Though these abilities allowed her to find success in her endeavors, her newfound 'novaness' only made her that much more paranoid, and that much more dedicated to bringing the secret masters in a world of darkness to light.



Keiko can isolate time in a specific locale, "stretching" it in such a way as to accelerate or slow its passage in a specific frame of reference. Outside the affected frame, this appears to be an increase or decrease in speed. To observers, Keiko can appear to be moving with incredible, impossible speed. From her frame of reference, within the time bubble, she seems to be moving perfectly normally while everything -else- slows to a crawl. Recently she's even been able to bring time, subjective or objective, to a complete halt, allowing her to freeze areas completely, or appear to move instantaneously.

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