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CNN News – Sat. 24th of December 2011

Today marks a new sad end of an era as the last member of the famous New-York self proclaimed vigilante-group known as “The Supremacy” died due to the aftermath of the mutant-virus.

Jason Estacado spent the last year in medical care hoping to find a way to fight the cure but unfortunately the disease had already taken too much toll on his vital systems. Jason didn’t want the public to see him in his last days and no cameras were allowed anywhere near the hospital.

Humanity has lost its last ‘true’ hero in a fight that seems to be futile. To this day science has failed to find anything that could stop the disease from spreading and eventually killing anyone with the mutant-gene.

The last of the known Class V hero has passed away on Sat 24th of December leaving earth with sad memories of a golden time when these heroes protected us from crime and other maladies.

<Footage of the Supremacy golden times is repeated over and over again>

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Headline News, Oktober 2011

Right wing extremists are gaining more and more followers in Germany. The political party REP (Die Republikaner) known for its hardline right wing course and association to the Neo-Nazi movement has moved into parliament after the recent elections. Having gained over 20% of the votes the REP hit an historical high in their existence as a political party. Attempts to dissolve the party because of connections to the Neo-Nazi movement have failed to bear fruit and seemed to have influenced the outcome of the recent elections.

20% is a strong statement and will affect the countries relation not only within Germany but also concerning its international affairs. Germany is one of the strongest supporters of the registration act and have put out the highest penalties worldwide for any Mutant or person associated with Mutants. Germanie’s MICs are the most secured and secluded high-tech facilities known and with the political influence the REP has gained it is highly likely that Germany will increase its pressure on other governments to follow their example.

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NBC-News, 1st of December 2011

Riots in Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Mayor had to call out a city wide state of emergency as Mutants from the hopelessly overfilled MIC broke out and went rampage through the streets. Several fires have spread across the city and the Mutants have gathered at the city hall to demonstrate against the registration act and demand the release of local Patriot Edward Nash.

The riots broke out during the night of the 30th November to the 1st of December after CNN reported about the incarceration of local self proclaimed Patriot Edward Nash. Nash tried to appeal to the United Nations that the penalties for associating with unregistered Mutants are way out of relation to ‘real’ crimes. Citizens associated with unregistered Mutants usually go to jail for a period of not shorter than 12 months without probation.

Nash was put under arrest and brought to swift justice because he was speaking in the name of the Mutant community. He is currently waiting for court and is facing a penalty of not less than 18 months in jail because of his appeal. The judges of the high court are debating if his case will be considered on a single act or if he will be brought to responsibility to speak for all Mutants currently interned in Edinburgh. In that case he would face a life-sentence.

Nash himself is not a mutant but had to witness how his daughter and son were taken from him by the police. He did not resist but instead kept repeating the Charta of the human rights again and again. Edward Nash claims the registration act to be illegal and void. Mutants are humans and deserve the same rights as any other free thinking citizen in the world. The UN have yet to respond to these allegations.

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